Finals week is upon us and everyone is depressed. Well, maybe it’s just me, but regardless of the impending all-nighters and coffee binges, there is no excuse why your finals wardrobe needs to be dreary. Mimic this Fashionista and bring a refreshingly cheery demeanor to the library and focus on dashing simplicity.

Besides her positive energy, what attracted me to this Fashionista was her classic stripes and winter wear combination. Majority of the fashion on the UW-Madison campus during this season is limited to parkas and UGGs, so to see someone radiating through the cold is truly miraculous. Complete with a long army coat and delicate jewelry, she donned the perfect library get-up; simple, but not the least bit forgettable. To round it all off, this Fashionista added the always stylish aviator that works with every outfit.

Too often people associate stripes with summer and other nautical wear, but as demonstrated by this Fashionista the classic stripe can infiltrate even the coldest of climates. Forget the over sized sweater and bring this fun classic pattern back into the picture. The stripe is a classic that has been around forever for a reason. Just because it’s snowing does not mean that you cannot bring the normally summer trend to the classroom.

I realize that it is very cold, so opt for a sweater with the stripe pattern rather than a T-shirt to fight the chills. If you still feel the stripes are too summery for you, try out a navy and white scarf to add a little pop to your winter garb. It’s in your best interest at this point in your life to acquire a black and white striped shirt, opposed to crazy colors, because it will make it far more transitional throughout the other seasons.

Quick tip, try and grab a striped shirt that has narrow 1/4 inch lines because they are more slimming than big block lines. Remember stripes are not just for summer, so get them into the library to fight those finals’ blues.


I love winter as much as the next person, but I still get sad thinking about all the shoes I can’t wear during the cold and damp months. Winter, especially in Wisconsin, is reserved for heavy-duty winter boots and old shoes when it comes the time to face the elements, which is a sad day for us shoe fanatics.

I ran into this Fashionista in between classes and was instantly attracted to her heeled ankle boots. They paired very well with her corduroy wine pants and detailed leather jacket, creating the perfect, sophisticated school day outfit.  Her wine colored pants are on point with this seasons jewel tone trend while her leather jacket is a staple piece every girl should have in her closet. It’s contemporary, yet maintains a classic silhouette that will be in style for years to come.

Where most people just wear flat riding boots or ankle boots, this Fashionista rocked a pair of heeled ankle boots which is a fun twist on the boot trend. Its detailed design add to it’s already cool structure. Adding a heel to the always popular boot trend sets her apart from the surplus of riding boots seen around campus while providing a shoe that can trek through the Wisconsin weather; it’s stylish and functional.

To get this look, avoid the flat boots and check out this season’s take on heeled boots. Black or brown is always a great bet for boots, so focus on that color scheme. Find a pair with a little texture like zippers or buckles to add to the shoe’s appeal. They work great with a skinny pant, preferably a fun colored pair to keep some flavor in this weather.  Also, find one without a fur liner because you want these to transition into other seasons, not just winter.

One last tip: make sure to get boots with a manageable heel. You are not trying to walk around campus with five inch stilettos on, so get a reasonable sized heel when you are looked for this style of boot. Get out there and try it.

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STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Last Crop of the Season

Fall is over and it breaks my heart. The season of light jackets, tights and loafers is over and we’re left with all the bulk of winter wear. Luckily, there are a few Fashionistas (myself, included) that brave the cold temperatures in order to continue wearing some of our favorite pieces. So before you officially pack up all your summer and fall pieces, get one or two more wears out of your “not winter” clothing like shorts and crop tops.

I caught up with this Fashionista after she was leaving her art history class. Although it was less than desirable weather, she donned a classic white crop paired with high-waisted shorts that we’re beautifully offset by a statement coat. She could wear her favorite warm weather pieces because the combination of thick mauve tights and the winter coat transitioned it perfectly into winter clothing.

