In my opinion, there’s nothing that works better wonders for college men than a nicely coiffed hairdo. It’s clean, it’s pristine and in today’s case, it’s mean. While the slicked back look of modern times pays homage to hipster culture as well as the nerdy-chic fashion most notably exhibited by character Blaine in Glee, today’s Fashionisto styled his hair with a different kind of crooner in mind: Danny Zuko from famed 1950s musical Grease. And judging from the aviators and Dolce & Gabbana motorcycle jacket that our Fashionisto sported, it’s clear that even today, grease is still the word.

Get the look: Unlike in Grease where not just anyone can join the exclusive gang, you can become a T-Bird easily by simply dressing like one. It’s as easy as slipping into a pair of black pants or dark jeans, throwing on a white T-shirt and topping off the look with a leather jacket. If you want to look extra cool, I’d suggest investing in a pair of Converse high-tops or a metallic watch. Don’t forget your pair of shades (or a comb, if you’d like). Ladies can also pull off the greaser look and add a dash of fire engine red lipstick or a bandana for a pop of rebellious color.

Get the hair: While our Fashionisto’s outfit may be simple, ragged and wild, his hairstyle is artfully sculpted and nothing short of meticulous. To get his coif, ask your hairdresser for a clean cut (or if you want your hair to stand up for dramatic effect, leave it). Run mousse or gel through your hair and make quick, side-sweeping motions to achieve the “swoop” you desire. Use a comb if necessary and make sure there’s no hair out of place and your head doesn’t look too bumpy or lopsided.

Once you have the hair, the devil-may-care. Whether you’re rocking leather, camouflage or denim, you’ll be sure to have passerby sniffing at that “teen rebellion” that you’re giving off oh-so-smoothly.


There’s nothing like looking to the past to draw inspiration for the future, even when it comes to picking out tomorrow’s outfit. There is so much scope for the imagination in recreating looks from the past; you can tweak here and snip there to add your own modernity to what is referred to as “old.” And that is precisely what today’s Fashionista did.

When I spotted this Fashionista, the first three thoughts that came to my mind were the 1970s, Daphne from the classic mystery cartoon Scooby Doo and today’s nerdy-chic trend. Her ensemble was such a well-balanced and meshed mix between then and now that it was difficult to discern which pieces of her outfit were retro (the oversize glasses, the paisley scarf) and which were the alterations she made herself (the modern bangs, the muted peacoat and the leather messenger bag). Her outfit came together to create Daphne 2.0, the more modern, hip version of the groovy redhead who solves crimes.

My favorite statement pieces of her outfit were her old-school sunglasses and dreamy (but contemporary) hairstyle. Head over to your local Forever 21 (or Nordstrom, if you feel like investing) to hunt for your perfect pair of spectacles. To get the bangs, ask your hairdresser for simple bangs and a long, layered look that can be pretty pinned up or let down.

Like our Fashionista, you too can have a “blast from the past” kind of day. If you’re stuck in the '70s, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of paisley or a headscarf. To add a modern twist you can search for fun ways to represent for the '70s, like with a vibrantly-patterned phone cover or out-of-this-world nails. Just be sure to not get too lost in the daze; there’s nothing tackier than looking like you’re ready for Halloween in a full-blown, head-to-toe disco look. It’s the little things that matter.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: ‘Tis the Season to be in SoCal

Picture, if you will, the opening scene of a classic Christmas movie. There’s probably snow falling generously from the night sky to the tune of an old Frank Sinatra song, and through a frosted window you can just make out a couple figures gathered around a kindling fire clothed in knit sweaters and fleece-lined slippers. When the house dwellers need to step out to do some last-minute Christmas shopping, they might throw on a wool blazer, or even a peacoat. After all, it’s 20 degrees outside and icicles can be seen dangling at astonishing lengths from rooftops.

Southern California is no classic Christmas movie.

