Metallic, coated, shimmery, floral–it seems like all the current denim trends aren’t even truly denim! I too have gotten so wrapped up in experimenting with pants as a statement piece, that I almost forgot how a classic pair of blue jeans can make a killer look. By playing with texture through her ripped denim and suede booties and combining those casual pieces with more refined ones, this week’s Fashionista proves that old reliable blue jeans are iconic for a reason.

Name-Coco Quinlan



CollegeFashionista: Where is everything you're wearing from?

Coco Quinlan: My shirt is from Gap, sweater is from Zara, 7 For All Mankind jeans and shoes are Gap. Socks are Smartwool, scarf is Sonia Rykiel, jacket is J.Crew and Louis Vuitton bag.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?
CQ: Eclectic, definitely. But with an eye for lines and an inclination towards a mute colored 1920s/1970s mix. I like to mix some good, staple pieces with less expensive finds. A good balance is key.

CF: Where do you get inspiration?

CQ: All fashion magazines, especially Vogue. I also love looking at designers’ collections to see what new, interesting things they are putting out. I shop online constantly, and I follow countless fashion blogs. I also get a lot of inspiration from other New Yorkers. People have brilliant style here.

CF: Who is your celebrity style icon?
CQ: Kind of cliché, but I adore Mary-Kate’s and Ashley Olsen's styles, as well as Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Zoe, Kate Moss and Emma Watson.

CF: Favorite stores or brands?
CQ: Lots! Nordstrom always because they have everything! Saks, J.Crew, Gap, H&M, Zara, Topshop. As for big name brands, Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Burberry, Tory Burch, J Brand…just to name a few!

CF: What's your best tip for dressing for winter weather?
CQ: A good jacket always looks cool. Also hats, mittens or gloves make you look fashionable and sane. You're dressing for the weather!

How to: What I love about Coco’s look is how it’s the perfect balance between casual and chic. While black and ivory tend to be a color combo associated with more classic attire, the destroyed jeans and khaki booties dress it down. Pair Coco’s jeans and peacoat with these MICHAEL Michael Kors booties to capture the same effortless vibe. Throw on your favorite comfy sweater and scarf, and you have a slimming look that will still keep you bundled up this winter.


Upon spotting this week’s Fashionista Ruby, I immediately admired how she was able to make winter fashion funky and full of character. But to my surprise, Ruby said that she didn’t even realize she dressed fashionably until she moved from LA to NYC, and people began complimenting her eclectic style. Between her thick cable knit socks and polka dot pants, Ruby made five-year-old-esque fashion chic by giving it an urban edge. In fact, if worn correctly, polka dots may just be the answer to wearing prints year-round.

Name- Ruby Wry

Age- 18
 Year- Freshmen

Major- Undeclared

CollegeFashionista: Where is everything you’re wearing from?

Ruby Wry: The navy parka is from Necessary Clothing, the white polka dot pants are from the Gap, the top is from Brandy Melville, and the circle scarf from H&M.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

RW: My personal style has a little bit of an attitude problem. One day it’s happy, incorporating colors and patterns, while the next it’s angry, dressing grungy and dark. My personal style mimics my mood, location and what I’m doing but ultimately is determined by what’s clean. 

CF: What’s your take on west coast vs. east coast style and has living in NYC changed your style?

RW: I find that East Coast style gives you more freedom to dress formally. Which is a nice way of saying I’m no longer allowed to wear sweatpants in public. I’ve started having to wear more clothing, primarily to avoid pneumonia, but it allows for layering and outerwear, which is now my latest obsession.

CF: Where do you get inspiration?

RW: A lot of my inspiration comes from trying to look sane. When you appear one way it’s that much more entertaining when people find out you’re completely the opposite. It’s also based on my friend Niccolo. The better I dress, the more he’ll be willing to spend time with me.

CF: Who is your celebrity style icon?

RW: Adrian Koenigsberg. She has an amazing blog. It rules my life.

CF: Favorite stores/brands?

