The Tailgate Outfits Every Fashionable College Girl Needs in Her Closet

Tailgate season has officially kicked off, which means it’s time to bring your A game in school spirit! Football tailgate season has become known not just for the football but for the unique and cute outfits that girls wear to these events. It has almost become a competition to see how creative and stylish you can get. Tailgate outfits may be specific to certain colleges, but it has become a nationwide trend. Whether it’s wearing an oversize football jersey or your own DIY college T-shirt, the possibilities for these styled outfits are endless. Multiple game days call for multiple outfits, so here are a few key elements that you’ll want in your closet to keep you game-day ready.

First Outfit

Basic pieces can go a long way and be mixed and matched with different shirts and bottoms. Pairing frayed jean shorts and a DIY college T-shirt crop top is a super easy and cute way to show your school spirit and personal flair. There are so many different ways a college T-shirt can be personalized and fitted to your style. Cutting shirts like these are super simple. For a crop top like this, all that needs to be done is to cut it to the desired length and roll the sleeves to show off your arms—this creates a more stylish look that is less boxy.

Girl in cropped college t-shirt and jean shorts on football field.

PHOTO: Sydney Zavadil

Tailgate Styling Tips

Pair this look with some white Converse and fun mid-calf socks that support your school colors. Don’t forget to add jewelry. Bracelets you have laying around that match your school colors will give your look a little extra oomph! Bring in trends from your everyday outfits as well; silver hoops and a simple black choker help tie the look together.

Second Outfit:

Another super simple and cute outfit to wear to tailgating events is your school’s jersey. The trend is to wear an oversize jersey so you have the option to wear it as a dress. Of course, you’ll want to throw on some shorts and a cute bralette underneath since it is short and slightly see through. Overall, the look is a cool spin on a classic game day outfit.

Girl in oversized jersey for tailgate, sitting in front of football gear.

PHOTO: Sydney Zavadil

Tailgate Styling Tips

Add a double wrapped beaded necklace to match your school colors. If you can’t find a necklace like this that matches your school colors, it’s super easy to make with supplies from your local craft store. Depending on your school’s geographical location, your shoe choice may lean towards sneakers. But if you’re in the South, you could throw on some cowboy boots for a little Southern charm. To finish the look, throw your hair up into a high pony—it not only keeps your hair out of your face, but it also amps up the athletic look while keeping you looking sleek all night!

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Why You Need a Culotte Jumpsuit in Your Life

Yes, those bell-bottomed stretch pants you wore in middle school (remember gaucho pants?) are back and better than ever as culotte jumpsuits. I know Gaucho pants will forever be etched into our brains in memory of the cringy years. Don’t worry, though—this upgrade will leave you wanting a million pairs! Thankfully, with this cropped upgrade, not many people refer to them as Gauchos anymore. Let’s be honest, the “culottes” just sounds better.

This isn’t middle school any more, it’s college. This look has had time to revamp itself. Culottes aren’t only available in pants, but also multiple styles of jumpsuits like this one.

Girl wearing culotte jumpsuit crouched down, with jean jacket thrown over shoulder.

The best part about this culotte jumpsuit is that it has the flared pants, which makes it look like a dress (which is exactly why we all loved those gaucho pants when we were younger!). Also, since they’re pants, there’s no need to worry about having to change your outfit for activities or weather. This piece can handle anything.

Since it’s a jumpsuit that looks like a dress, it’s super easy to dress the look up or down. This can all be done while still looking chic and on-trend, no matter the time of day!

Full body shot of girl wearing culotte jumpsuit with jean jacket

Dress It Down

If you want to keep your look simple and casual, pair your jumpsuit with some strappy sandals, jewelry, and metal framed shades. No need to put all your focus on accessories because the jumpsuit is the main attraction.

Dress It Up

If you want to go out with this look, throw on some ankle strap heels and shiny layered necklaces. You’ve got yourself a head-turning outfit that took no time at all. Make the look super sleek by throwing your hair up into a high pony.

Girl with a high pony hairstyle, wearing culotte jumpsuit peaking over sunglasses with jean jacket hanging over shoulder.

Culotte Style Tip

Since summer is sadly coming to an end, that means the weather will be getting cooler. Luckily, all that needs to be added to this outfit for the next season is a jacket. In this case, a fitted jean jacket is perfect. It’s not only cute, but it makes the outfit last year-round. Choosing a more fitted jacket instead of one that’s oversized allows the jumpsuit to show off your silhouette. An oversized jacket would create a more boxy look.

