Summer is the time to shine. Do away with any and all drab colors, Fashionistas, and play around with some of the brightest of shades. The sun is shining and although we Fashionsitas are meant to shine all year ‘round, the summer sun sets the stage for some extra fun. Today’s Fashionista’s look is just that: super fun and very flirty.

She starts with a geometric-printed tube dress. These little dresses are perfect for summer. They come in a variety of colors for every skintone and are simple and light for easy wearing. The cinched waist also makes the look flattering for any frame. There are tons of dresses out there but check out some with similar functional pockets at Forever 21 and Dillard’s. For even more functionality, you can also opt for a romper like this one from Forever 21. You can dress these looks up or down depending on your destination.

The important thing to remember with prints, especially with dresses and one-piece garments, is that it’s tough to pair them with any accessories that are too busy. It’s best to let them have center stage. Fortunately, nude is very in for this season and also stands strong as a classic color for summer accessorizing. Today’s Fashionista is right on top of things. She wears a pair of beige strapped wedges, which are perfect for almost any summer outfit. N.Y.L.A. makes a cute espadrille while MIA and Michael Antonio have equally fashionable choices for wedge sandals as well.

Hats are another great accessory that work incredibly well in lighter shades. Today’s Fashionista tops her look off with a cute fedora. Take her lead and purchase your own fedora from Juicy Couture. Fedoras are a nice buy any time of the year because they can be worn throughout varying seasons so you don’t have to worry about it not getting its fair use. If you’re a bit more daring and looking for a little more drama, try your hand at a floppy sun hat. They’re very chic and are a style perfect for the summer Fashionista. Nordstrom has a straw sun hat that will make you stylish and offer up some practical shade. Form and function unite with these hats, so you can spend a little more time enjoying the sun than worrying about adverse effects.

As most of us Fashionistas are finishing up classes and gearing up for summer, it’s time to purchase season staples that are easy and fashion-forward. Start with some great prints and simple nudes and you’ll be well on your way to a fabulous season!


Sauvé and panache are two things that every Fashionisto should shoot for. You don’t need to wear a three-piece suit everyday to achieve that either as Today’s Fashionista shows us his stylishly confident flair without a tuxedo or tie. For males and females alike, attractiveness is not only measured by the body's physical appearance but also the ways someone’s clothes fit together with each other and on the wearer’s body. Tone is important for both and Today’s Fashionisto sports a great medley of warm and jewel tone colors in an outfit that is sure to get some positive attention.

A great Fashionisto knows not to take it over the top, as this outfit is equally confident and cool. First he layers a great blue checked button down over a gray t-shirt. The gray underneath provides a little extra interest – a fashionable detail that goes a long way. You can purchase a checked top from Macy’s or Gap. If you look forward to warmer weather, also try a short-sleeved option from 21 Men. Layer it over a shirt from your wardrobe or get a fresh new tee from J.Crew or Calvin Klein.

Today’s Fashionisto has a button-front jacket. The hood is the part I love. It gives the Fashionisto options for wearing and is even functional for spring showers. This brown snap-front jacket from Bluefly provides a similar clean look and silhouette.

Most males may be a little afraid of color but you shouldn’t be as Today’s Fashionista rocks a pair of purple pants with poise. Instead of having the purple being the truest or brightest of shades, he wears a lovely and flattering eggplant color that you can also get from Pacsun or TOPMAN. He pairs the pant with a great rugged boot. Combat boots don’t seem like they’ll disappear from the trend outlook anytime soon, so find your pair at Steve Madden. You may have noted that Today’s Fashionisto’s boots have a great two-tone brown color and fortunately I’ve found a two-tone boot at Zappo’s if you’re interested in trying out the style. Finally, a Fashionisto should also not be afraid to wear a bag. Deem them “metrosexual” if you will but they’re very functional, especially for the professional or College Fashionisto.

Find a beautiful brown shade in this duffel from Peil Leather or search through the always-fabulous bag options from TOPMAN. It will be the icing on the cake of this casual, rugged, yet confident outfit.


Jumpsuits are taking over. There’s not much more to say about it. If you don’t have one, you must add one to your wardrobe immediately. Spring can be breezy, so it may not always be functional to wear your first inclination for a one-piece option: a dress. Save your cute little floral sundress for a less windy day and opt for a trendy jumper instead.

ASOS has a sleeveless cotton jumpsuit that’s perfect for potential layering. American Apparel also sells a simpler, strapless style. Here’s the key to remember about full-body garments: accentuate the waist. Often, with head-to-toe fabric, even the longest body and most feminine frame can get lost in the drapes of material. Today’s Fashionista not only picks a jumpsuit that’s fitted in the waist, but adds a contrasting belt for further emphasis. Skinny belts are very “in” right now, so trade your wider belt for this one from Piperlime.