RW: Necessary Clothing continues to fail to receive recognition. It’s cheap, filled with surprising finds and it’s always there if you need a knockoff pair of those dangerous studded Jeffery Campbell Litas. I watched a girl embed her foot into a wall wearing those shoes.

CF: Best fashion advice?

RW: When in doubt dress simply and in all black. You can go anywhere and do anything wearing all black. Or put on every piece of clothing you own. It gives off an opulent kind of feel.

How To: Ruby chose a simple color palette of navy and white, but she made the look dimensional by playing with textures and prints. While polka dots can often err on tacky, Ruby’s pants’ dots are tiny instead of exaggerated, making them an eye-catching piece. For a more fitted alternative, try polka dot denim. By using chunky socks and a matching circle scarf in a soft grey, Ruby made a nautical color scheme perfectly suitable for winter wear.


This week’s Fashionisto, Alistair Blacklock, is quite the world traveler. He’s from Vancouver, moved to NYU Abu Dhabi for college and is currently studying here at NYU’s original location. With his quirky style, Alistair is a vintage store loyalist, who claims he doesn’t understand fashion. Lucky for him, he is just one of those guys who has no idea how endearing his style is, yet he brings so much international charm to the NYU campus.

Name– Alistair Blacklock
Age– 21
Year– Junior
Major– Social Research and Public Policy

CollegeFashionista: Where is everything you're wearing from?

Alistair Blacklock: My grandparents closet and fripes (vintage stores) in Paris.

CF: We hear so much about Parisian and New York style, can you tell me more about style you find in Canada and Abu Dhabi?
AB: Vancouver style is inspired by rainy days. Abu Dhabi style is inspired by the absence of rainy days.

CF: Which countries or cities inspire your style most?
AB: I've actually never though of my style in terms of a fixed geography. Everywhere seems to have its share of variety.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?
AB: 80 percent senior citizen and 20 percent cold weather.

CF: Favorite stores/brands?
AB: I think Beacon’s Closet. It's nice to exchange old clothes for older clothes.

CF: What's your item you can't live without?
AB: My puzzle ring from Istanbul. It's too much fun.

How to: Like all winter looks, Alistair based his outfit on layering. He bundled up in a coat, socks and a beanie. Accessories with red undertones really complement Alistair’s golden Cheap Monday jeans. Try this Ted Baker mahogany messenger bag as well as this Topman patterned linen scarf. Scarves are a great way to project your personality onto your appearance. I loved that this Topman scarf incorporates a tile-like mosaic pattern reminiscent of those that are prominent in Morocco or Istanbul, perfect for a traveler like this Fashionisto.


Fall is all about the art of layering, just ask Man Repeller, who makes layering cross-seasonal. This week’s Fashionista Reilly found a way to bundle up without a coat. In fact, her denim and lace jacket was my favorite part of the outfit. I love how Reilly looks so comfy yet urban chic at the same time; With a shed of a layer, you have a whole new look!

Name: Reilly Sakai

Age: 20

Year: Junior

Major: Film & Business at Gallatin

CollegeFashionista: Where is everything you're wearing from?
Reilly Sakai: My boots were a present from my mom. I've had them since high school, so they've been through a lot. My socks and my sweater were both from the online boutique,, and my dress is from My denim jacket is from Urban Outfitters, and my purse is Miu Miu.

CF: Do you think moving to NYC from LA for college changed your style, and how?
RS: In high school, people always told me I dressed very East Coast, but I think the move definitely did change my style.  I think I dress up more than I used to, and I have also gotten more daring with my style choices.

CF: What/who inspired your look?

RS: Fashion blogs like Song of Style, Fashion Toast and This Is Not New really influence my style.  As for the knee-high socks, I have no idea what sparked it, but I've been obsessed with them lately, I wear a different pair almost every day. They are perfect in this weather, right before it gets too cold, and I have to break out the snow gear.

CF: Where do you usually look for fashion inspiration?
RS: I definitely look to my friends and my fashion blogs for inspiration.  People watching also influences my style. I always see people on the street and think about how I can mix their style with mine. 

