AROUND TOWN: Alejandra Bandler

There are so many great things to love about working in retail. Being exposed to fun, stylish and professional individuals who all share a love for fashion creates a great atmosphere, not only for the employees, but also for the customers. Alejandra Bandler, who works at J.Crew, definitely agrees. She gives us a deeper look into her personal J.Crew style.

Name: Alejandra Bandler

Role: Sales Associate, J.Crew

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite piece currently sold at J.Crew?

Alejandra Bandler: As we transition from summer into fall, one of my favorite fashion essentials are oxfords. I love how easy and transitional this type of shoe is, as you can wear oxford flats year round. I’m on my feet all day, so oxfords are my go-to shoes because of how comfortable and stylish they are. I especially love the oxfords from J.Crew, as they range in a variety of colors and assorted materials from basic leather to calf hair and also metallic. The myriad of options provides one with a great selection to choose from to fit any wardrobe, casual or dressy!

CF: What is your go-to look for work attire?

AB: For work, I like to keep things simple but sophisticated. I pair my black J.Crew pixie pants with a high low tunic sweater over a classic white button-down shirt. To complete the outfit, I top it off with a statement necklace and, of course, a pair of oxfords!

CF: What fashion icon serves as your muse?

AB: I can’t exactly pinpoint one icon to serve as my muse. Instead, for inspiration, I simply look at the world around me. Since going to college in New York City, my style has definitely expanded. On days that I don’t have a lot of work to do, I often walk around the city and sometimes just sit admiring the styles of people around me. I feel the place that truly captures the fashion essence of the city, and is often the one from which I absorb the most inspiration, is the subway. Here in the underground city, one encounters a multitude of ethnicities and diverse fashion. This always keeps the styles one will encounter on the subway interesting. To see the different street style is a huge source of my fashion inspiration.

CF: How would you describe your overall style?

AB: Overall, I would describe my style as encompassing a variety of fashions instead of solely one. Similar to how I can’t be defined by one term as to who I am as a person, my fashion style cannot be labeled as either hipster or preppy but rather a combination of both and many more styles. 

Learn More: Alejandra will be spending a semester in Argentina through a program at NYU, where she attends school.

AROUND TOWN: Lee-ann Conklin

There are many Fashionistas and Fashionistos that all share a great passion, ambition and love for the field. Being able to make connections and make your dream a reality in the fashion industry is possible for those who are willing to work hard to get there. Lee-ann Conklin is definitely one of them. Not only does Lee-ann have an impeccable sense of style, she also has a passion for fashion like no other.

Name: Lee-ann Conklin

Role: Fashion Student/Intern at Bloomingdale’s

CollegeFashionista: How has fashion impacted your life?

Lee-ann Conklin: Fashion has impacted my life in a way that seeing funky colors, unique patterns and flashy garments doesn’t take a toll on my sense of style. If I see something I want but it doesn’t fit today’s current trends, I get it anyway, just to be different from everyone else. I see fashion in a different light wherever I go. Creating and designing fabrics is a goal I wish to pursue in the future.

CF: What was your favorite part about interning at Bloomingdale’s?

LC: My favorite part about interning at Bloomingdale’s was getting a taste of different designers’ merchandise. I also loved being able assist clients as I was part of the Personal Shopping department (At Your Service).

CF: Do you have any advice for other Fashionista/os?

LC: My advice would be embracing your own sense of style. Don’t follow fashion in a sense of what everyone else is wearing. Be vintage or be flamboyant, whatever your style is. Don’t be afraid to embrace it. 

CF: What is your favorite trend as of late?

LC: My favorite trend would definitely be high-waisted shorts. The actual vintage pairs from the ’80s and ’90s are my absolute favorite.

Learn More: Lee-ann will be going into her junior year starting in the fall in pursuit of a degree in fashion merchandising and textiles. She hopes to continue to immerse herself in the fashion industry. Get Lee-ann’s look by trying a cute crop top with a pair of high-rise denim shorts. Finish the look with a pair of Converse shoes.

AROUND TOWN: Margit Malacrida

Today, many Fashionistas/os strive to set themselves apart with an internship. Whether it’s for a fashion magazine, freelance stylist or a showroom, interning has become such a big part of the fashion industry. Margit, a rising senior at the University of Rhode Island, decided Archetype Showroom would be the perfect match for her.

