There’s nothing I love more than an awesome winter coat for that time of year when all you want to wear are layers and layers of clothing. Personally, I am always cold so I like to keep my coat on the whole time whenever I leave my house. For this exact reason, I probably own way too many more coats than I should. I usually have to stop myself from looking at coats whenever I go shopping during the winter. A great winter coat is the perfect way to look stylish, even when you throw on whatever you have just to keep warm!

This Fashionista is wearing the perfect winter peacoat, just in time for when the temperatures started to drop. I wasn’t even interested in what she had on underneath because of her fabulous peacoat. Her coat has the perfect amount of details to put all the focus of her outfit on the coat. The black leather belt adds shape to make the coat less boxy. The leather trimmed pockets and snap buckles are little details that add definition to the coat for a simple but warm look.

Another great thing about this Fashionista’s winter coat has to offer, is that it’s a good neutral color that won’t contrast with her outfit underneath the coat. This way, if she does have a great outfit on under her coat, the coat won’t take away from it. She simply paired the coat with a pair of black leggings and cozy brown combat boots. The best part about winter peacoats is that they never really go out of style, which is why they make the perfect staple piece for winter outfits.

One Simple Change: Getting dinner with girls, or going on a date night? Just swap the combat boots for a pair of heeled booties. The coat will still make a great first impression for the rest of your outfit, and the heeled booties will dress the look up!


Beading detail on clothing can often have a bad reputation. Sometimes it can be seen as being too much or too juvenile. But I believe you can make anything work if you do it in the right way. Instead of looking at the negatives of beaded designs, I try to focus on what they can bring to the outfit. This Fashionista is a perfect example of how beading is just the amount of detail she needed to complete her look.

Her look consists of two main colors, black and burgundy, with the intricate detail of the pearl and rhinestone beading on her sweater dress. Her beaded sweater dress, although underneath a heavy winter coat, really stands out and adds something different to her outfit. I love how such a small detail gave her simple outfit so much more. The rest of her outfit, which includes burgundy leggings with black and tan flats, along with her simple studded black bag are the perfect amount of accessories to make the beaded sweater dress the main focal point of her look. This Fashionista nailed the beaded look by adding just the right amount of beading to her look without overdoing it.

How To: This look is easy to imitate; all you have to do is find that one staple beaded piece and the rest of the outfit will come together easily. This bead embellished top is the perfect centerpiece to a simple but detailed look. Just pair it with these paneled burgundy leggings, throw on a pair of flats and you are all set! If you already own something in your closet that doesn’t have a completely beaded front, such as this sweater, you can still keep your look simple to put emphasis on the beading detail.


You really can’t go wrong with an oversized cozy sweater when the weather drops. In fact, knits in general are mostly the only thing that comes to mind when I think of cold weather. That’s why Stella McCartney’s fall ready-to-wear collection is very fitting when it comes to fall and winter fashion. Not only are her pieces fashionable, but they also have super cozy appearances which makes for the perfect combination.

Her collection features long knit dresses in different colors as well as chunky knit pajama-style pants. Some of McCartney’s pieces also feature intricate handwork designs such as zipper details and mountaineering rope forming squiggly embroidery on oversized sweaters. One look in particular, that I absolutely love, was the oversized sweater coat. The model looks very comfortable and the piece is so realistic for something I could see myself wearing on a daily basis in the winter.

I actually liked this look so much that I went out and found my own sweater coat! My sweater coat is now my favorite piece of clothing that I own and I plan on wearing it every day. Underneath, I have on a black lace romper with a thin black sweater. I am also wearing tall black boots with knee-high tan socks with a layer of lace on the top. The similar oversized sweater coat in McCartney’s collection is only the beginning of my inspiration for this season. Her collection lays the preliminary guidelines for how to achieve the perfect knits for the cold weather!

Get My Look: 1. The perfect oversized sweater coat. 2. Tall black boots. 3. Knee-high socks with a lace trim.

STYLE GURU STYLE: The Great Outdoors

Something about Tommy Hilfiger’s fall 2014 ready-to-wear collection gets me really excited about the cold weather. The collection was inspired by the great American outdoors and was beautifully executed on the runway. The runway show featured powdered snow, fir trees, ski chalets, a chairlift overhead and a wooden plank runway to lock in the setting. If that wasn’t enough to create the outdoorsy mood, Hilfiger’s actual pieces perfected the adventurous yet modern theme.