Across the country, frozen yogurt is still consumed and the air conditioning is still running. At UCI, the sun still hasn’t received the “it’s almost winter, cool down” memo, and if you try to wear a pair of mittens or snowshoes, you’re going to receive funny looks. When people make it to their indoor lecture halls, they don’t remove their outer coats or thick scarves; they take off their sunglasses. The Fashionistas in SoCal respond to this post-Thanksgiving season differently than they would if it were summer, but in a way—though unconventional for those snow-trudging collegiates—that is so typically West Coast.

Take today’s Fashionista, for instance. Though she’s not stuck in the shorts-and-tank combo of summer-mode, she opts for lighter materials and cuts to maintain her distinctly-SoCal look. Instead of a pink or yellow shirt, it’s a toned-down olive. Rather than prance around in a pair of high-waist shorts, she shows off a long, flowy skirt. And she even throws in a jacket, too; but a light denim (no cable knits or wools here).

And what ultimately completes the “Newport Beach lovin’” look she’s pulling off is her hairstyle: the braid. But don’t confuse the SoCal braid for the tight, professional-looking braid that many working New Yorkers wear while running errands in the brisk cold. If you want to achieve this Fashionista’s beachy braid, don’t be meticulous about it. Let some strands of hair loose and don’t be afraid if some of your layers slip out throughout the day. Extra points if you tie your hair with bright color bands or even flowers to give your braid the West Coast finishing touches.

From our SoCal family, to yours.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Straight Up Velvet

It’s almost December and Southern California is finally giving in and cooling down; no more shorts and crop-tops here! With the clouds rolling in, the best of UCI’s Fashionistas have started bundling up in their oversize Cosby sweaters, roughed-up boots and, more specifically, knit hats. Every year as we near the end of fall quarter, it seems as if all of Irvine reaches within the depths of their closets, dusts off their beanies and trapper hats and dons them all winter long; if you’re not wearing a hat, then don’t bother coming back. It thus struck me as a surprise when I spotted this Fashionista weaving among the beanie-wearers of the school with—plot twist—a clingy velvet headband to keep her warm.

And what a difference that made. Though she, like many of the well-dressed students here, was prepared for the chilly weather in a simple crew neck, jeans and Steve Madden boots, our Fashionista’s choice of headgear proved to be the standout statement accessory. When I saw the rich red velvet bobbing amongst the sea of earth-tone knits and furs, I could only stare and ask myself why I hadn’t thought of fall headbands first. Headbands are a great alternative to the beanie and trapper hat for one specific reason: they don’t give you hat hair. Simply slip one over your head and cover your ears in the fall fashion, and you won’t need to worry about flyaways or fuzzy hair. Straighten your hair to attain this Fashionista’s sleek look under the headband.

Obviously, velvet is the texture of the season. While other fabrics like the usual cotton or sequin are cute, they’re more appropriate for the lightness that comes with spring and summer. You’ll need tough (yet ladylike) materials like velvet or wool to brave the elements. There’s something about velvet that boasts of comfort and sophistication that I love. I personally like the red velvet best because it’s such a flashy hue toned down by a rich texture that can really be paired well with anything, whether it be a casual rainy-weather outfit like this Fashionista’s or a paint-the-city-red getup. The next time you’re feeling a head cold coming on, ditch the hat and snag a headband.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Business in the Front, Party in the Back

If you’ve ever tried on a shirt you already loved and then noticed some lace detailing on the back that made you love it even more, then you know how I felt when I spotted today’s Fashionista. I was shopping for a snack at Zot’N’Go, UCI’s favorite mini-market, when I saw her in the chips aisle. I silently admired her outfit as I walked by—pretty floral tiered dress, delicate cardigan–but I did a double-take once I saw the rest of her look. The back of her hair, which I had assumed was gathered into a bun, was instead curled and twisted in a series of convoluted loops; a work of art in its own right and one that added detail to her cute-and-simple outfit. At that moment, the phrase “the back of your head is ridiculous” couldn’t have rung truer.

To get the hair: Our Fashionista used a curling iron and created soft waves that make it easier to twist and pin up. Separate your hair into four to five sections and curl each piece (the larger the barrel of the iron, the better), then wind each section loosely and clip it to your head. Make sure to clip your curls loosely to allow for some volume and fluidity. If you have shorter hair or shorter layers, curl the longer layers and tuck the shorter pieces in with your clips. Other great “party in the back” looks include french and fishtail braids.