This Fashionista encapsulates the winter wear trend of actually not wearing classic winter wear. She skipped the regular boots with a sweater look and took the jump to incorporate summer trends like crop tops and high-waisted shorts. She took fun pieces and made them wearable in the colder months by what she paired it with.

There’s no need to go out and purchase something for this Style Advice of the Week. The trick is to make your warm weather pieces work within a colder framework. Grab your favorite shorts and your favorite crop top and pair them with a heavier colored tight and statement coat to make them useful in the colder season. It is a small window before it becomes too cold to do, so follow this Fashionista and grab your last fun warm weather clothes to help fight the approaching dreary winter months.

The trick here is to not push it. No one wants to be the girl that is severely under dressed in the snow, so as long as the weather kind of permits, give it a shot and bring your favorite summer pieces into your almost winter wardrobe!

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My eBay collections were curated as part of the CollegeFashionista and eBay collaboration with Style Coalition #FOLLOWITFINDIT


As winter approaches, you can expect your cute outfits to only see the light of a tiny classroom shared with other sniffling college kids. But just because you have to drown in a parka when you’re outside, doesn’t mean what is underneath needs to mirror the frigidness of the air. Ditch the winter blues and embrace the jewel tone trend happening this fall with this Fashionista.

Caught between classes, this Fashionista rocked a teal jewel toned shirt layered with a chambray button-up. She paired this with beautiful leather boots and a black skinny jean, creating the ideal busy day of school outfit. The neutrality of the pant and layered shirt allow the richness of the jewel shirt to be the center of the outfit and that’s what makes this trend so great on her.

We saw jewel tones all over the Fashion Week runways, so it is no surprise that they started showing up on campus. Additionally, with Pantone picking emerald as the color of 2013, this Fashionista is on point with her shirt color choice. The V-neck makes it a great casual T-shirt, but the color is what sets it apart. Jewel tones (emerald, ruby or amethyst, etc) are great for the changing season because of the rich, sophisticated warm feeling that comes from them.

The first thing you need to do is get yourself a jewel toned piece to incorporate into your wardrobe. Whether a sweater, a shirt or pants, find a shade that works best for you style and make it the focal point of your outfit like this Fashionista. To get this look, I started with a burgundy scarf that is the perfect accent to my brown jacket. Keep the cut simple, but the color brilliant and you’ll be good to go.

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My eBay collections were curated as part of the CollegeFashionista and eBay collaboration with Style Coalition #FOLLOWITFINDIT


As much as I’d prefer fall to be reserved for leaves, scarves and lattes, Wisconsin always seems to throw rain in the mix. When it comes to functional rainwear there are not a lot of aesthetically pleasing options, except for the classic trench coat. With companies like Burberry keeping the trench coat trend relevant, it’s a must have for your closet regardless of the season.

I spotted this Fashionista coming home from a meeting, sporting her unique take on the trench trend. Pairing a black trench with blue lapels with a pair of taupe riding boots, she created a great outfit ready to withstand any weather or pop quiz. This Fashionista added a little color to her outfit by donning a set of coral studs to offset the darkness of the jacket. With her top-knot hair and wayfarer sunglasses, she rounds off an easy and trendy fall outfit.

Usually when trench coats come to mind you picture the classic tan, knee length option that Sherlock Holmes wore. Luckily, with time, design has been able to transition to a more feminine cut, making the trench coat universal. This Fashionista demonstrates how lightweight, yet conventional the trench can be for campus outerwear. Most black trench coats can go unnoticed, but her decision to have one with that extra blue coloring separates her from the crowd. The perfect length and structure, this coat allows you to be comfortable and fashion forward.

Before you are required to wear a parka due to the snow, get yourself a trench coat that will work in both fall and spring. Try a black or classic tan version to make your outerwear more professional and fashionable. Trenches work well with riding boots and even rain boots, if the weather permits them. Follow this Fashionista and maybe get one with a little extra something in the design to help differentiate yourself.

