It may not be socially acceptable to steal boyfriends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t steal their clothes. But if you don’t have a significant other, don’t worry—all your favorite brands are coming out with a baggy chic look.

Before we go any further, let me just first clarify the difference between boyfriend and hobo, besides the fact that one is a “yes” and the other a “definitely maybe.” Boyfriend looks like you just borrowed an article of clothing from him on your way to class (emphasis on one baggy piece).

Hobo, on the other hand, is oversized styles all over à la Mary Kate Olsen (who I love, don’t get me wrong). When done right, which is a rarity, hobo can actually be cute and trendy. In most cases, let’s just say it goes slightly awry.

So, fellow readers, it’s up to you which baggy chic look you choose. But we shall focus on boyfriend today! This week’s Fashionista opted for a baggy button down from her boyfriend to add a pop of color and style to her look. I love how she added a pair of Oxford heels and skinny jeans to keep her outfit distinctly feminine, though. The great thing about the boyfriend shirt is that it balances out the tight-fitting jeans and shirt she’s wearing.

Button down shirts aren’t the only way to accomplish the boyfriend look. Boyfriend jeans have been popping up everywhere as of late. These Jimmy Jimmy Skinny Paige jeans have a relaxed fit with just the right amount of slim fit. White is also a great color to start investing in, since Spring is just around the corner!

The ever-classic boyfriend blazer is also a good way to hop on the boyfriend train. Give this Silence & Noise blazer from Urban Outfitters a try. Black is always a classic choice, but consider buying a white blazer for the warmer times ahead. Either way, a boyfriend blazer is the perfect go-to jacket for a night out.

So instead of trying to find a boyfriend to fit your lifestyle, try to find a style that’s a boyfriend fit!

P.S. On a more sentimental note, this is my last post for CollegeFashionista. It’s been a blast, and please welcome in the next girls! 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Show Good Taste with A High Waist

Let’s pretend Spring and Summer are around the corner. Stop shivering and picture it with me. Before you reach for your typical skirt and belt duo, consider shopping for some high-waisted shorts. They’re like skirts, but better.

High-waisted shorts are a great way to add some variety to your Spring wardrobe. They look absolutely adorable with flowy tops and cropped shirts, and they’re trendier than regular shorts. This week’s Fashionista tucked a cute lace top into her khaki shorts. Definitely a perfect choice, since black and khaki look great together. Notice how she alternates the two colors? It really helps solidify her outfit and create cohesion.

I love how she wore a fedora to break up the potential monotony of her outfit. If you’re going to sport the high-waisted short, try following her lead and add either some chunky jewelry or a cool hat.

Whether you’re going to an internship, class or elsewhere, give high-waisted shorts a try. For a more formal occasion, try silk or rayon shorts and feel free to experiment with simple patterns (polka dots, geometric shapes, etc.). These Urban Outfitters shorts are classic, chic, and would look great with a blouse tucked into them. If you’re not into chunky jewelry, put on a headband for a more sophisticated look à la Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. Wear strappy wedges or booties to complete the outfit.

For something more casual and everyday, try these denim shorts by sass & bide from Shopbop. They would look so adorable with a flowy top and a turquoise or coral necklace. If you’re into more distressed-looking shorts, check out vintage stores or Urban Outfitters one-of-a-kind cutoff shorts. For shoes, try slipping on some gladiator sandals for an edgier look.


Just because we don’t live in below freezing weather like Europe does, doesn’t mean we can’t dress like they do! Ladies and gents, allow me to introduce the coolest way to stay warm: fur hats. But please, please don’t think I’m condoning Davy Crockett hats—because those still aren’t, and will never be cool.

Fur hats are a little daring, true. But it’s a trend that both guys and girls can rock. Does this hat not take this Fashionista’s look from vintage and cute to absolutely fabulous? Her loafers and sweater are cute, but her hat really makes her stand out and look classy. I don't mean to discredit her sweater, though, because the pattern is so adorable.

So at this point, you’re probably thinking, “Sure, Sydney, this hat is sassy. But do you really expect me to wear this?” And yes, dear reader, I do.

A fur hat is easier to rock in Southern California than you might think. Wear it with a sweater dress to make your look cozier and more chic. Throw it on as a last minute accessory in addition to your peacoat and scarf. Don it with a baggy sweater and leggings like this Fashionista does. Basically, any time you would normally wear a fedora or beanie, opt for the fur hat!

Check out this fur hat from ASOS. It’s simple, versatile and elegant looking. They recommend wearing it with a cute white mini-dress and boots. I approve.

Slightly less bold would be a fur headband, such as this one from Etsy. I love how detailed the headband is with all different colors of brown fur. This one will keep you nice and toasty while preventing hat hair.

If you’re into real fur, plenty of websites like Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus offer some cute options. It’s a personal choice!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bring Out The Effeminate with a Babydoll

In this economy, we college students thrive on versatility. Well look no further, because a babydoll dress is your go to item for any occasion: internship, date, brunch, bar, the list goes on.