Name: Margit

Role: Intern, Archetype Showroom

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite part about interning with the Archetype Showroom?

Margit Malacrida: My favorite part about interning at the Archetype Showroom is that I get the opportunity to work closely with the owner and the other co-workers. This offers me a real hands-on experience. Since it is a small company, I truly believe you get a more personal experience, and are able to take on more responsibility compared to a company with many interns and brands.

CF: Do you have any advice for future interns?

MM: My advice for future interns would be to always make the most of a given situation. Even if your task may seem menial at the time, be excited and enthusiastic. Chances are that your tasks (even when tedious and boring) are very important, and do not go unnoticed. It is important to remember that all of these people were probably in your position once before. Make the best of it, and enjoy it. Nobody wants to work with a Debbie Downer.

CF: What is your favorite summer go-to piece?

MM: Recently, my favorite summer go-to piece has been my pair of black, linen pants. They go with everything. They offer chic versatility, and go with just about everything! They are perfect for a hot city day, while still offering an appropriate look. These pants can be worn with any kind of shoe. Try a pair of Vans for a summer daytime look, or a nice pair of pumps to dress them up. Don’t forget to add an awesome pair of sunglasses to complete the look!

Learn More: Margit will continue interning this summer in NoHo, NYC before returning to school where she will complete her senior year. Get Margit’s look by trying a graphic T-shirtblack skirt and a pair of Birkenstocks!

AROUND TOWN: Marisa Barrett

Having the chance to intern in NYC in the fashion industry is always a big deal. Being able to immerse yourself in the city life, street style, and the fashion world is just incredible for a fashion student. This allows for the opportunity to make connections, prove yourself and pursue your dreams. Marisa Barrett gave us an inside look at one of NYC’s many showrooms, Supplements NY Showroom where she is interning this summer.

Name: Marisa Barrett

Role: Intern

CollegeFashionista: What is your personal take on intern attire within the fashion industry?

Marisa Barrett: I like how you can add your own style and comfort since intern style is mostly business-casual. In the fashion industry, it is allowed, if not encouraged, to be unique and add your own twist to something.

CF: Can you briefly describe Supplements NY Showroom and what your role is there?

MB: Supplements is a multi line accessories showroom. We deal with small boutiques as well as department stores like Neiman Marcus. I help each department doing merchandising, spreadsheets, paperwork, etc.

CF: Who is your favorite designer that one can find at Supplements NY Showroom?

MB: My favorite collection is Ashiana. Everything is handmade. Ashiana is new in the showroom but featured in big stores like Bendals. The jewelry is plated in 22k gold or 925 silver, and everything is based on destinations, which makes it fun and unique.

Learn More: Marisa Barrett will be going into her junior year as a fashion merchandising student at the University of Rhode Island this fall. Shop her look by pairing a simple top with a lightweight open cardigan, and don’t forget a necklace to complete the look.

AROUND TOWN: Alison Corrigan

Working at a clothing store, you are most likely going to be surrounded by trendy stylish pieces, but there is always that one thing that makes any given store unique. Madewell offers a wide range of clothing that will make you want to shop for days. Madewell’s clothing is chic, whether it’s a basic T-shirt or a silk dress, the Madewell girl will find what she is looking for. Although Madewell’s clothing is eye-catching, it is the quality offered in their clothing that is truly unique. Alison Corrigan gives us more insight on what she thinks and offers some stylish advice.

Name: Alison Corrigan

Role: Sales Associate

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite thing about Madewell?

Alison Corrigan: My favorite thing about Madewell is the quality of the clothing. As I start to enter the professional work force, it has become ever more important to me to look my best, and I feel that Madewell allows me to try versatile looks where I am able to look professional and polished at work but casual and chic outside of work.

CF: Currently, what is your most-liked pick that can be found at Madewell?

AC: My favorite piece has to be the tee dress. The dress is perfect for dressing up or down depending on the occasion.

CF: What is your go-to piece in your wardrobe?