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

RS: I feel like my style is an odd mixture of East and West Coast because I'm always mixing comfortable laidback clothes with fancy eclectic accents.

CF: What’s your experience like with the fashion industry?
RS: I was initially going to study fashion and film in Gallatin, before deciding to switch my focus off of fashion. My step-mom is a designer so I've been around it for a long time. I've held various internships in the fashion world and fashion will always be an important part of me.

How to: Layering gives you plenty of ways to stick out and make your look very personal. To capture Reilly’s look, start with a polka dot dress. Layer with any sweater, and then you can wear a denim jacket, or Reilly’s specific lace one, as your outermost layer. Comfy sweater socks and a beanie will be the perfect fall touches.


If you got it, flaunt it. When I spotted this week’s Fashionista Tara, I immediately noticed her Blake Lively legs that she showed off in a black miniskirt with black tights and boots for added length. Amongst her dark items was a huge pop of rose floral print. I am a huge proponent of floral year-round, so it was refreshing to see how it added a feminine flair to Tara’s otherwise edgy ensemble. I love how Tara plays with proportions, and upon hearing she was from LA, I saw how her urban meets floral look completely fit her lifestyle. After living in three fashion capitals (she also studied abroad in Paris), I couldn’t wait to hear Tara’s tips.

Name-Tara Nahai

CollegeFashionista: Where is everything you're wearing from?
Tara Nahai: My leather blazer is Veda. 
My floral print tunic is from LF
. My over the knee tights are Calzedonia. 
My combat boots are Dolce Vita. 
My big hat is Zara.

CF: How do you compare LA to NYC style?
TN: One of the biggest differences I see between LA and NY style is based on the two different climates. With the sunny and warmer weather of LA, Californians tend to go more casual and laidback so there style is much more simple. 
NY is definitely defined by more courageous fashionistas who know how to play with layers, accessories and outerwear in a way that Californians do not.

CF: Where do you get inspiration?
TN: I think the person who inspires my style the most has always been my mom. I have been blessed with having a “cool” mom, who is one of my best friends. She is extremely hip in terms of her fashion choices and personal style. We often share clothes and because of her love for edgy looks, I was able to create my own classic style with an edge aesthetic. Some favorite pieces are my over the knee boots, combat boots, leather, items especially jackets, bandage skirts and anything and everything black.

CF: Favorite stores/brands?
TN: LF, Barneys for designers like Alexander Wang, Helmut Lang, Rag & Bone, Theory and Intermix. I also love French stores like Sandro, Maje and The Kooples.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?
TN: My style mirrors my lifestyle, which is obviously that of a student. On a day-to-day basis I would say my style would be classified as casual chic. I love trends, but I invest the most in timeless and elegant pieces including the leather blazer I am wearing today. I like having pieces that transcend seasons and that I can adapt to many different types of looks. Fashion makes me feel confident and happy, and it is an integral part of how I express myself.

How to: I love how Tara didn’t shy away from floral print during the fall. By balancing darker elements of her out with a pop of colorful pattern from her tunic, Tara’s look is still seasonably appropriate. She also complemented the more delicate appeal of the feminine floral pattern by adding more edgy items like a leather jacket, structured miniskirt and combat boots. Top off the look with fun accessories like an oversized hat to make the ensemble even more dimensional.


I could not have been more excited upon seeing this week’s Fashionista’s outfit and its gorgeous silhouette. The second I saw the tulle skirt, my heart almost melted, as I have a very big soft spot for any dancer-like clothing, and after thinking of Degas, I immediately hear the Sex and the City theme song in my head. Of course Ava stated it was her inspiration! Originally from Gainesville, a small town in Georgia, Ava made the boldness of her Southern Belle style (love for leather, chambray and a full skirt) into something that is chic and city-appropriate. From her experience in fashion journalism to costume design, Ava is heavily inspired by all the city has to offer. So rainy day? Do like this week's fashionista and keep calm and Carrie on. 

