This Fashionisto captures a classic all-American look. I got the essence of James Dean when stumbling upon him. Though he doesn’t emulate the “rough around the edges” presence that Dean possessed, he has an iconic look that simply cannot go unnoticed. Maybe it is his casual swagger that struck the resemblance. Jeff puts a modern spin on staples of the '50s, and by incorporating prep he reinvents Levi’s. He does justice to a plaid button down by pairing it with a V-neck which makes the look more informal and accustomed for a day at the University. I find it amusing that by just adding a cuff to a jean, they can appear refined with absolutely no effort. By incorporating that detail I was reminded of the characters from the Jets of West Side Story and their keenness to detail. He finishes his look off with classical Nike’s, creating a modern adaptation of a retro sneaker.

Name: Jeff Rogers

Major: Advertising and Journalism

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal fashion?

Jeff Rogers: I would have to say I present a retro forward look.

CF: What is your ultimate style advice?

JR: First I would say to pick things that feel comfortable and secondly if you don’t care how you look, others will not care to look at you. 

CF: What is your inspiration for spring wear?

JR: My inspiration right now is what I am essentially wearing today. I have been really into bright colors, plaids, basic and good jeans.

CF: Where are your pieces from?

JR: My button down is from Oak Street Vintage, my jeans are from Buffalo Exchange, my shirt is a basic Hanes, and my shoes are from the Nike’s employee store.

How To: To embody Jeff’s look, think about retro trends with modernity. Find a dress shirt in a plaid that fits your personal style. By choosing the colors of red, white and blue, Jeff presents a patriotic ensemble which has a classic feel. He pairs his button down with a simple Hanes V-neck. For the bottom half of his look he grabs hold of well-tailored jeans, in a medium wash and adds his personal touch by incorporating a cuff. His look is complete with contemporary but old-school navy blue Nike’s.


Fashion in Eugene, Oregon has taken a major shift recently that needs to be celebrated. Students have momentarily tossed out their North Face jackets and yoga pants to embrace the weather in all of its glory. With spring in full bloom; dresses, khakis and flip flops have come to play. Students have turned around their laid back mentality toward fashion and have risen to the occasion of the surreal weather. This Fashionisto exemplifies that polished look that has been circulating on campus. He tailors his ensemble from date night attire to well-manicured student by rolling up his sleeves and pairing his button-down with khaki shorts as opposed to long pants. He rocks modern shades that are a fun way to showcase personality and add demeanor to a look. The detail of the lining from his button-down adds a crisp quality which distinguishes the shirt from your average button-down. His khakis are a must for guys’ spring and summer wear, as they easily enhance a look to a notch above casual. He finishes off the look with Adidas kicks that add funk and an old school flare.

Name: Tyler Morris

Major: Pre Business

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Where you do you get your fashion inspiration from?

TM: I would like to consider myself a Web native or child of the Internet, so I definitely get motivated by fashion blogs. I avidly look at Karmaloop and Hypebeast.

CF: Where are your pieces from?

TM: My shades and shirt are from Jack Threads, my shorts are from Target and my shoes are from Zappos.

CF: Since coming from Los Angeles to Eugene would you say that you have maintained your LA fashion roots or adopted a new look?

TM: More than anything I started to care a lot more about how I dress in coming to college. A friend once told me “what you look like doesn’t matter how you present yourself does,” and I try to live by those words.

CF: How would you describe your fashion?

TM: I would define it as casual street.

How To: To emulate a look like Tyler’s, refinement from head to toe is key. Find a pair of shades that embody personality and can add a defining frame to your face. Look for a button-down that has an accentuating lining and buttons that sit atop the pockets of the shirt. Pair the button-down with khakis in a neutral shade possibly a tan, nude, brown or black. For footwear, find sneakers that add flavor and deviate from the formalness of the look.


The maxi skirt is alive and well. Shea showcases it with ease and eloquence. Due to the flow and flexibility it brings, there is no wonder why they are being maxed out at retailers as the ultimate spring apparel must-have. Hers has a whimsical floral display, but they can be found in a great array of patterns. This particular maxi puts a unique and provocative spin on the exposure it provides, as it shows a nude leg beneath the shear covering of the skirt. This skirt can be accompanied with a plethora of tops. Shea went with a staple oversized black top. It can also be done with an oversized razor back or a tank and cut-off jean jacket. She accentuates her look with adorned, timeless gold jewelry. Adding gold easily brings a touch of glamour and flash to a look. She finishes off her ensemble with strappy sandals that are quintessential for a lovely day in the sun.

Name: Shea Zamarra

Major: Family and Human Services

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Are there any particular decades of fashion that inspire you?