Babydoll dresses never go out of style; they just go out of season. Unless you live in Southern California, in which case you can wear them year round (jealous, east coast?) I spotted this Fashionista at the Third Street Promenade, and her look was just so cute and fun—hence the brilliance of the style. I love the funky belt she used to cinch the waist of the dress, and her studded sandals add a nice contrast to the lace.

Like I said, this type of dress will pretty much work for any occasion. If you’re going out, try pairing this dress with some black leggings and pumps. The leggings will help draw attention to the girly silhouette of the dress, and the pumps will dress it up and keep the outfit classy. This dress from Modcloth is absolutely charming. The lace detailing adds a nice touch, too.

If you’re going to a brunch or on a date, this Parker Babydoll Dress from Shopbop is so adorable and on sale! It’s simple, yet elegant, and the red color is universally flattering.

For an internship or work, this ditsy print dress from Urban Outfitters is perfect. It has a cute pattern, yet a sophisticated cut. Pair it with a stylish pair of booties and you’re set.

A belt would be a great addition to any of these outfits. Have fun with the silhouette!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Walk A Mile in This Fashionista

Lately, it seems like this weather is only permitting us to wear boots, boots, and… boots. Aside from the brief summery days (which is quite preferable to blizzards), we have to put away our cute strappy sandals and slip on warmer shoes. But that doesn’t mean that we must forsake fashion in the process—we wouldn’t dream of it. So it’s time to invest in some cute flats.

Take a look at this fashionable lady’s flats; they are adorable, with cute little flowers to match her sweater. She could have easily worn a pair of black boots, but the flats really brighten up her outfit. Boots are great sometimes, but all the time? I think not! Patterned flats are a great way to add some flare to your outfit, especially with all the layers we’re piling on. And if you recall last week’s post, that Fashionista had awesome zebra print flats.

Now that we’ve walked a mile in her shoes, let’s talk about where you can get your own. If you love great causes—which I’m assuming you do—then take a look at TOMs Shoes. They are super comfortable, and they donate a pair to a child in need for every pair you buy. To find the best pairs I’d recommend that you go to their sample sales, as that’s where I’ve found the coolest prints. But here’s a pair to get you started.

These Tory Burch sneakers from Shopbop are also really versatile. They will go with all washes of jeans. I also think you could make them work with a patterned shirt if you choose wisely.

The weather may be dreary, but that doesn’t mean your outfit has to be. Have some fun with your shoes while staying warm. 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Try on a Pair of Trousers

When I first approached this week’s Fashionista to take her picture, she acted surprised and said she just threw together the outfit early this morning—which is exactly why her outfit is so perfect. Readers, take note: effortlessly classy is the way to go. No one likes an overdone outfit.

The great thing about a pair of trousers is that you can either dress them up for work, or cuff them like this Fashionista and wear them out to the beach. There is just something so chic about a cute pair of trousers.

How to wear trousers to work is pretty self-explanatory, so let’s talk about how to wear them casually. They should definitely have a baggy, boyfriend fit to them, but make sure you don’t buy too wide of a leg. Wide leg trousers take your look from casual cool to formal and polished. I know I recommend Paige Denim all the time, but I must say that these Kenya trousers are exactly the kind of look you should be going for. They’re a slouchy fit and look super cute cropped. These Current/Elliott trousers look a lot like our UCLA Fashionista’s, too.

Your shirt should also match your look: something simple, maybe a little worn in, that doesn’t detract from your overall look (think James Perse or C&C California). I think they also look great with other swanky accessories, like a fedora, cross body bag, etc. She put on a cute brown belt with a chain on it to add some style, which is great. As far as shoes go, you can’t really go wrong as long as you wear flats. You can throw on some Sperry’s, TOMS or Tory Burch flats—anything goes.

Needless to say, this Fashionista pretty much nailed the look: she’s got the accessories, awesome flats, and the ever-in-style Ray Bans. She has me convinced; while writing this entry, I may or may not have just bought that pair of Current/Elliot trousers…

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Appreciate the Simple Joy of Corduroy

I’m personally so excited for corduroy to be making its comeback, especially because it’s a trend that both guys and girls can rock!

This wintery fabric is really fun to experiment with, since most of us wear denim every day. The thought of throwing on yet another pair of jeans during these long, wintery months can eventually become seriously drab. So why not add a new texture to your pants wardrobe? You can wear your cords to casual Fridays at work or to your internship, in addition to campus.

Luckily for us, choosing the proper pair of corduroy pants is simple and easy. To start off, I would probably stick with neutral colors, simply because the fabric itself is already a statement piece. Consider colors like brown, cream and black when selecting your perfect pair. How you want them to fit is entirely up to you. I would personally go for a skinny to straight leg if you’re a corduroy newbie, though, so you don’t feel too bohemian.