Some of the pieces featured in Hilfiger’s collection featured high-performance parkas lined in fleecy shearling, plaids on soft shirtdresses and fringy wool skirts. One of my favorite looks from this collection is the white and gray poncho with black suede pockets on the front. The look follows the Western workwear theme that Hilfiger is going for but also makes the poncho look very chic and is something I could definitely use in my closet!

For my Hilfiger inspired look, I am wearing an oversized flannel shirt with black leggings. There was plaid in just about every piece on the runway. Oversized flannels are very fitting for this weather because they are comfortable, easy to style and keep you warm. Another great thing about flannels is that you can easily find them at thrift stores for a few dollars; who doesn’t love inexpensive fashion? Over my flannel I have on a faux shearling moto jacket with a pair of brown booties. Shearling was seen a few times on Hilfiger’s runway along with different styles of moto jackets.

I loved seeing a runway with a warmer and more down-to-earth approach for the fall. Just looking at the collection and the props used for the runway made me want to go to a cabin house and drink hot coco. Hilfiger’s fall collection not only inspired my look today but will have an influence on my entire wardrobe for the rest of the season!

Get My Look: 1. An oversized flannel shit. 2. A pair of brown lace up booties. 3. A faux shearling moto jacket.


We all have that one pair of fall boots that we can’t wait to break out in the beginning of the season. One thing we can be sure to count on is the awesome new variety of styles that will fill our closets. Because this trend is so popular, it can be hard to stand out amongst the other Fashionistas/os.

There’s no denying our love for fall booties and how popular they are, which is why I love to see how differently everyone styles them. I think as long as you are adding your personal touch to your look you can easily style your boots to stand out from the rest. It’s all about the heel and different design aspects of the boot that can help style your look according to your shoes.

This Fashionista took her fall booties and styled them with a casual daytime look with her own personal touch. I love that she didn’t just wear a sweater, jeans and her boots; she wore a long sweater with a lace tunic underneath to add a little more flare to the look. She also wore dark jeans to accentuate the white sweater and the chestnut brown color of the boots. Her boots provide simplicity which complements the rest of her outfit. I caught her on her way to class, so she added the chestnut brown bag for her books to finish the look. As long as your outfit complements your boots with a touch of personality, you’ll be sure to nail the look without blending in!

 What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I would just say to just go with how you feel. There are so many options of boots, you really can’t go wrong with whatever you chose. Even if they are necessarily your style, just go for it!”


My favorite part about fall fashion is that everything seems to be inspired by nature. As the leaves change color from green to yellow, red and brown, they end up creating the most beautiful view. Just check out Instagram; I’ve seen at least three photos of color-changing trees a day. If fall wasn’t my favorite season, it might even get a bit annoying!

This Fashionista puts fall nature inspired colors into the perfect fall outfit. She is wearing a cozy black knit sweater with a Clueless inspired plaid skort. The sweater and skort combination is perfect for fall days when it is cooler in the morning and night but warmer during the day. Also, the plaid skort gives this Fashionista’s outfit some originality which is a nice change from all the plaid flannels that have been really popular this fall.

She finishes her look with tan knee-high socks and brown stacked heel booties. With these two accessories in neutral colors, they tie the whole outfit together. Knee-high socks are such a popular trend for the fall and this Fashionista pairs them perfectly with her booties. Not only is her outfit inspired by warm nature colors, it is also a very flirty outfit which can be worn for a variety of occasions such as class, the mall or a local fall festival.

One Simple Change: For when the temperature really drops, ditch the plaid skort and add a pair of plaid leggings. Because this change will add more pattern on the bottom, go for a pair of shorter socks to go with the booties. This will incorporate fall trends and colors into an awesome winter look!


It’s that time of year again when the weather begins to slowly change temperatures and you can’t quite determine whether to dress for a cooler or warmer day. I like to call this time of the year a transition period. Do you wear long sleeves with shorts or do you go for pants and boots with short sleeves? Either way, it can be difficult at times to dress accordingly for this transitional weather. There are, however, staple pieces that can be styled for any type of weather and this Fashionista styles one of them perfectly!

This Fashionista is wearing a duster vest, which is a great item that can be worn any time of the year and can be styled in so many different ways. She pairs her duster vest with a simple black T-shirt and high-waisted denim shorts. Because there was a slight breeze, she wore black suede ankle boots to complement her look. If it were colder outside, she could easily wear a long sleeve black shirt, jeans and her patterned duster vest. There are many different styles such as a crochet duster vest, a cozy eyelash fringe duster vest and a sheer duster vest similar to the one this Fashionista is wearing.