This jacket will never go out of style, so be sure to get one with quality fabric in order to ensure it’s longevity. Get in the trench!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Outstanding Outerwear

When the cold weather hits, it can be easy to just reach for a sweatshirt and sweatpants and call it a day, but it’s your duty as a Fashionista to do better than that. You may think that you have to sacrifice fashion to be warm, but that is not the case. Outerwear is just as important as what’s underneath these days and luckily this season’s trends are on point with both functionality and likeability.

Coming from class, I stumbled upon this Fashionista demonstrating the proper use of fashionable outerwear. Always safe with all black, her half leather half wool jacket pairs perfectly with the leggings and boots. Her choice of a jewel tone necklace adds a refreshing pop of color to the sleekness of her ensemble. This Fashionista did a great job creating an outfit that is warm, but fashion-forward for class.

As we saw at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week with designers like Jil Sander and Max Mara, this fall would focus on long, structured outerwear, taking jackets from just a means for warmth to an actual focal piece of an outfit. This Fashionista donned a statement jacket with leather paneling, adding texture to what would normally be regarded as a classic black jacket. The length of the coat creates a more sophisticated look than your average peacoat. It’s easy to grab any jacket and think it’s just something to keep yourself warm, but this fall you take after this Fashionista and have the outwear be the outfit.

In order to achieve this outfit, abandon the jackets that have the “I’m about to go sledding” feel and get a quality, formal jacket. Expand your fashion sense from what’s underneath the coat and focus your funds on a jacket that makes a statement by itself. It is a relatively easy trend to follow since you only have to invest in one piece, but make sure to get one that is not too trendy in order to prolong its usefulness. Follow this Fashionista and wear a jacket that will function well throughout the fall and winter seasons.


Lately, campus has been overwhelmed with rain and combat boots. Although I’m a huge advocate for both, every once in awhile it’s important to add some flavor back into your footwear. Before the cold weather eliminates a portion of your shoe collection, get one or two more wears out of those warmer season flats.

Fresh from brunch, this Fashionista was rocking super cool cheetah focused flats with her nearly all black ensemble. By wearing black leggings, a leather jacket and a simple white T-shirt she was able to streamline all the focus down to the shoes. All black is a foolproof way to look collected when out and about and this Fashionista demonstrates this perfectly. Adding a little color variance to her outfit, she threw in a white T-shirt with a little bit of text that added some balance.

Delicate yet attention grabbing, these flats are the perfect shoe for anyone on campus. They are stylish but with an added comfort factor. The bright ankle strap adds a color pop, while the cheetah detail adds just enough edge. It makes itself into a transitional shoe that can adjust between work day and date night apparel. With all the focus on brown boots this season, this Fashionista switched it up when she decided to take on a little riskier trend of animal print in her flats. Flats sometimes can go under the fashion radar, take from this Fashionista and make them the focal point of your outfit.

This week put the boots away and get yourself a fun pair of flats to wear with a classic fall ensemble. Keep your legs warm by getting a quality pant and then try out different flats (no boring ones!) in order to get yourself this Fashionista’s look. Additionally, you could try a skirt/tights combo that would also work with most flats. But remember, make your shoes the focus.

My eBay collections were curated as part of the CollegeFashionista and eBay collaboration with Style Coalition #FOLLOWITFINDIT


Let’s face it, everyone loves T-shirts. They’re comfy, easy to clean and don’t make you feel self-conscious when you go all out on pizza during a late night study session. Most of all, the fact that graphic T-shirts are now in the high-fashion game makes them all the more appealing.

Being a ’90s kid I have an appreciation for things that make me reminisce my childhood.  So when I saw this Fashionista rocking a Lisa Frank graphic T-shirt, nostalgia threw me back to Saturday morning cartoons and juice boxes. Layered perfectly underneath a chambray shirt and infinity scarf, this graphic T-shirt displayed the perfect amount of color and edge. Complemented with leggings and a great pair of combat boots (the perfect fall shoe), this Fashionista demonstrated how the graphic T-shirt trend is to be done: tactfully. And that bracelet/watch combination? Gorgeous.

