5 Ways to Rock Denim Jackets and Jeans this Fall

Denim is such a tried and true fashion trend that I genuinely believe it will never go out of style. However, denim is constantly evolving. Because of the constant evolution of denim, Fashionistas are always finding new ways to rock denim jackets and denim jeans. Here are five innovative ways that you can rock denim on your campus this fall.

1—Denim on denim. While denim on denim was once considered a fashion sin, denim on denim is now considered trendy. The rise of denim on denim is primarily because of the other various trends from the 1990s that are making a comeback! When wearing denim on denim, it is best to wear two different shades of denim. For example, wearing a light wash jean jacket with dark wash denim jeans. By wearing two shades of denim, you can create a trendy two-toned look.

PHOTO: Cassidy Clark

2—Patterned denim. If you want to add a little flair to your denim, patterned denim is the way to go! Patterned denim has been popping up at a variety of stores. One way to wear patterned denim is to wear a denim jacket with a floral pattern. This look combines two major trends, floral and denim, for a cool and casual vibe.

PHOTO: Ali Bell

3—Fringed denim. While distressed denim will never go out of style, one of the latest denim trends I have noticed is fringed denim. This trend involves denim jeans or a jacket that is fringed at the edges. This trend first became popular in Spain, but it has made its way to the United States. Fringed denim jeans with a pair of heels are the perfect look for a fall day.

PHOTO: Valerie Cammack

4—Patched denim. A new street style trend that I have noticed this fall is patched denim. This fresh look adds different patches to a regular pair of denim pants. A pair of patched denim jeans and a cool band T-shirt would create a hipster look for a chill day on campus.


How do you plan on rocking denim this fall? Let me know below in the comments your favorite way to rock your denim! 

How to Style Like an Edgy Princess

When you think of an edgy outfit, a pink pleated skirt probably does not come to mind. However, this Fashionista breaks barriers by creating an edgy look while still wearing a  girly, pink skirt. By combining two contrasting styles in one outfit, this Fashionista creates an enviable look that is perfect for almost any occasion.

This Fashionista builds this edgy outfit around her pink pleated skirt. She ties her white T-shirt in a knot to allow for her entire skirt to be on display and act as the focal point of the outfit. Her T-shirt says “life is a party” in a beautiful font. Most people wouldn’t expect a pleated skirt to be paired with a casual T-shirt, but it is the contrast in these two items that contributes to the success of this outfit.

My favorite part of this outfit is the oversize denim jacket. The jacket is a medium wash denim that goes down to the thigh. The jacket is imperfect, with patches and fringes at the end. This jacket truly completes the outfit and allows for this Fashionista to stay warm during those cool, summer nights. She finishes out this awesome look with a classic pair of white slip-on Vans. The Vans are comfortable and pair perfectly with the casual T-shirt and denim jacket.

Her accessories are also very interesting. She wears a black choker necklace with a Hand of Fatima charm. The Hand of Fatima is said to bring luck, happiness, and good fortune. This Fashionista certainly had some good fortune when creating this awesome look! She wears sparkly hoop earrings to complement the pink skirt. While she looks edgy and comfortable with her T-shirt and sneakers, the earrings dress up this look a little more.

To complete this look, this Fashionista wears a purple lipstick from ColourPop Cosmetics. The purple lip adds a more edgy flair to this outfit than a basic nude shade.

Do you like this contrasting style? Let me know in the comments!

STYLE ADVICE: 1820s to 2017

While I was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, I have always been inspired by New York City. The energy, the possibilities, and (most importantly) the fashion! As I was exploring New York City earlier this month, I saw a cool Fashionista whose outfit totally inspired me.
One recent trend I have been loving is corsets! Corsets were extremely popular during the Victorian era. Corsets were worn under a woman’s dress to change the appearance of her body and cinch her waist. Recently, corsets have risen to popularity again, but in an entirely different fashion. This Fashionista owned the new corset trend and wore the corset over her white sweater. I think this Fashionista looks totally fierce and completely owns the look!
Another aspect of this Fashionista’s outfit that is totally inspired is her choker. The gold choker adds a nice touch of jewelry that perfectly complements her bangle bracelets and completes the outfit. The subtleness of the jewelry leaves the main focus of the outfit on the corset.
The Fashionista’s ripped jeans and maroon Converse really add an edge to the outfit. The modern ripped jeans and high-top Converse perfectly contrast with the vintage corset.
The Fashionista’s cat-eye sunglasses also give this outfit a vintage touch. The sunglasses remind me of Audrey Hepburn’s signature shades. Finally, the Fashionista’s burgundy lip shade completes an inspired look!
New York City never fails to leave me inspired and meeting this Fashionista on this trip inspired me to buy a corset of my own! Stay inspired this month!