Age: 20
Year: Junior
Major: Art History

CollegeFashionista: Where is everything you're wearing from?
Ava Goble: Booties: Anthropologie, 
Skirt: Anthropologie, 
Chambre Shirt: Madewell
, Leather Jacket: Italy, Florence Leather Market Backpack: Italy, Florence Leather Market

CF: What/who inspired your look?

AG: My outfit today was most definitely inspired by Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. I was watching a rerun, as I was getting ready today. It’s raining out, and in the opening credits Carrie splashes through a puddle in her famous tulle dress. I thought I’d do the same.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?
AG: I would consider my style classic with an eclectic twist. I think that beauty lies in understated, classic pieces, but I like to spice it up a bit with something like a tulle skirt!

CF: How did growing up in the south influence your style?

AG: For most of high school my school required us to wear uniforms. I would always read magazines and wish that I could experiment with the new trends. I drew a lot of inspiration from Gossip Girl and wore a lot of headbands and trendy styles over my uniform. A couple times a year my mom and I would drive to Atlanta to stock up on clothes.

CF: Do you think moving to NYC for college changed your style, how?

AG: Moving here I feel like I live in a magazine. Walking around I’m constantly getting inspiration for new outfits, but I also think that living here has driven me to develop a more solidified personal style. My freshman year I was constantly chasing street trends. I got somewhat overloaded with the resources out there and have instead learned to trust my own personal style. 

CF: Where do you usually look for fashion inspiration?

AG: In general I look to classic Old Hollywood actresses for inspiration. I love how Audrey Hepburn wore the styles of the 1950s while still personalizing her look. I can’t wait to go see the Katharine Hepburn costume exhibition at Lincoln Center! My favorite field of art history is Historical Costumes. Maybe that’s why I pull so much from earlier periods.

How To: The obvious focal point of Ava’s outfit is her full tulle skirt. If you are more petite or not quite ready to embrace the fullness of a romantic tutu skirt equivalent, you're lucky that tulle skirts are right on trend in a variety of lengths. Pair with a chambray top, suede ankle booties and your favorite leather jacket to emulate the look. While Italy may be a little far to access the beautiful leather pieces Ava has, New York City has an array of leather street vendors who tool similar styles. No street artisans in your city? Urban’s got you covered with this leather backpack!


When I saw this week’s Fashionista Mia on my way to an early morning class, how could I not stop her? From her perfectly fitting harem pants to her mastery of layering finnished off by her black suede heels, I was so impressed by how Mia combined casual and formal items for the perfect urban look. She also was not afraid to embrace her naturally tall height – I love a Fashionista who rocks confidence. It was no surprise to discover this Fashionista’s involvement with the fashion industry, particularly in styling, and I too would be jumping to be one of her clients.

Name: Mia Weiland
Major: Media, Culture and Communications
Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Where is everything you're wearing from?
Mia Weiland: My pants are American Apparel, my purse is from Urban, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, H&M jacket and both shirts are vintage.

CF: How would you describe your style?
MW: I would say my style is fairly eclectic. I like to put together looks that are unique in some way. Whether it's vintage jewelry accents with a suede fringe purse or a bomber jacket with harem pants, I try to inncorporate an unexpected element into whatever I'm wearing.

CF: What's your experience in the fashion world?
MW: Being from Indiana, my style has definitely evolved since I moved to the city two years ago. I'm definitely more attuned to fashion trends and have more influence from the city itself. Interning at Elle Magazine also helped me form a more comprehensive yet functional wardrobe. As any fashion intern knows, everything you wear needs to be chic, comfortable and transitional!

Cf: What is your best advice you've learned from working in the industry?
MW: I think in styling there should definitely be a focus on mixing different genres of style such as mixing high-end couture with lower-end street wear which can make for such an interesting combination! Making style rules that work for you is honestly the most important thing I can stress.

CF: What are your fashion aspirations?
MW: My fashion aspiration would be to work at one of the major fashion magazines such as Vogue or Elle Magazine. I love the whole fashion industry, but after working for an actual publication, I know that would be the place for me.

CF: Favorite designers?
MW: Alexander Wang, Theyskens' Theory and YSL.