Matching your shoes and your belt is an age-old adage in Fashion 101 that can sometimes seem too conservative, but it will also never fail you when it’s time to put together your look. I love how this Fashionisa brings the same brown color down to her feet to tie her look together. If you still want to wear boots in the spring (which you can definitely pull off with a long pant leg), stick with ankle height. Topshop has a beautiful brown leather option. If you’re a bit more inclined to enjoy the warm weather, but still love boots, try these open-toe lace-ups from Delias.

To further battle the spring breeze, add a boyfriend blazer to your ensemble. J.Jill has a great gray color on sale. Urban Outfitters offers a similar boyfriend cut that hits a little higher at the top of the hip. Stay at Urban Outfitters for a great canvas tote or venture on back to Topshop for their canvas and leather doctor’s bag. The great thing about totes is that they’re roomy and once you sell back all your books, you can stuff in your towel and summer accessories and hit the beach.

A few more accessories to personalize your look are acceptable when you’re wearing a simple color foundation. Add a printed scarf from Urban Outfitters and some cheap charms from Forever 21 and your outfit will be ready to shine on any spring day.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fashion + Math = The Style Equation

As the temperature outside rises, the less layers we tend to pile on – meaning that they are negatively proportional. There’s a little math for College Fashionistas. Today’s Fashionista also adds a little math to her outfit. This time around, it’s geometry. I spotted her trendy geometric sunglasses on campus and had to stop her. My style advice for you all this week is to search for some stunning square eyewear for the spring sunshine. Hot Topic has the perfect frames at an affordable price. I suggest you take this Fashionista’s lead and stick with black if your outfit is busier. Play with colors and prints if your actual clothing is a more neutral, clean palette.

The rest of this Fashionista’s look only consists of four items. Her cut-off denim jeans set the stage for her grunge-inspired look. Swell sells a similar medium wash pair. She tops the shorts off with a comfy tee. Cotton T-shirts are the perfect spring top because of its breathable material and diverse style options. Love is a common topic for printed tees. Continuing her grunge approach to fashion, Today’s Fashionista rocks love with an atypical flair. I love a little contrast so I found a few T-shirt options for you all to check out. The first of from ASOS, the second is sold by Bluefly and the third is another shirt on sale at ASOS.

Topping this to combat the cool breeze is a chunky knit cardigan. I have another three choices for any budget for the cardigan. Forever 21 produces the first, Kensie Girl makes the second, and SEE by CHLOE designs the third. Combat boots tie up the entire grunge equation on today’s Fashionista. In a shorter length, I don’t see these shoes completely disappearing from Fashionista’s feet until the end of the spring and beginning of summer. You can get a great pair on sale from Steve Madden for under $50! Put it all together and you’ll see that just a few pieces go a long way.


My dear Fashionistos, today is all about you! Guys have no less of a right to not only express themselves on campus, but to steal the style spotlight. Today’s Fashionisto does just that with his immaculately tailored and equally trendy look. The biggest thing I want to point out for this week’s Style Advice (and this goes for guys and gals alike) is fit. Creativity and trends will get you somewhere, but combine those with a fit that flatters your body to send your style to the highest of heights.

Today’s Fashionista takes the preppy approach. The fashion world and university campus are no strangers to preps, but Today’s Fashionisto puts together traditional garments with so much personality. The pants beg us to begin with them. Twill is common for a tailored look adding color adds style. Our lovely editors highlighted this color just last week in “The Famous Coral” Style Advice of the Week. It’s a great color for females and males this spring. Guys, you can check out the Gap for your colored chinos. Rolling the hem is a great touch with the right shoe.

Coral is a strong color that calls to be paired with muted colors throughout the rest of the outfit. Today’s Fashionisto pairs his pants with a blue dress shirt and two-button white sportscoat. You have to pay a little more for quality but it all pays off in the long run. Nordstrom has a great trim-fit blue button up. Your white blazer options are by Perry Ellis and BOSS, two leaders in menswear. For an extra spiffy look, pair your shirt-blazer combo with a bow tie from TOPMAN and a pocket square from Men’s Wearhouse.

Today’s Fashionista knows about balance and takes the same light-dark contrast up top and brings it down to his footwear. What is more preppy than saddle shoes? I sure can’t think of anything and I love them enough not to feel the need to. Neiman Marcus has a great saddle oxford by Hush Puppies that are even on sale, so check them out while you can. Pull the look together in the middle with this belt from Urban Outfitters and you’ll be ready to go.

This look can take a little confidence, but remember that you wear the clothes they don’t wear you. Once you put them on, you’ll feel yourself getting into character and you’ll be ready to set trends everywhere you go.