AC: My go-to piece in my wardrobe is definitely my chambray denim button-down from Madewell. The company is known for their quality denim, which is apparent in the quality. My chambray denim button-down is my go-to piece because it’s easy to just throw on but has the power to completely change your look. Chambray is perfect over a basic tee but also can be worn with a statement necklace for a nicer look or over a dress for a chic look. The options and versatility of the chambray button-down is endless, and it is an essential!

Learn More: Alison will continue to work at Madewell throughout the summer before she goes back to school in the fall where she will be a junior at Syracuse University. She hopes to inspire other Fashionistas through her love for fashion and making sure that her look is always super chic. Get her look by pairing a chambray top with a statement necklace and a dark pair of denim high-waisted shorts.

AROUND TOWN: March Boutique

Sometimes it can be quite a struggle finding a chic, fashionable shop that’s right around the corner. Well, no need to look any further – March Boutique offers a Soho-esque shopping experience with a unique collection of clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories carrying many different and favorable designers. March Boutique has everything from everyday essentials to that perfect summer evening dress. Located right on Pleasantville Rd. in Briarcliff, this boutique is bound to be your new favorite!

Name: Kaya Birch

Role: Sales Associate/Visual Merchandiser

CollegeFashionista: What do you love most about March Boutique?

Kaya Birch: March Boutique serves a purpose for a very wide age range of women from young to old. March also offers different style preferences allowing versatility in their target market. These qualities make March Boutique unique.

CF: What is your favorite piece currently that one can find at March?

KB: Currently my favorite item in the store is a pair of pants I proudly own myself. The pants are a harem style with an indigo and cream-colored floral design made by Greylin. They are so easy to wear and look great!

CF: Do you have any style advice?

KB: My style advice is to stay true to you. Don’t be afraid to stray away from what’s “hot” now, because your look could be the next big thing on the runway.

Learn More: For summer must-haves and an extraordinary shopping experience, go visit March Boutique located on 1207 Pleasantville Rd. in Briarcliff Manor, New York.

AROUND TOWN: Briana Redzeposki

Interning in the fashion industry can be a memorable and exciting experience for a Fashionista. As an intern, you are able to embrace the style and “look” that your company embodies. Briana Redzeposki gives us an inside look at Diesel, the fashion company.

Name: Briana Redzeposki

Role: Intern, Diesel

CollegeFashionista: Can you describe Diesel’s style?

Briana Redzeposki: Diesel is a lifestyle brand. They represent an edgy and chic style. Diesel is famous for being a top denim company, which really does define the Diesel lifestyle; it offers a casual chic vibe. Diesel has many brands including a kids line, sports line and a high end line, allowing versatility so everyone can shop Diesel.

CF: What do you like best about Diesel?

BR: What I like best about Diesel is the unique style and overall attitude of the company. The Owner, Renzo Rosso, is a true visionary and he is very down-to-earth and connected to his brand, the company and the culture despite his incredible success.

CF: What is one of your favorite current trends that you love to wear?

BR: I absolutely love modern skinny rise jeans. I feel as if they add a little personality to an otherwise simple outfit. You can really dress the jean up for a night out with a cute top and heels, or you can dress it down for a casual day out with a tee, sneakers and a pair of cool sunglasses.

Learn More: Briana will be going back to school in the fall to start her junior year and will be interning in NYC at Diesel all summer! Shop her look by pairing a cute peplum with a pair of boyfriend jeans.


This summer has been all about high-waisted bottoms and crop tops. Fashionistas are incorporating the high-waisted trend into everyday outfits. I spotted this week’s Fashionista in the high-waisted and crop top trend, but with her own unique touch to the look. She decided to go with a pair of black denim high-waisted shorts, a patterned white crop top and a pair of leather oxfords. By accessorizing with a turquoise necklace, she kept her outfit simple by adding a pop of color.

Name: Christina Migliaccio

Major: Nursing

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Christina Migliaccio: I would describe my style as very plain and comfortable. Nothing outrageous, just whatever I feel is trendy for the occasion while making sure I’m comfortable. 

CF: Who is your favorite designer?

CM: Right now I’ve definitely been into wearing Ralph Lauren depending on my finds at T.J.Maxx or thrift stores, but I don’t necessarily have a favorite designer.

CF: What is your go-to accessory?