Shea Zamarra: I like to pull from a wide range of decades but I love a girl that can emulate a '50s pin up girl.

CF: Who would you say is your style icon?

SZ: I adore Rachel Zoe.

CF: In coming from San Diego would you say your style has shifted at all?

SZ: Let’s just say I didn’t know what The North Face was coming to Oregon. I have certainly adapted to the trends of Eugene and the brands that epitomize the great North West. Being on a college campus makes me want to exert effort into my outfits, especially when the sun comes out, I feel inspired to dress up.

CF: Where are all of your pieces from?

SZ: My top is from a friend’s closet, my skirt is from Brandy Melville, my sandals are from Target, my bracelet is from Stella & Dot, and my watch is Nixon.

How To: To rock a look like Shea’s, find a suitable maxi skirt. These skirts come with a lot of variability which can allow a Fashionista to find one that is catered to personal liking. You can decide on the design, color options, how long or short you want the lining of the skirt to be —how much leg exposure — and what kind of top you want to complement it with. To parallel Shea’s top, find one that is oversized and comfortable. You can choose to go with a color that picks up one of the colors from the skirt, or let the colors from the skirt shine, and choose a solitary black or white. For sandal apparel, find ones in a neutral color with simple straps that show optimal skin. Conclude the look with statement jewelry, like a gold watch that can be found at a trading post or through an upscale brand found online or in retailers.


While overindulging in the sun, I spotted this bohemian chic Fashionista. Her outfit pinpoints the exact Eugene flavor I had been looking for to showcase. She is put together yet edgy, and manages to combine these elements at a perfect ratio. Her dress is quirky, which is why I adore it so much. It stitches together varying patterns and juxtaposing lines. The dress’s distinct floral designs is what sets it apart from your average spring dress. By incorporating a belt she accentuates her waist line. I love how the simple incorporation of a belt can play such an integral role in an outfit, as it does in this one. The straps in her sandals playfully meld together with the lines present on her dress. She finishes off her look with funky sunglasses that come in a unique tint and a trinket-like necklace.

Name: Kaeli Plaks

Major: Psychology

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What is it about spring fashion that excites you most?

Kaeli Plaks: I would have to say dresses, high-waisted skirts as well as high-waisted jean shorts.

CF: How would you describe spring fashion in Eugene?

KP: With spring weather everyone comes out to express themselves. There are fantastic spring colors, sandals and accessories.

CF: When and what was your most drastic fashion shift?

KP: I would have to say this year. I have recently realized just how much you can alter clothes from thrift stores. My roommates have really influenced me style wise. Their colorful energy inspires me to dress how I feel.

How To: To emulate a look like Kaeli’s, don’t just settle for your run of the mill spring dress. Attempt to find a dress that makes a statement, possibly one that is out of your element. Pair this dress with a thick black belt that can present a waistline. To put on a spin on her belt, you could choose one that’s leather, braided and in a brown tone. For footwear, find sandals that show some skin. Kaeli aligns the lining in her dress with the straps in her sandals. Go for a sandal that will complement the dress nicely. Lastly, conclude the look with large-framed sunglasses and a quaint necklace that dangles at a longer length.


When spring rolls around, Eugene, Oregon experiences an undeniable spring awakening. With the sun's arrival in Eugene, energetic vibrations awaken the town. It is as if people come out of hiding; suppressed smiles emerge, and a sense of radiance enlightens the campus as a whole. The lawns on campus become a haven for direct sun contact and a prime location for observing the latest spring trends. This Fashionista’s outfit is indicative of spring. Cindy dares to be bold with her funky floral pants. They embody spring colors, and resemble the blossoming of vegetation that Eugene experiences. Furthermore, their pastel color is appealing and does not overwhelm the eye. She carefully matches the pink in her pants to her tennis shoes. I love what she does with her button-down top; she transforms its primness into a flirty piece by tying it in a large knot. Lastly, she comes equipped for the sun with her fabulously large framed sunglasses. Cindy innovatively showcases what Eugene’s spring awakening is all about.

Name: Cindy Nguyen

Major: Sociology

Year: Graduate student

CollegeFashionista: Where are you from, and how has that origin influenced your style?

Cindy Nguyen: I am originally from Minnesota but my family has moved around a lot. I also have family all over the US. I have gotten a bit of flavor from each city I have moved and have added that to my overall fashion repertoire. 

CF: Where are your pieces from?

CN: My top is from Forever 21, my sweater is American Eagle, my jeans are from Topshop, my shoes are from Urban Outfitters, my sunglasses are Chloé and my backpack is Timberland.

CF: How are you inventive with your fashion?