CF: What trends are you looking forward to this fall?
MW: For fall, I always am looking forward to chunky knit sweaters and scarves but for this season in particular I can't wait to wear all of my ankle boots, printed pants, blazer coats and anything with a leather accent! Fall also provides one of my favorite color palates: dark brown, taupe, burgundy and winter white being some of my favorite shades to wear!

How To: Mia’s outfit stands out because she chose items that do not conventionally complement each other, yet the risk works. I have to say that harem pants were one trend I thought I’d never try, but I love how Mia’s are a bit more understated. Combined with her long legs, the pants are incredibly flattering instead of the parachute effect harem pants with too much extra fabric cause. Try these Helmut harem pants for a similar effect. Pair with a crop top, flannel shirt and leather jacket, and you too can walk through the streets of Manhattan with a look that could not be more relaxed and cool.


Combat boots, grandpa sweaters and distressed jeans. All of these are an NYU student’s staples, and I too confess to wearing them all on a regular basis. But this week’s Fashionista was one huge breath of fresh air. In her baby blue Burberry trench coat and sleek black heels, Olivia proved that a return to simple femininity does a girl wonders. This Fashionista definitely isn’t a cookie cutter classic though. Admiring Dita von Teese, Olivia’s style incorporates a subtle hint of sexiness. A trench coat that ties at the waist may seem minimalist, but if executed properly, it is a sure way to create a flawless feminine silhouette.

Name: Olivia Zhang

Year: 2014

Major: Art History, Business Management

CollegeFashionista: Can you explain how your travels and where you've lived have influenced your style?
Olivia Zhang: My childhood and teenage years were spent in Shanghai and Washington DC, both of which have quite a conservative streak about them. I'd say that these two places define my style today, which relies on being subtle. In the same way that Shanghai is both modern and historical, I seek to maintain a classic look while still keeping the look up to date. For the past few years, I've called California my home. The style there is so drastically different, and I'm definitely not a fan of the laid-back look. It simply doesn't work for me personally.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?
OZ: I like classic, well-made clothes that are meant to last you a long time. I don't do trends very well, so I feel most comfortable in pieces like trench coats, white oxfords and skinny black pants. I'm an art history major, so most of my professional experience so far has been in art business. I'd say that there's a definitive way that professionals in the art world dress. It's smart, it's clean and it's not gaudy at all. There's a lot of architectural lines and muted colors. I like the idea of looking put together but sexy at the same time.

CF: Favorite designers?
OZ: Erdem, Dries Van Noten, Jil Sanders and Ralph Lauren.

CF: Where or from whom do you get fashion inspiration?
OZ: I'm a big fan of Dita von Teese's style. She's ladylike but so completely naughty. It's sophisticated, but when you look at her, you know it's not boring or staid but overwhelmingly sexy. On the other end of the spectrum, I also love the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. The things she wears are of course more conservative, but the cuts are still extremely flattering. That's what I love best, a put-together look that still undeniably attracts the gaze.

CF: Any signature items?
OZ: My whistle necklace from Agent Provocateur.

CF: What are you looking most forward to about fall trends?
OZ: Fall is a great time for equestrian style. I love structured military overcoats and riding boots. Something that I'm still unsure about but am willing to experiment with is the shearling jacket a la Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises.

How To: Olivia can’t get enough of Zara and its classic shapes and quality fabrics. For a trench coat in a neutral shade, try Zara. For those who want to inject some color into their wardrobe, J. Crew sells a variety. Pair with simple strappy heels and a large basic bag for busy bees like Olivia, and you’re ready to channel your inner Audrey Hepburn!


With the realization that summer is over, and midterms are in the air, NYU students are busier than ever. Whether it’s academics, internships, jobs or studying at Bobst, transitional dressing is key for all the multitaskers. This week’s Fashionista proves that despite such busy schedules, dressing cute and functionally is still possible (thank goodness). By piecing together casual items, like grey denim, with more formal items, like a lace blazer and heels, Brittany is ready to sing her heart out in her Tisch classes or strut her way into a swanky uptown dinner.