Exclusive Feature: Syracuse Best Dressed

Every spring a student group by the name of Fashion’s Conscience hosts a fashion show on Syracuse’s campus. At this year’s show entitled “90210,” CollegeFasionista decided to have a presence. True to our roots, we were on the look out for the best-dressed student at the event. As audience members entered, our eyes were peeled for 6 stylish students who would be called to the stage during the show to showcase their personal flair. The winner was chosen by audience applause! It is my pleasure to award Syracuse University’s “Best Dressed Student” to our fly sophomore Fashionisto, Mamady.

Today's  Fashionisto took the time out to educate us a little about his take on fashion.

CollegeFashionista: How do you define your personal style?

Mamady K: I define my style as comfortable, urban, laid back, preppy, and creative.

CF: Do you have any favorite brands?

MK: J. Crew, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Y-3, All Saints, J. Press, Standard Cloth, and Brooks Brothers.

CF: How important is fashion in college?

MK: Fashion in college is very important because, in college, people who come from different backgrounds use fashion as a way of expressing themselves or relating to others.

CF: Some people assume fashion to be mostly for females. As a guy, how is it important to you? (He competed against all females to win our competition.)

MK: As a guy, fashion is very important to me because it gives me a chance to be creative everyday and allows me to express myself without saying a word.

CF: Any suggestions for other Fashionistas and Fashionistos?

MK: Not really, just stay creative and be different. Stand out!!

I write the Style Advice of the Week column and I couldn’t have said it better myself. That’s style advice for life. Obviously a great fashion mind, today's Fashionisto did a great job describing his attire himself; he used his creativity for an urban and preppy look. It’s a very trendy combination. If you’re interested in such an appearance, first find yourself some preppy pieces. You can get trousers in a similar fashionable color from Urban Outfitters. Layer an All Saints cardigan over your favorite coordinating cotton button-up and pick your favorite bow tie from Brooks Brothers. If you’re not a bow tie guy, skinny ties are also very trendy and you can pick one from Express. Ease on some Sperry loafers before venturing into urbanity. Urban is spelled out by our Fashionisto’s denim jacket. The acid wash adds a great texture. Any worn or deconstructed denim will do here and Urban Outfitters and ASOS have two of many options. And what would this outfit be without the LV wallet? Bags aren’t reserved for females anymore, so I encourage Fashionistos to shop around for nice wallets, messenger bags, and satchels.

I wouldn’t want anyone to recreate this look head-to-toe because in Mamady’s words, we should strive to “be different,” but I want guys and girls everywhere to be enthusiastic about exploring their personal fashion sense. I want everyone to be inspired by Syracuse’s finest and flyest!


Today’s Fashionista found her style despite the very cool spring day. The rain was off and on, but the drops from above did not sway her. People are most often inclined to pull on their rain boots and toss on their nylon jacket on days like today but this Fashionista has an alternate approach.

Leather is forever trustworthy. All Fashionistas should own three staples made of this material: shoes, a bag, and a jacket. Each of these three can usually switch interchangeably within seasons because leather is weatherproof as well as breathable. Even for the Fashionistas on a budget, there are faux options that still look great. Today’s Fashionista wears all three. Her over-the-knee brown boots are a sophisticated way to protect her feet against the puddles around her. The buckles add great personality to the look. Sam Edelman has a pair sold by Free People if you’re interested in a similar pair for yourself.

The brown is balanced out by her brown cross body bag. These are best found at your local consignment boutiques and thrift shops. She found hers for only $10! I love the texture of the bag, and texture is always fun to experiment with. American Eagle Outfitters has an affordable textured bag or try and JCPenney for messenger bags. Pick a size that is most functional for you and your campus and class essentials.

Next up is the leather jacket. These can be pricey but that’s when faux leather comes to the rescue. The bomber jacket style is very popular for the college age range, so take a look at two options from Zappos in this style. One is by Nixon and the other is by Obey. Even with the rain, this Fashionista lets a bright color peak from beneath her jacket. I love the idea of incorporating a sunny color on a dreary day, so yellow it is. Forever 21 has just the top. If you’re not much for florals, tribal prints are perfect for the warmer seasons and Bluefly has a great one. Both of these are sleeveless and great for spring layering.

Dark denim is a Fashionista favorite since it’s paired well with most anything and works well in all seasons. Flattering for any body type, Today’s Fashionista wears them slim. Urban Outfitters has a nice pair of dark cigarette jeans on sale. These can easily become your favorite pair. Don’t let the clouds lead you astray, Fashionistas, because you can shine with or without the sun!


Finally, finally, finally! Syracuse has been waiting so long for the spring season and finally it’s here! This means it’s time for us Fashionistas to begin making the wardrobe switch. Today’s Fashionista does a great job of welcoming it with her “Hola, Ciao, Aloha” tee. Graphic tees are a stylish way to display your mood, and Alloy always has a great stock to choose from. 

