TREND: Prints, Layers, and Textures

With school starting in only a month, it's time to put away your light, bright and, airy clothing. But you might be left wondering what you should wear on those walks to class? Bring on prints, textures, and layers. It is easy to throw on random pieces to make an outfit funky and visually intriguing. This look is not for the faint-of-heart Fashionista. It's edgy meets put-together, a collection of every Fashionista's favorite pieces put together to throw off the typical trend. In a few words it’s bold, eclectic, and personal. Every piece put into an outfit reflects a part of the Fashionista's personality and story, making the outfit so much more than just an outfit.

While this Fashionista has several eye-catching pieces on, I wanted to focus on her scarf, shirt, and killer boots. She found the red printed tube top in a small botique in San Fransisco on a trip with friends, but I found a beaded top with print and loose fit similar to my Fashionista's, paired with leggings and boots and her outfit will be complete. For a scarf with simple classic colors try this ornamental scarf — wrapped around you it will add a layer of visual interest. For boots that are comfortable and can be worn with any outfit, try these adorable suede cowboy boots. These boots can be worn with jeans into the winter, or paired with leggings for a casual day out.

So remember, Fashionistas, try layering your favorite pieces for uniquely perfect outfits well into the semester.  

TREND: Penchant For Prints

Are you under the assumption that summer means wearing only bright pinks, greens, and oranges? Are you trapped in an endless cycle of neon "summer" colors only brought out of the closet when the heat index reaches the triple digits? Well fear no more, Fashionistas, this Fashionista is bringing the latest breezy summer day outfit in cool blues, browns, and reds. When I see an outfit like this I think cool desert colors, understated but vibrant all on their own. These cool muted colors are the perfect transition from summer to a cooler fall palette.

This Fashionista paired her printed top with loose fitting chambray shorts, a bright pink shoulder bag, and my favorite little accessory: a skinny orange leather belt. The orange in the belt accented the colors in her printed tank perfectly. Not only are the soft hues in her tank just right for an afternoon lunch date, but the mix of pink in the purse and orange in her belt gives the subtle pops of color she needed.

I love ModCloth because I always find unique pieces at amazing prices. Today I was searching for a tunic that featured colors similar to my Fashionista, and came across this geometric printed tank. I love the colors, and insistently envisioned myself wearing it all summer, and then into the fall months paired with a little jacket.

For chambray shorts that are the perfect basic to pair with a busy top, I found this pair of light cotton shorts, breezy and light for hot summer days. So remember, Fashionistas, tone down a look with muted desert colors, mix them in a print with pops of color accents and your outfit is simply perfect.

TREND: Is That Green I See?

The Bloomington nightlife scene is an interesting mix of house bars, frat parties, & the ever-so-popular sports bars lining the main streets of town. Pair these hot spots with their stereotypical attendee and you’re sure to get lost in the burr of predictable trends and safe outfits. While there are many options for girls to switch up in their outfit to make it original, I find guys are often left struggling with which pastel polo to debut for the night. So while it is easy to throw on a Polo and Sperry's, try brightening up your night time look with color!

Needless to say I spotted this guy from across the street. In a bright green V-neck, gray slim-fit shorts and matching bright green Vans, he was a colorful vision amongst a crowd of pastel and khaki. The glasses, well, they added the perfect touch of style every Fashionisto should strive for. This look is easy and accessible; every item on his body is affordable but nonetheless perfect. Any Fashionisto wearing this to any bar/club/party will be sure to make the girls smile — trust me, boys, we need color in our lives!  For more cool colors check out this bright yellow tee, paired with jeans and Chucks and your night just got …a little brighter! 

So remember, Fashionistos, if you want to be seen, pair a bright tee with your favorite comfy bottoms…add some funky shoes and your boys' night out style just got a lot cooler. 