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Day-to-Night Hairstyles to Beat the Heat

As summer hits its high, so does the humidity… usually making for hair that won’t last the day. A great way to combat this is to find a style you can convert from summer-day-to-summer-night. Here are two hairstyles that last all day, and can transform into a glam look by night. With these looks, there’s no need to go through the process of re-washing your hair in-between events.

1—Hairstyle 1, Daytime. This first look is perfect for those summer days when you’re out and about. This double-braided hairstyle will keep you cool and keep your hair out of your face in the hot sun, while you’ll still look super cute and on-trend.

Summer Hairstyles (Daytime): Double Braided Hairstyle

Style Tip—For those casual days running errands, a large tote bag and some rounded sunglasses are a must for the summer. It will complete the look, no matter how dressed up or down you are. The tote allows you to carry everything you need, and you can even store things you buy along the way.

2—Hairstyle 1, Nighttime. Transforming your day look to night is super simple! All you have to do is take out the braids, add a little product, and voilà! You now have volumized loose waves that took no time. Since your hair is already done, your focus can be on finding the perfect outfit-makeup combo!

Summer Hairstyles (Nighttime): loose waves hairstyle

3—Hairstyle 2, Daytime. The second look is perfect for casual days out, such as shopping or visiting nearby towns with your friends. You never know who you might run into, so you know you want to look put together. This braided look adds a little spunk to your usual loose hair. The single braid in the front keeps those annoying bangs or baby hairs from sticking to your face while walking around in the heat.

Summer Hairstyles (Daytime): single front braid hairstyle

Style Tip—An easy way to make your look pop is by adding accessories! Rings are easy to throw on and wear with any outfit. Mixing and matching ring styles and colors allow you to edge up your look. Don’t forget that your phone is an accessory as well! Adding a fun case, like this marble case shows your personality in an often-overlooked accessory. 

4—Hairstyle 2, Nighttime. At night you can keep the braid, but pull it back into a half-up bun. The half-up look has become a major trend this year, so incorporating it into your summer look is a must! All that’s needed are hair ties and some bobby pins to keep it intact for the night. This hairstyle is super simple and takes no time, but it looks like it did.

Summer Hairstyles (Nighttime): braided half-up-bun hairstyle

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5 Must-Add Songs For Your Summer Playlist

Summer is officially here, and there’s no better way to kick it off than with the right music. Summer is not just for bringing your A-game in fashion—it’s all about finding those perfect songs to listen to while driving around, windows down with your besties! Here are some summer look ‘n listening tips to try!

Black convertible with top down and songs playing. Girl sitting in back having fun with friend in passenger seat, both have their arms up.

Music tip:

Everyone has a different taste in music, so it’s crucial for that solid summer playlist to include songs that’ll match everyone’s style. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for songs that your friends might not have even heard yet! These’lll add a personal touch to the playlist, and give you brownie points for the hot find!

Sure, it’s easy to just follow those pre-made playlists on your favorite music app or the radio. BUT, it’s way more fun to venture out and create your own customized playlist that fits you and your style. Choosing songs that you like adds your own personality. It also allows you to avoid those songs on the pre-set playlist that you may not like as much, and you can stick to the go-to jams, with no skips needed.

Girl looking down, wearing a straw fedora hat with blue trim and a yellow floral neck tie.

Style Tip:

Just like creating your own playlist, you want to keep your style unique and true to you! Don’t be afraid to play up your style with mix-and-match accessories. In this case, a straw fedora got paired with a yellow floral silk necktie, and it really made the outfit pop. The silk necktie kept the look light for the summer and the straw fedora brought the shade needed to keep cool in the June/July heat.

Here are the five songs you will definitely want to add to your summer playlist.

…If they aren’t on it already! These are the songs that my friends and I jam to. Whether it’s in the car or on a portable speaker, we play them at maximum volume!

Top Five Songs On My Summer Playlist:

1. Malibu – Miley Cyrus

2. Whippin‘ – Kiiara

3. Nights With You – MØ

4. It Won’t Kill Ya – The Chainsmokers

5. Hallucinating – Elohim

What are your top five favorite songs right now? Let me know in the comments below or share on social media! Be sure to tag @CFashionista in your post.