CM: My go-to accessory would have to be my Alex and Ani bracelets or a cute pair of dangly earrings depending on my outfit.

CF: Do you have any fashion pet peeves?

CM: Yes! My biggest fashion pet peeve is high-low shirts. I absolutely am not a fan and I do not believe this style shirt is flattering on anyone what-so-ever. 

CF: What colors are you looking forward to wearing for the upcoming season?

CM: This upcoming season I’m really looking forward to wearing more greens, mustard and maroon since it will be fall. I have really began to expand the colors and styles found in my wardrobe throughout the past year. 

How To: Get this Fashionista’s look by wearing a super cute crop top with a pair of high-waisted shorts and a pair of leather oxfords. Complete the look by accessorizing with a turquoise necklace.


Summertime is filled with beautiful days spent by the water. I spotted this Fashionista in a casual, chic outfit. She decided to go with a chambray button-down to go over her off-white lace top. I thought the chambray completed this Fashionista’s look because it added some color to her outfit. This Fashionista’s white shorts and simple flip flops, along with her statement sunglasses are perfect summertime essentials.

Name: Jacquie Lia

Major: Nursing

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Jacquie Lia: I would describe my style as simple but girly. I like to incorporate a lot of lace, pink and dresses in my wardrobe. I like to stay up to date with current fashion trends, but add my own touch to them. 

CF: Who do you look to for style inspiration?

JL: I would say I definitely look up to Audrey Hepburn for my style inspiration. Audrey Hepburn was not only a fashion icon, but a woman of class. I try to make my style classy and elegant which is how Audrey’s style was represented. 

CF: What is an outfit that you would wear on a typical day during the fall?

JL: An outfit that I would wear on a typical day during the fall would be a pair of denim jeans, a nice pair of leather boots and a simple sweater with a statement necklace. I also layer my clothes often, so a nice button-down with a cardigan would also be my go-to look. 

CF: As fall semester approaches, what do you plan on wearing to class?

JL: I plan on wearing lots of cardigans with embroidered and lace tops. 

CF: Before summer ends, what is one thing you want to do before going back to school?

JL: Definitely a few more beach trips! 

How To: Get this Fashionista’s look by trying a chambray button-down like this one from J.Crew to go over a simple lace top. Try this one from Urban Outfitters. Definitely go with a pair of white shorts like these ones from J.Crew. If you are looking for an outfit for the fall, try these black denim jeans from J.Crew or a pair of white denim jeans. Shorts can be paired with simple flip flops or sandals, while jeans can be paired with boots. Lastly, add your favorite pair of sunglasses.


I spotted this week’s Fashionista wearing a polka-dot collared blouse with a pair of light colored denim shorts. I was attracted to this Fashionista’s outfit choice. I thought that the fun pattern combined with a light colored denim short was a super cute and fun mix, perfect for summer style! The collared blouse also shows the Fashionista’s preppy side, but the converse puts a little edge into her outfit.

Name: Tiffany Gagliardo

Major: Nursing

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Tiffany Gagliardo: I would describe my style as a casual prep. My style is definitely on the preppy side, but I like to keep it simple. 

CF: What is your favorite item in your closet?

TG: My favorite item is a black Mossimo tank top. It has a scoop V-neck and is cotton. I wore it in my senior pictures and figured since then I can dress it up or wear it casually.       

CF: What inspires your style?

TG: My surroundings inspire me completely. I like using other people as my inspiration.

CF: What is your favorite classic piece?

TG: My favorite classic piece would have to be a little black dress! I love all the different possibilities the dress offers.

CF: When fall comes around, what will your closet consist of? 

TG: My closet will consist of American Eagle Outfitters jeans and a lot of single colored button-up sweaters to wear over V-neck tees. 

How To: Get this Fashionista’s look by wearing a sleeveless button-down. Try a cute pattern or a solid like this one from Madewell. If you decide to go with a solid for the top piece, then definitely go with these tiki patterned shorts from J.Crew. The tiki shorts are perfect for summertime style. These light wash denim shorts would be perfect for a cute patterned top or would look great with a solid color. Just remember, if you do decide to go simple with just a solid and a cute pair of denim shorts, definitely accessorize! My pick for an outfit like this would be this fun statement necklace from Madewell.