Even though we’re all excited for the least bit of warmth, we have to remember that spring is a transition seasons that brings us a mix of weather. On those in-between days, you often can’t walk out your door baring all your skin. Today’s Fashionista opts to show a little leg and wears a jacket on top of her look. Cut off shorts are classic and great for any casual look. You can either take things into your own hands and go at an old pair of jeans with some scissors or have Urban Outfitters chop up some old denim for you. If you’re interested in the latter, check out their Urban Renewal shorts.

Today’s Fashionista’s loose-fitting jacket is the perfect complement for her casual outfit. The print adds a cool contrast, as well. Urban Outfitters has an equally cool printed moto jacket and Banana Republic has a lace print cardigan in a similar grayscale color palette. Black and white prints provide the perfect accent for a bold-printed tee, even one that has color.

Today’s Fashionista also wears a pair of gladiator sandals, and the height is perfect for shorts. The options for buying black gladiators are almost limitless but here are two picks from Dillard’s and ALDO. Marc Jacobs canvas totes have been popular across campus for a while now. His Standard Supply Tote is the newest option, and you can pick from several colors at

Today’s Fashionista has a lovely gold watch that will match almost any and every outfit. If you’re looking to be up with the times, American Apparel has some cool wrist gear. Continuing with the theme of hand beautification, a great way to show your spring style is with your manicure. Light pastels and nude colors are perfect for the light and airy weather and today’s Fashionista is right on track with her pale green nails with a hint of gold. A little sparkle on the hands goes a long way. She even did them herself, so get creative with some of your own nudes and pales and have fun!


Good ol’ April is already bringing it’s nurturing showers to Syracuse. It’s our first bout of spring rain and I was very excited when I spotted today’s Fashionista among the sloshing student body. She was just what I was looking for. Burberry, as we know, is the famous British fashion house that has been mastering weather-wear since the 19th century. Burberry’s signature tartan pattern and trenches have long been in the closets of Fashionistas who don’t use the weather as an excuse not to style, which brings us to today’s Fashionista. She sports Burberry’s House Check Rain Boot, which you can also use to add some classic to your closet. Brands aren’t always everything, but these will definitely earn you solid respect from Fashionistas everywhere. 

I also love today’s Fashionista’s wrap jacket. The color screams spring, and the style is flattering for every body type. If the color catches your eye, take a look at this cinched-waist jacket from Urban Outfitters. If you have a bit more of a budget left after your shoe buy, I love the shape and sleeve of this blouson jacket from Cole Haan. This Fashionista adds just the right necklace to highlight the neckline of her jacket and keep the look sophisticated. You can get your silver charms from almost anywhere to suit your own taste, but this design from Nine West is a great suggestion: simple and sweet.

Our spring colors and signature brands don’t stop there with this Fashionista. Her tote bag is a lovely spring purple and designed by the ever-popular Longchamp. This is their Le Pliage bag that has been a trendy tote on Syracuse University campus for all four years I’ve been here, and it will likely to continue to be seen on campus and off. This tote is known for it’s perfect combination of form and function. It combines simplicity of design with light canvas and essential strength. Today’s Fashionista pays homage to a couple of longstanding fashion greats and shows that a few key investments will keep you in style, even on the less weather-friendly days.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Canvas Cavorts On Campus

Spring calls for a change in many aspects of a College Fashionista’s wardrobe. You show a little bit more skin, try out this season’s new silhouettes and styles, and you also make a switch in fabrics. 

Syracuse is known to be a teaser with the weather and we’re definitely experiencing a random mash-up of temperatures in our upcoming weather outlook. Today’s Fashionista still has to wear a few winter items like her peacoat and her knit hat. I’m sure we all have these two things from the winter, but if you don’t, go ahead and grab them for those unpredictable spring days. I always love a chunky knit like a sweater or scarf or, in this case, a hat. ASOS has a great one in the same true red color. You may not want to purchase a heavy wool peacoat with the winter so far gone, so check out this knit peacoat as an option from Nordstrom. It features the same workings and style of a peacoat but it’s made in a lighter fabric (and on sale!).

Any opportunity to shed the heavy winter boots is well-received by many. I personally love canvas sneakers and today’s Fashionista dons a pair for this snowless Syracuse day. Urban Outfitters always has a great selection of canvas lace-ups. The way you wear your canvas sneaks speaks volumes about your personality, whether you like them plain, printed, lace-less or with contrast ties. I encourage you to use them to express yourself!

Besides shoes, canvas is a very popular fabric these days for another trendy Fashionista accessory – the backpack! They’ve been everywhere and come in a price range for every Fashionista's budget. Target has a very affordable option that may be the exact version that today’s Fashionista wears. They also have a cool canvas satchel option, which is equally fashionable. We go back to ASOS for a mid-range price and very minimalistic canvas bag style. Finally, we land at Posted on Categories FashionTags , , , , , , , , , , , Leave a comment on STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Canvas Cavorts On Campus