TREND: Child’s Play

Bright colors, doodles, and comfortable textures. Sound stuffy? I didn’t think so.  My ultimate summer outfit is embodied head to toe by this Fashionista. She looks ready for summer shenanigans in a comfy romper, bright neck scarf, and the most killer sneakers I’ve ever seen. This Fashionista has truly brought my childhood favorite back to looking like the coolest kid on the block.

You can’t help but feel like you're back on the playground with this Fashionistas fun play on colors and trends. The blues and greens in her romper are the perfect mix of cooling colors for a hot day downtown, while the pop of red keeps the outfit playful and fun. And then you look down and realize she is wearing the coolest, most colorful, imagination inspiring sneakers ever. While I found this Fashionista after leaving lunch downtown, I can imagine she could wear this outfit just about anywhere.

I wanted to find some key pieces that I felt represented everything fun and playful I found in this Fashionista. When searching for neck scarves I came across a case of 12 designer-inspired scarves for an unbeatable price. The assortment is great for any occasion, some with prints and some solid, pairing any with your outfit will make the perfect finishing touch. For a romper that is both fun and comfortable, with enough pattern to stand out against any scenery try this gingham strapless style. When I was scouring sites trying to find sneakers that would live up to my Fashionista's awe-inspring pair I stumbled on a website that lets you completely design your sneakers, from laces and stitching to the sole color and pattern on the canvas. After playing around a little i settled on this pair; perfect color with pattern.

So remember, Fashionistas, keep your outfits colorful and playful and you will be sure to bring some smiles no matter where you go!

TREND: Kissing The Cook

When thinking about a backyard barbecue, I instantly envision bug spray, a checkered tablecloth, and a huge ‘Kiss the Cook’ apron. Then I spotted this Fashionista, and I pictured her at an intimate patio dinner, sitting around a candlelit table with friends, enjoying each other’s company. This Fashionista's classy floral dress is a statement in its own, making it the perfect statement dress for a nighttime cookout.

I love that the dress is mostly black, and the flowers pop against the dark background. Even though I found this Fashionista during the day, I think the dress would be completely appropriate for a nighttime get together.

I also love the idea of a little black dress. With so many trends out there it remains the most classic and timeless look around.  There are so many ways you can vamp up your LBD. While my Fashionista uses the flowers in the print of the dress as her accessory, you could also use punches of color in jewelry. For a fun colorful necklace, try this red floral necklace, paired with your LBD — it will make you look summery and chic. Or for a dress with punches of colorful flowers like our Fashionista's, pick up this light camisole dress covered in bright flowers.

So remember, Fashionistas, when heating up the grill, keep your outfit hot with a little black dress brought to life with pops of color.

TREND: Not Your Typical Print

Ok Fashionistas I know its hot out, and I know some days the LAST thing you want to think about it putting together a perfectly chic summer outfit full of accessories and layered pieces. While it may be easiest to put on a simple tank & breezy workout shorts, why not stay true to your Fashionista style and spice it up with a funky printed tank. So on the next unbearably hot day remember less is more, but still try to keep it fun with prints & textures on your tank.

I spotted this Fashionista braving the heat while downtown shopping. While she doesn’t have a lot of pieces on, the ones she is wearing caught my attention. She looks cool and fun in this purple and blue printed top with jean shorts, and leather sandals. She is simple enough to stay cool, yet the print makes her stand out against the typical wife-beater tank. I also really liked her use of simple but practical accessories. Her across-the-shoulder purse is sturdy enough to carry all her belongings in, but won't weigh arm down. Also, i applaud her for not going the typical rubber flip flop way, the clean lines of her shoes lightens up her look making her look slim, not bulky. 

When searching for fun prints i found this floral tank in a perfect color and pattern and for a cool $25, you can't go wrong. For a dressy summer night don't feel like you need to layer on pieces to look cute, try this silk tank from J.Crew, the print is gorgeous and the silk is perfect for a dressed-up date. 

I wanted to find sandals like this Fashionista's and stumbled on a pair almost identical, this t-strap sandal is comfortable and sleek. 