From runways to street style, graphic T-shirts are emerging from the woodwork, making sporty fashion the next big thing. Neither boring nor overbearing, this black ironic T-shirt is a great way to start utilizing T-shirts in your wardrobe. Rather than playing it safe and choosing a solid color, this Fashionista grabbed a shirt that adds flair to her ensemble. She subdues the neon graphics by placing it under a neutral shirt. This allows the outfit to blend instead of looking sloppy, creating the perfect fall getup.

The trick is to find a shirt that fits well and has a design that adds the “I’m more than a pajama shirt” feel to it. Surround the shirt with other current trends such as layering, leather or patterned pants to show your initiative in putting the outfit together. Start by raiding your closet for T-shirts that would work well with a skirt or trendy pant and if no luck, venture out and see if any stores offer a simple graphic T-shirt that floats your boat. Don’t force it, this look should be relaxed. Perhaps check out your parent’s selection for a vintage graphic T-shirt to throw in the mix.

Just remember, keep it trendy and keep it cute. By all means, do not think your workout shirt is applicable to this trend. Keep that in the drawer with your pizza eating sweatpants.


Within the herds of people going to the library in sweatpants, it can be hard to distinguish yourself from the other sleep deprived coffee addicts. But, from within this crowd, there are a few that stand out with their ability to keep their studying sessions fashion forward. To achieve this, scarves are your best friends and, lucky for me, I came across the perfect candidate. Scarves no longer are just a way to keep warm, they can be a decoration to your outfit and our Fashionista shows us just how to do this.

Through this Fashionista’s look you can see that it is possible to be both fashionable and study ready this fall. She’s made her look comfortable while maintaining the perfect fall attire. She creates this look by her relaxed clothing and a statement scarf. There are plenty of ways to utilize a scarf in the fall to survive both weather and wardrobe mishaps. It’s a quick fix if you feel a little dull or in this Fashionista’s case, it can become the focal point of an outfit. Yes, scarves have been here for forever, but make the look more modern and have it be a little oversized as you see here. Take some darker colored clothing and pair them with an eye-catching scarf in order to capture this same look.

The color of the scarf is right on-trend. Wools and classic patterns have made a return this season and your scarf is a perfect way to rock the trend. Hidden beneath the scarf is a black blouse, that when warmer weather permits should definitely be worn solo. It flows seamlessly underneath a cozy fall sweater, which should be a fixture in any closet. This weather is ideal for layering. She completes her outfit with timeless sunglasses and a great pair of leather boots, a must have on campus.

As you can tell, there’s no reason the library cannot see your style, so follow this Fashionista and ditch the study sweatpants and opt for a more collected, relaxed look. Keep the layers readily available and get yourself a statement scarf this fall.


Fall is everyone’s favorite season and this Fashionista showed us why. What better way to fair the cooling temperatures than a comfy over sized sweater and leggings? All I know is this Fashionista was on-point with classic fall trends from top to bottom.

As the leaves come down, the leather boots start to roll in and I love every minute of it. The red detail on this Fashionista’s pair adds a little personality to a standard wardrobe staple. From going out to walking to class, leather riding boots are a must-have for functionality and style. The time for sandals is over, so get your hands on a pair of leather boots with your own unique flair for this season.

What initially caught my eye were this Fashionista’s jewel toned leggings. As much as we love a classic black legging, she stayed up to date with fall’s colors and got her hands on a beautiful pair of ruby leggings. If you want to keep that casual and comfy fall look opt for an oversized sweater or get ready for the weekend with a night out update to this look.

This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for the fall weather with jewel tones, comfort and different textures—how could you not love it? Follow suit and get yourself ready to handle all that the apple orchards and midterms have to offer with something resembling this Fashionista.