STYLE ADVICE: The Semester is Over

Aren’t we all happy that the semester is finally almost over? Although the semester is very close to being over and many students have left the campus to start their summer journey,  I was lucky enough to find an international student on my campus who is currently involved in our exchange program. I am very glad I was able to do that because I really enjoy seeing how different cultures interpret fashion and create styles. I wanted to make sure I was able to create a post so that everyone can learn a new way of putting certain clothing pieces together, as well as allowing readers to see some new pieces and styles they have maybe never seen before.

This look was one of my favorite looks seen on campus that day. This Fashionista decided to go with a business-casual look. My personal favorite part of the look was the shoes. Unfortunately, those shoes can only be found in China, but I am pretty sure H&M has something similar. For the top, she went with a light blue button-down shirt that was tucked into a black pair of flowy cropped trousers. To piece her top and bottoms together, she decided to go with a simple brown belt that went around her waist.

To add the outfit together, she wore a black small crossbody bag. This look was a very good pick for a windy, spring day. It allows her to feel the nice spring breeze but still be able to stay warm. I look forward to finding many more Fashionistas during the summer.

WHAT TO WEAR: The T-Shirt Dress Is So In

Today I found a very fun and exciting look on campus that I just had to share with you all. As many of you can see from the photos, it was a wonderful spring day. Warm enough for dresses but not too warm because this Fashionista was still able to wear her comfortable and very cute boots.The T-shirt dress look has always been one of my favorites. It is so simple yet still screams fashion.

Now for everyone’s favorite part, the look! So this Fashionista went with an oversize plain white T-shirt, and ladies don’t worry if you go into a store and can’t seem to find any in the women’s section. The men’s section has plenty of white T-shirts for the right price that will look oversize on you. For the shoes, this Fashionista wore everyone’s favorite style of boot, thigh-high boots! She went with a black suede thigh-high boot look. But do not fear ladies, any color suede thigh-high boot would look good with this look. To add a personal and unique flare to her look this Fashionista wore a name necklace. These can be found anywhere and can sometimes be personalized, similar to what this Fashionista has done.

We all known how hard it is to get out of bed for your 8 a.m. class and still find the time and energy to find something cute to wear. However, this Fashionista has shown us that you can take a simple white T-shirt and turn it into the look of the year; add some stylish shoes and jewelry to complement your look and you will be ready to tackle your busy day in style.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Warm February Days

Winter or spring semester is always such a hard time in college. Shorter days, shorter semester, and the worst of it all, the cold walks from class to class. But sometimes we are lucky and have wonderful 70 degree weather.

I was lucky enough to run into a stylish Fashionista who did not let this warm day go to waste. She was very fashionable and knew how to dress for a warm day without forgetting that it was February and winter. She wore a blue suede dress which was perfect because suede is a big trend right now. To make sure she stayed warm, she decided to throw a denim jacket on top of her dress. Denim is a great look and match with just about anything. One of my favorite parts of an outfit is picking out the shoes to wear. This Fashionista did a great job with bringing her outfit together with black suede over-the-knee boots. Over-the-knee boots are my favorite kind of boots for winter so I loved that she picked those.

A very important aspect of an outfit is the accessories! This Fashionista decided to keep it calm and simple and just add a few extra details. This Fashionista decided to make all her accessories black which brought out her shoes. She decided to go with a plain black choker which happens to be one of my favorite trends. Everyone knows how important a great bag is when it comes to your look of the day. To make her outfit complete, this Fashionista went with a black and tan bag.

As college students we all know how dreadful the cold winter days can be. It is very important that we take advantage of the warm days we have once and a while.

STYLE ADVICE: All Black With a Pop of Color

College is very stressful. Internships and class work keep you busy and sometimes we Fashionistas don’t have time to put together the best outfits every single day. With long nights full of studying and writing papers, sometimes it can be hard to get up a little extra early just to put an outfit together. Whenever I am in doubt or in a rush but still want to look fashionable, I always go to the all-black section in my closet. I was lucky enough to find a Fashionista that really knew how to rock an all-black outfit with just the right amount of color.

Many Fashionistas love to wear the color black and see it as an every season trend. Many of us don’t know that sometimes adding a pop of color makes your look very complete. Many people tend to think that the only way you can rock the all-black look is when you’re doing a rocker style, however that is not correct. All-black can be a  major fashion statement, in my opinion you can tell a lot about a person by how they style their all-black look.

This Fashionista did great when it came to picking the color she wanted to pop. She went with a olive green bomber jacket, a color that is great for the fall and winter. The olive green really did the outfit justice. She decide to put a random black shirt she owned with a simple black pair of pants. One very cute and stylish thing this Fashionista did was match the texture of her shoes, the Adidas Gazelle, with her round, suede crossbody. To make her outfit come all together she added two chokers.

This should be a lesson to all of us: no matter how crazy life may seem, there is always a way to make your outfit look amazing.

STYLE GURU BIO: Tatyana Driver

Hi everyone! My name is Tatyana, but most of my friends just call me Taty (Tot-tea). I am a junior at Old Dominion University studying fashion merchandising and management. I once wanted to play it “safe” and become a doctor, but that did not last long because fashion has always been my first love and I believe life should be full of risk. This is my first semester with CollegeFashionista and I could not be more excited to start this journey. I do my own blogging on my free time so I know CollegeFashionista will help make my writing/blogging skills stronger and also teach me how to take great photos.

I have always loved fashion but it was not until recently that I decided to blog about it. In the beginning I was not to sure that people would care to much about my style, but now I see that fashion would not be fashion without the many different styles things can be worn.

For this look, I took a black and silver “glittery” bodysuit and matched it with plum-colored satin skirt , which happens to have a very soft texture. To add a little more silver to the look I found a silver and black velvet choker set to wear. I am actually in love with the choker trend and I hope it never goes out of style, they have become my favorite accessories. Now for my favorite part of the outfit and the last… shoes! For this look I went with a simple black suede ankle boot.

I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I enjoyed putting it together!