Hint: So remember Fashionistas keep your hot summer day outfits 

  • simple, but with lots of pattern
  • light accessories that wont weigh you down while out and about
  • minimal accessories, let the print on your tank take all the attention!

TREND: Bold Colors

It’s Fourth of July weekend, and while back yard bbq’s and fireworks are on your mind, don’t forget your Fashionista style! While celebrating this great American holiday, keep in mind you don’t have to be dressed head-to-toe in red, white, and blue to look patriotic. The great thing about American colors is that they are bright, vibrant and any combination of the three will look stunning when comprised into one outfit. Keeping in mind the heat, most Fashionistas will be found pairing shorts and tanks, sundresses, or even skirts and cardigans for an evening fireworks show. Try getting creative with prints and textures all in different shades of red, white, and blue for an outfit sure to set off some fireworks.

I spotted this Fashionista instantly from her bright red high-wasted skirt. I was so happy to see her using bright colors, especially the red. Instead of using blue for her tank top this Fashionista toned down the look by using a base color of black. Her cardigan is worn perfectly; loose and casual, not stuffy or overbearing. Her skirt is also the perfect length, appropriate for the parade with family.

This fourth of July try this polka dot dress, which navy blue and white and perfect for representing the USA. Or for a splurge, try this petal cardigan that's perfect with jean shorts and a white tank for a night of lounging around a campfire. 

So remember, Fashionistas, try bold reds and blues paired with more neutral whites for the perfect Fourth of July party outfit. Show off your colors and be proud of the country you love!

TREND: Light-As-Air Summer Dresses

Music festivals are about being with friends, soaking up the sun while listening to your favorite bands, & expressing yourself through light natural styles. Whether your tickets are for Kenny Chesney, Lady Gaga, or Pearl Jam, one thing is the same across the board for all Fashionistas: effortless style. The usual style at concerts tends to lean toward flip-flops & sweatshirts, so I commend any Fashionista who dares to stand out against the masses of concert goers. The bright green pops with subtle texture on the front of this Fashionista's dress and makes her look chic & natural.

This Fashionista is ready for a day of music in an airy brightly colored sundress accessorized perfectly with chunky bangles & aviator glasses. I’m going to be honest, her shoes took my breath away; they're the perfect mix of fringe, studs, & leather. This Fashionista would turn heads no matter what venue she walked into.

For a pop of cool color try this light pink dress from Banana Republic, the texture added with the cross back stands out from the normal shorts & tank top. For more colorful cotton dresses Gap offers a huge variety, I fell in love with this solid purple dress, the rich color would make any Fashionista look like a million dollars.

For sandals like this Fashionista’s, splurge on this pair of leather sandals that feature ostrich feathers for a funky look. For a more reasonable price these colorful sandals from Aldo are the perfect splash of color without breaking the bank.

TREND: Flower Accents

Summer is the season of bright colors, fragrant smells, & flowers planted everywhere. What better way to embody the natural look of summer time by accessorizing your clothes with flower accents? They are an easy way to brighten up the simplest outfit & add gorgeous color.

This Fashionista paired her hot pink flower top with Bermuda shorts, gladiator sandals, & a casual vest. I love the way the pink pops against the neutral colors or the rest of her outfit. This Fashionista captures a fun sunny day perfectly in the small pink rosettes on the neck line of the tank.

I fell in love with this "bud romance" tank for the colorful cascading flowers, try pairing it with dark jeans & heels for a classy night out. Try this shirt with flower cut outs on sale at J. Crew for an inexpensive casual look. This shirt would be perfect to wear to the farmers market in Bloomington, or on a casual dinner date. 

Style Guru Bio: Taylor Sovinski

Hello Fashionistas! My name is Taylor Sovinski & I am a junior studying Apparel Merchandising at Indiana University. I would best describe my style as preppy and colorful. I love mixing prints and textures, as well as ruffles and flower appliqués. I am obsessed with Audrey Hepburn and try to emulate her chic, classic styles into every one of my outfits. I look forward to bringing the best of Indiana University to College Fashionista. Go Hoosiers!