CN: I enjoy putting basic pieces together and making them special with my own spin.

CF: Would you say you create or follow trends?

CN: I would like to say that I create trends, I attempt to wear clothing people tend to shy away from.

How To: To replicate a look like Cindy’s, use the essence of spring to inspire your look. Find a classic button-down dress shirt and simply tie it up in a bulky knot. Pair this shirt with a simple white knitted sweater, which can be found at a great variety of retailers. To mimic the bottom half of her ensemble, find bright floral pants. Match these pants with delicate tennis shoes in a pastel color. Finish the look off with large framed sunglasses and an intricately bound backpack, which incorporates leather and canvas.


I feel right at home with this Fashionisto’s guise. He induces style remnants of my beloved home state of California and provides Oregonians with a taste of West coast dressing. Tanner presents a dualism with his look, both laid back and polished. His Californian edge is seen in his low cut tank and washed out jacket. I find this jacket to be great for all seasons with its luxuriously warm sheep skin interior and its complimentarily colored exterior.  He rocks a sleek black skinny jean which embraces his cool demeanor. His off-white shoes are what really top the look, rarely seen in white, and deviating from the informality of his look. Tanner reminds me of the influential bonds that our home towns have on our fashion as he proudly represents an essence of California wear within the great North West.

Name: Tanner Swain

Major: Business

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista:  What brands are you wearing?

Tanner Swain: My jacket and jeans are Levi’s, my tank is BDG, and my shoes are Cole Haan.

CF: What type of music strikes your fancy?

TS: I am currently listening to metal and minimal house.

CF: What are you most looking forward to with spring style?

TS: Definitely the stripping of winter clothing and being so covered up all of the time.

CF: What is your go-to outfit?

TS: I would have to say black pants, vans and an alluring pea coat.  

How To: To parallel Tanner’s swagger, remember that an easygoing mentality is key. Find a tank top with a pattern suited to your personal taste. You could choose to go with a stripe like Tanner did or a further abstract design. Covering the tank, find a jacket that is lined with a cozy sheep skin, preferably a classic Levi's. Next pair with simplistic skinny jeans in black or a pastel, to get in touch with spring spirit. Finish off the look with a classy dress shoe that divvies up the look.


In the midst of eating lunch I spotted this darling Fashionista, and I couldn’t resist approaching her before I had left the restaurant. She carries herself with a grace that I am envious of and a refinement that does not come around often. There is a sense of ease that I took from Maddie’s demeanor and outfit that gave me the feeling that styling comes naturally to her. Her effortless poise is seen from the ringlets that frame her face to the simple belt that ties her outfit together. Maddie’s ensemble epitomizes the transition of winter to spring wear not because of its colors or polka-dotted pattern, but because of its perfect amount of skin exposure on a cool Oregon spring day. She eases into spring by stripping off the wool coat, hat and gloves but maintains warm by opting for a long sleeve and lengthy skirt. I love the movement that the skirt’s length provides. I additionally adore the skirt’s polka-dotted element which is feminine and simple, allowing her to choose from a variety of tops to accompany it. Her artisan oxfords also declare spring with the riddance of wintery thick socks and rain boots. Lastly, the sling across her shoulder adds a nice punch of color in contrast to the dark shades of her look. Maddie’s look ignites my eagerness for spring wear as she exemplifies how to gradually dabble in this season’s attire.

Name: Maddie Gunson

Employer: American Apparel

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Maddie Gunson: I would say lazy and cheap.

CF: Where are your pieces from?

MG: My sweater is from Urban Outfitters, my skirt is from American Apparel and my oxfords are from Urban Outfitters.

CF: What are you most looking forward with spring fashion?

MG: I can’t wait for neon and bright colors!

CF: Any current fashion endeavors you are hoping to achieve?

MG: My main goal is to not dress lazier than I already do. I hope to exert effort when putting together any outfit.

How To: To compile a look like Maddie’s, find a plain black long sleeve, ideally one that feels snug and comfortable. With that shirt, find a long, high-waisted skirt that is light and airy. American Apparel sells a variety of these skirts that come in varying patterns like the polka dotted pattern as Maddie sports, as well as a variety of colors. Find one that is suited for your personal flavor. Join together the long sleeve and skirt with a thin belt in a neutral color, such as a tan or nude. Finish off the look with adorned oxfords and a tote in a bright color.