Name: Brittany Singer
Major: New Studio on Broadway studying acting
Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?
Brittany Singer: I feel as though I don't have a very specific style. For example, I'm not artsy or preppy, but I like to be trendy and I like to wear things that are unique.

CF: Your outfit seems very transitional. You could wear it during the day or going out – it's very business casual. Is this something you aim for in your looks?
BS: Yes! I love to be able to wear an outfit that I can wear to class and then to my internship, and then out to dinner. Like most NYU students, I have a very busy schedule and therefore it is essential for me to have outfits that I can wear all day long and be appropriate for where I go during the day as well as at night since I don't have time to go back to my apartment.

CF: Where or from whom do you get fashion inspiration?
BS: I usually get my inspiration from friends, and of course window-shopping all over the city.

CF: What are some of your favorite brands or places to shop?

BS: I love shopping at Bloomingdales, Wink, LF, Saks and Intermix.

CF: What are you looking most forward to about fall trends?
BS: I am most looking forward to wearing all of my fall scarves. Scarves are one of my favorite accessories!

How to: Brittany’s Hudson jeans are my favorite element of her outfit. The trend in racer stripe jeans is starting to pick up speed, and Current/Elliott as well as Washborn have great options with lace and patterned vertical panels. Brittany’s lace blazer adds texture and femininity to the bold racer jeans. Pair this Tobi blazer with Vince Camuto heeled booties, and you’ve got a look that’s girly and edgy, and most importantly, wearable from day to night.



This week’s Fashionista is the perfect example of an NYU student who does it all! Outside of her job at Club Monaco, her internship and demanding academics, Courtenay still makes time to cheerlead for NYU and be involved with her sorority. Despite her hectic lifestyle, she manages to look as adorable and put together as ever! With her feminine skirt and athletic jacket, this Fashionista’s look embodies her personality and interests while still being appropriate for whatever the day may bring.

Name: Courtenay Brown
Major: Broadcast Journalism & Social and Cultural Analysis (Latino Studies and Africana Studies)
Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style? How have your experiences shaped it?

Courtenay Brown: My style has changed a lot since I came back from studying abroad in Buenos Aires. They have an extremely relaxed style there. So although I consider myself to be very girly, I have days when I'd rather throw on a pair of high top sneaks or Jordans with jean cutoffs. I'd say my everyday style combines my super girlish style and tomboyish style as best as possible.

CF: Any fashion icons or blogs you look to for style advice?

CB: I read Leandra Medine, The Man Repeller, Arielle Nachmani and SomethingnAvy, daily. I'm also very inspired by Teyana Taylor. Living in the city makes it so easy to get inspiration for fashion. Pretty much everyone walking down the street is a style icon in his or her own way.

CF: Where are your favorite places to shop?

CB: Hard question. I can pretty much shop anywhere, but lately I've gotten some of my favorite pieces from thrift stores or teeny boutiques around Noho and the East or West Village. Otherwise, I love J.Crew, Club Monaco, Burberry and Joe Fresh. 

CF: Any trends you’re looking forward to wearing this fall?

CB: Camouflage, knee-highs, chunky sweaters and embellished collars. I'm super excited to see where the wedged sneaker trend will go too.

CF: Do you have advice to give to girls like you who are balancing work, internships, school, sports and Greek life?

CB: Learn which pieces are good transitional items. Great items are casual enough for class and club meetings but can be dressed up for work or internships by adding a blazer or cardigan. Otherwise you'll be walking around like a bag lady with tons of different outfits.

How to: Courtenay’s personal style shines brightly through her sporty yet whimsical outfit. She dons a pleated Club Monaco skirt that you too can combine with a varsity jacket to achieve her playful aesthetic. is just one site praising varsity jackets as an upcoming fall trend that is a versatile alternative to a cardigan or coat. Like Courtenay suggests, transitional items are key for a student who is involved on her campus and in the larger city community. So girls, take a lesson from this week’s Fashionista: what does it matter if your school is not as athletic nor as traditional as the typical college? If school spirit is in your blood, embrace it and inject your personality into your wardrobe by sporting a classic letter jacket this fall.