Paige Denim makes a great pair of corduroy jeggings in a rich black color, and if you’re feeling like a fashion daredevil, there’s a royal blue you can try as well. The pair would look great with some booties or strappy sandals—not boots. The key from here is to keep the rest of your outfit simple: throw on a plain t-shirt and a cute blazer. Stay away from patterned shirts (except stripes, which compliment the striped cords).

As for the guys, I think this week’s Fashionisto’s look says it all: stylish and simple. Like I recommended for the girls, wear a simple t-shirt with some sandals or casual shoes like Sperry Top-Siders. If you’re going to the professional world, put on some loafers. Gap sells some nice skinny fit corduroys, and I should mention they’re on sale.

Winter doesn’t give us very many chances to change up our look, so consider buying a staple pair of cords to break up the monotony. 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Mix Black and Brown (Boots)

Before you gasp at my insinuation of a horrible fashion faux pas, take a look at this week’s Fashionista and relax. I don’t know if it was something in the water, but everyone on campus this week paired their favorite black outfits with brown boots. And I mean quite literally everyone. 

At first I, too, was appalled by this look—how could people so deliberately disobey such a simple rule of fashion? Now that I’ve had a week to let it sink in, I’m going to take a leap and advise you to do the same.

This Fashionista kept things casual with a cute, flowy top over leggings. The brown boots give her an extra pop of style and flair that she simply would not have achieved with black boots.

If you’re interested in giving this daring look a try, here’s a sample outfit for you. Slip on these black leggings from American Apparel, or if you’re more a jeans person, try on these stretchy denim leggings from Citizens of Humanity. You should definitely pick a pair of tighter jeans because you’ll be wearing boots.

This Charcoal Slub Stripe Henley top from Splendid is both lightweight and long-sleeved, so it’s the perfect seasonal transition top. The key to finding a good top is thinking about what colors look equally good with black as they do with brown. Consider colors like purple, olive green and gray when making your selections. The Splendid top works really well because it also incorporates black into it to tie in the pants.

As for the boots, these Steve Madden Intyce boots (you know the ones that everyone has) are the perfect shade of brown to match black. Plus, they have a little bit of a heel to give you some added height!

So, my little Fashionista/os, are you ready to break the rules? I swear the fashion police won’t say a thing about your brown boots.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Dress Up Your Internship Outfit

It’s about that time again when we begin the arduous process of trying to find the perfect summer internship. Running around grabbing coffee and steaming clothing may not be the most glamorous of activities, but why not look glamorous while doing so? Dressing cute at your internship not only boosts your esteem, but also makes you stand out amongst the competition.

Take this week’s Fashionista: instead of wearing a simple Banana Republic or J. Crew blouse, she dressed things up with a zebra print top. She instantly gives herself a feminine and zesty look by wearing animal print. Also, her shoes and sweater match perfectly, so she does not stand out too much (which is equally important).

This Madewell silk intermission top is the perfect way to dress up your pencil skirt. The little bit of lace is cute and feminine, and the silk fabric makes it formal enough for any internship. Plus, the high cut is completely conservative, for those of you not in the fashion industry. All-in-all, this shirt satisfies all internship dress codes—and you don’t even need to wear a sweater, since your shoulders will be covered.

If you’re loving the animal prints, then this Rebecca Taylor leopard sequined silk camisole is absolutely perfect, as long as you wear a sweater. Pair it with some trousers and heels to complete the look. The sequins dress up the shirt, and there’s just the right amount so it’s not too glitzy.

Both of these shirts would look cute for a night out, too.

Whether you love it or hate it, how you dress speaks volumes about you. So whether you’re braving the humidity of NYC or cursing the hot California sun, don’t forget to do it in style!

Style Guru Bio: Sydney Schuit

Why hello there! My name is Sydney, and I’m so excited to be pioneering the way for UCLA on CollegeFashionista. Los Angeles has such an incredible variety of style, so these upcoming Fashionistos/as are going to show you how we do it.

While I wish I had some really inspirational story about why I adore fashion so much, I’m really just like most of you—it’s just something innate with me. A little bit about me: I was born and raised in Los Angeles, aside from a minor stint in Las Vegas when was I was in second grade. I live for big cities and all that they entail: fashion, entertainment, bright lights, crowds and yummy food. I’m currently a marketing intern with Paige Premium Denim, and some of my past internship experiences include Nordstrom and Juicy Couture. I’m studying English and Environmental Science, slight evidence that I have no idea yet what I want to do with my life besides simply “fashion.”

According to some my style is preppy, and to others bohemian. Apparently I like to change it up, just like all of you should! If you don’t, I’m clearly not getting through to you lovelies. I live in skinny jeans, flowy tops, sequins, boots, and florals. I’m currently courting Madewell, J.Crew, Tory Burch, Marc by Marc Jacobs (who isn’t), 7 For All Mankind, and Urban Outfitters. In case you’re wondering, things are going quite swell with them all. But when we fight, I go thrifting. Feel free to ask me for some good places!

Have a great quarter, and get excited for some trending advice!