With spring weather progressively unraveling, it appears that students on campus are letting their fashion potentials be known. Spring weather allows for the unveiling of playful, airy clothing that has been suppressed by long winter months of wearing layers upon layers. With this Fashionista’s outfit, it is clear that spring has officially sprung. Shannon brings a fresh face to this season’s attire. She combines elements of casual with formal wear to create an effortlessly sophisticated look. For the perfect spring compilation, Shannon pairs a light shift dress with an all-American, classic, Levi jean jacket. Her dress evokes feelings of spring with its neutral creamy color beneath a young floral pattern. With the bottom half of her ensemble, Shannon could have gone with a nude leg and a simplistic sandal, but by incorporating a tight and chic flat she brings formality to the look. The best accessory to her look is by far her charming smile which evokes a charismatically warm feel about her. I find fashion to be at its finest when personality seamlessly shines through which Shannon does with ease.

Name: Shannon McClury

Major: Art History

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you most looking forward to for spring fashion?

Shannon McClory: I can’t wait for more sun and to sport shorts.

CF: How would you describe your fashion?

SM: I like to wear what feels comfortable, pieces with lots of patterns and ultimately what I find looks fun for that day.

CF: Where are your pieces from?

SM: My jacket is from my mother’s closet, my dress is 90’s vintage, and my flats are from Payless.

CF: I adore the jacket, how would you describe your mother’s fashion?

SM: I would say California plastic hippy.

How To: To create a look like Shannon’s perusing through vintage shops and or flea markets is a must. Find a fun floral dress that is basic in its shape. Pair it with a timeless Levi jean jacket in a lighter wash that creates a more classic feel. To finish off the look find tights and flats in a rich maple color.


An outfit cannot stand alone without an individual’s character, for it is the key ingredient to the clothes being worn. People may choose to follow trends, but if their individuality is not embodied when wearing the chic clothing, the look will fall short. Max greatly adds his quirk to this outfit, from the rimming of his glasses to the way he presents his scarf. The industrial jacket he is wearing presents great versatility in respects to color, weather and the aim of the look he is going for. Made with a detailed lining, he can choose to open the jacket up and present it with a white button down so the lining is highlighted or he can choose to pair it with another pattern to create juxtaposition. His scarf models how adding personal touch can be easy, by representing the colors of his favorite team that are sewn into the scarf. The bottom half of his look is clean and simple. He wears a straight pant and pairs it with moccasin-like tennis shoes. Max proves that it is the charm of the individual that carries the look, not relying solely on the clothing itself.

Name: Max Earnest

Major: Painting

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What inspires your fashion?

Max Earnest: Cool people, people willing to go against the grain.

CF: How has your style shifted since coming from San Diego?

ME: My style hasn’t shifted as much as the amount I am wearing. I wear lots more clothing here in Eugene.

CF: How would you describe Eugene fashion?

ME: In one word, I would say scruffy.

How To: To pull off a look like Max’s, find a sturdy, heavy duty jacket. Search for one that provides great storage space with many pockets. Ideally,  attempt to find one that has a neat interior lining to jazz it up. Find a scarf that supports your favorite sports team or a more refined and fashion forward one that can nestle properly within a jacket. Finish off the look with a skinny jean and lace up tennis shoes that have a moccasin feel.


I was drawn to this Fashionista’s outfit because it is not dictated by the notoriously unpredictable weather of the North West. Given the rain, sleet, wind and chill of Eugene, there is a great desire for students to grab their leggings and rain coats to comprise an outfit. Let’s just say that the go-to outfit does not entail mini-skirts. Rachel certainly does not hold back. She shows the perfect amount of leg, presenting the right mix of both provocative and refined with this outfit. I love her choice in wearing a fishnet as opposed to a classic tight, which significantly divvies up the look. Her buckled boots are charming and can be seen in all their glory because of the skirt’s length. Rachel’s leather jacket is mod and aligns with the edgy feel throughout her look. Her scarf adds just the right amount of pigment, not overpowering the look but is a key element. Rachel’s ensemble shows onlookers how to show a little skin regardless of the typical erratic weather.

Name: Rachel Parker

Major: Human Physiology

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: How do you differentiate your style from others?

Rachel Parker: I’m not overly flashy but I like to show a lot of leg.

CF: What are your essential stores you shop at?

RP: I like H&M and online shopping like KarmaLoop and Lookbook.

CF: Would you say you follow trends or create them?

RP: I wear what I like, whether it’s considered trendy or not.

How To: To recreate a look like Rachel’s, find a mini-skirt at a length that will make you feel comfortable and confident. Pair this skirt with fishnets or any sort of tight — possibly a patterned tight or knitted one. Find boots with an accentuating feature, like the buckles she has on hers. For the upper half of your look, find a simplistic cami to go with a sharp leather jacket. Finish off the look with a scarf that drapes around the neck and adds the necessary color to the outfit.