How To: Duster vests are great because they can be worn with basic pieces that every Fashionista has in her closet. If you have a solid color vest, pair it with a patterned top and if you have a patterned vest, wear it with a solid color top. Add a pair of shorts or jeans with shoes appropriate for the weather, and you are all set!


Some days at my school, Philadelphia University, I’m not sure if I’m attending a fashion show or if I’m actually on campus. Girls can definitely overdo their outfit choices when they’re just going to class here. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for dressing up, but I definitely think there is a time and a place for going all out. Going to class requires such a casual look that it may be hard to look stylish, while still looking appropriate.

This Fashionista nails the stylish but casual look that’s perfect for a day of classes. She is wearing a navy blue and green striped quarter length sleeve crop top with a pair of high-waisted denim shorts. Stripes are the perfect daytime pattern; they add color to her outfit while keeping it simple. Denim shorts are versatile and can be styled for anytime of the day which makes them perfect for an all day outfit.

She pairs her look with chestnut flats, a gold watch and her everyday rings and bracelets. By choosing a neutral color shoe, this draws attention upward to her outfit and face. I always thought flats create a sophisticated and casual look that work well in the daytime. She also pairs her look with an oversized Tory Burch leather bag. This is the perfect school bag for any stylish Fashionista!

One Simple Change: This look can easily be transformed into a going out look. Just swap the denim shorts for a pair of high-waisted black shorts. The black shorts will create a nighttime vibe which is perfect for going out.

30 Days of Denim Day 21

I have to admit; finding a great pair of jeans has more than once been a struggle for me. Most of the jeans I own are colored jeans because I’ve found they provide more stretch than normal jean washes. My body shape could be described as pear shaped with a smaller waist. Because of this, the size that fits my legs and bottom is a little too big to fit my waist. I was surprised when I found this pair of Joe’s Jeans that fit well and that I could wear during the day as well as for going out at night.

For my first look, the daytime look, I paired my new favorite pair of denim with a ‘Keep It Surreal’ graphic muscle tank and a sleeveless sweater. I also added a pair of white Converse and aviator sunglasses for a cool, relaxed look. I wanted to dress down the jeans for more of a daytime look that I could wear to the mall or to class. Three words to describe this look are: relaxed, comfortable and casual. What’s great about these jeans is that they are super comfortable, so I am able to wear them all day long.

For my second look, I decided to go for a look that would be great to wear for a night out. I paired my new jeans with a black sheer top with a crotchet trim on the bottom and a black bralette underneath. I accessorized with gold jewelry and black suede heels with a gold chain detail. Three words to describe this look are: chic, simple and sophisticated. The inside of the jeans are black, so when I cuffed them it tied my whole outfit together by adding the black accent.

I’ve never tried Joe’s Jeans in the past, but when I saw their style of women’s curvy skinny jeans on Amazon and I thought this pair might just be the answer to all my prayers. Fortunately, as soon as I put the jeans on I fell in love! They gave great stretch and fit in all areas of my lower half that I needed. The best part about these jeans is the awesome blue-black hue which could easily be worn and styled for the day or night.

*Sponsored by Amazon


Let me just take a moment to say how awesome the relaunch of CollegeFashionista is! I am beyond excited that I get to be a part of the amazing new features of the site, and even more thrilled to be a Style Guru for my third semester. My name is Tara Harrop, and I am a Fashion Merchandising and Management major at Philadelphia University. This is not only my last semester as a Style Guru, but also my last semester in college. With that said, I haven’t decided whether to panic about entering the real world, or cry tears of joy about never having to pull another all-nighter writing a research paper. Either way, I hope to make the best of my last few months as a college student and share as much of my fashion inspiration with all you Fashionistas and Fashionistos as I can!

Although this will be my last STYLE GURU BIO, I’m happy that I get to end my experience on a positive note during my favorite season and what I believe is the best season for fashion. There really is nothing better than pumpkin spice lattes (yes I know I’m the typical Starbucks obsessed girl), Halloween, leg warmers and best of all cozy sweaters. I’m also excited for the new trends fall has to bring and I’m hoping it’s more of these patterned bell-bottom pants I’m wearing today, that I am currently obsessed with. Whatever fall brings I know I will love it and I can’t wait to see how everyone will incorporate the newest trends into their own wardrobes.

As for my future career path, I am still undecided about which direction I want to go in. I am thankful for my internships, especially with CollegeFashionista that has given me experience in the industry, which will help me be successful in life. As I hope to bring you inspiration from my campus to yours, just remember life’s too short to wear boring clothes!