WHAT TO WEAR: Grunge Chic

Before heading to class for the afternoon, I ran into this Fashionista. I was totally inspired by her look for school and just had to report it!

She wore a distressed graphic sweater dress from Forever 21 and paired the hoodie dress with a pair of light wash jeans. I thought that pairing the hoodie dress with jeans created an appropriate look for school, while still being able to show off a cute dress.

This Fashionista paired this outfit with velvet thigh-high boots in black. The thigh-high boots are one of my favorite aspects of the outfit, because the boots make the entire outfit look more polished. Thigh-high boots are my favorite trend of this winter because they are flattering on everyone and make any outfit look well put together.

This Fashionista’s accessory choices also inspired me. She wore a black tattoo choker, which paired perfectly with the grunge theme of the distressed dress. Also, the choker looked really nice with the thigh-high boots.

I absolutely loved this Fashionista’s hair style. I think the two French braids tie the entire outfit together. The French braids correlate with the grunge theme of the choker and distressed dress. Also, the two braids look intricate and polished. They pair off nicely with the theme of the light wash jeans and high boots. Finally, the French braids complete the outfit and help make this look perfect for school!

This look is perfect for class because it is comfortable and looks polished. Also, the outfit isn’t overly accessorized, which is good for a basic school look. My Fashionista told me her hairstyle only took her 10 minutes; therefore, this outfit can be quickly put together before class.

I was completely inspired by this Fashionista’s outfit, and I’m sure she received compliments on her outfit all day!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Contrasting 101

As an Ohio native, I have spent a fair amount of time complaining about the weather. However, one of the benefits of living in Cleveland is being exposed to all four seasons—including winter. Winter fashion has always been my favorite and this look includes some of my favorite winter pieces.

I could not be happier that winter vests are back in style. In this look, I am sporting an olive green winter vest purchased from Johnston & Murphy. My vest enables me to stay warm, but it does not take away from the entirety of my outfit. The olive green vest complements my dark wash jeggings from American Eagle Outfitters.

My favorite piece of the outfit would be my matte black Dr. Martens boots. These boots are extremely versatile and I have been wearing them a lot this season. I like Dr. Martens boots because they contribute to providing a rustic look to any outfit. Lastly, I added nude, athletic crew socks to complete the look.

The accessories I chose provide a color contrast to this outfit. I have always loved the stark contrast of pink and green. Therefore, I added a light pink choker from Windsor to provide a contrast to my olive green vest. Also, I added multiple gold Alex and Ani bangle bracelets. I found that the gold bracelets go perfectly with the vest. I love Alex and Ani bracelets because they complete any outfit and display my personality through the charms.

Overall, I think this is a polished look that is perfect for class in January!

STYLE GURU BIO: Sydney Sallee

Hi, My name is Sydney Sallee and I’m so excited to begin my first semester with CollegeFashionista! I am a freshman at Baldwin Wallace University studying both public relations and broadcasting and mass communications.

Fashion has played a major role in my life for as long as I can remember. I am proudly overdressed 90 percent of the time. My go-to “uniform” for class is a skater skirt, bomber jacket, choker, and boots. However, I love tennis shoes and sometimes Adidas, a graphic T-shirt, and jeans are the move. My fashion inspirations include Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Cara Delevingne, and Ariana Grande.

Over the summer, I worked as a stylist at a retail store. I learned a lot about the fashion industry by working in retail and I am thankful for my small experience in the industry. The best part about the job was assisting customers in creating outfits by giving my own opinions combined with implementing their personal style into the look.

I think beauty and fashion go hand in hand. I love watching beauty gurus on YouTube and trying out different beauty looks. Currently, my favorite makeup trends are highlights and matte lipstick.

When I’m not in class, I am usually practicing singing, playing ukulele, working out, watching beauty videos on YouTube, reading, writing, taking photos, or working on my Instagram aesthetic.

For this look, I contrasted my feminine pink bomber jacket with a black skater skirt. I contrasted the accessories as well by sporting both a tattoo choker and a rose gold Micheal Kors watch. Since it’s always cold in Ohio, I wore tights and Dr. Martens to keep warm and complete the look.

I am so excited to be involved with CollegeFashionista this semester and I can’t wait to broaden my sense of style this semester!