To get the look: Our Fashionista’s intricate up-do begs for simpler times. I was inspired not only by her hair, but by the ‘60s image that her flouncy dress seemed to emulate. To achieve an Allie Hamilton (from The Notebook) look, opt for pastels, polka-dots and peter pan collars. Think softly-cut hemlines, mary jane shoes and red lipstick. If you’re more of a rockabilly than a Miss Seventeen girl, you can even tie a bright bandana around your curly top. While your hairdo might seem complicated, your outfit will be unpretentious as can be.


I always love a good topknot. Don’t get me wrong, low hair buns are cute too, but there’s something about a bun that sits almost directly on top of your head that makes a statement. Lately I haven’t being seeing too many statements walking around on campus, so when I spotted this Fashionista and her simple yet bold hair bun, Beyoncé lyrics immediately flowed from my mind: “Finally, you put my love on top.” Only it wasn’t love I was thinking about.

Topknots not only make statements of their own; they also complement the rest of your outfit. It’s best to throw your hair up if you’re planning to highlight a dazzling necklace or a chunky scarf like this Fashionista, or if your blouse has a cool neckline or cut that can’t be ignored by a curtain of hair. Simply tie your hair up into a high pony and then wind the hair around in a cinnamon-roll fashion. Secure your bun with another hair tie, bobby pins and a good layer of hairspray, making sure to pat down any stray hairs that are guaranteed to fly around in the fall breeze. If you feel as though your bun is lacking you can do it up in a french braid or even adorn it with a hair bow or flower clip. Voilà!

Another great thing about topknots is their versatility: they can boast of sophistication if you wear a sweeping gown but add simplicity to a casual outfit like this one. If you’re heading off to class or a study date at Starbucks, dark jeans or high-waist shorts like the ones our Fashionista is wearing will do the trick. Any solid-colored shirt will work, too, preferably in a muted fall color or even in a soft pastel. Complete the look with some military boots, an optional army jacket and a scarf, and just like this Fashionista, you’ll be glad you put your bun on top.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Best of Both Worlds

Summer and fall are two completely different seasons. Summer consists of beach days associated with pastels and florals while fall makes one think of hitting the books in dark knits and flannels. From June through August you can lounge around in sundresses and sip on cold drinks, but from September through December it’s time to bundle up and invest in hot mochas from Starbucks. Summer and fall are like a pair of siblings who can’t get along because their personalities clash all the time. So it came as a surprise for me when I spotted this Fashionista embodying both aspects of summer and fall (in her clothes and her hair); she had the best of both worlds.

Get the hair: Our Fashionista has long, romantic locks reminiscent of the good old summer days, but what really sets the balance between fall and summer is her nicely done ombré hair. First section off your hair depending on how much length you want to dye (I suggest splitting half-and-half to create an even balance). Opt to dye the top half of your hair a sleek black or rich dark brown for a sophisticated, autumn feel, and then dye the bottom half chestnut or even bleach it for a sunkissed look. Now your hair color is on point in both summer and fall fashion trends.

Get the look: If it’s a relatively sunny day out (which is every day in Southern California) or if you’re dressed up for an important dinner or meeting, a sundress and wedges can add that sunshine in your life. Extra points if your dress is patterned with bright flowers like our Fashionista’s dress. To throw in some autumn, cover up with a structured blazer or a dark leather belt. If you’re on the East Coast and a dress it out of the question, you can still achieve that seasonal duality: a bundled-up outfit will look great paired with a bright pastel scarf or any other vivid accessory, for that matter.

The next time you’re having trouble deciding whether your new blouse is too “summery” for the cold weather, don’t fret: don something more appropriate like a cardigan over it and if it looks nice, there’s no rule saying all juxtapositions are bad.


Color is a powerful concept because it can express various themes and emotions without the use of words; especially when multiple colors are paired together. My favorite color duo would have to be black and gold. Black is understated and sophisticated, while gold is flashy and exciting. Put the two of them together in an outfit and there appears to be a smooth flow rather than a clash. Black and gold are, according to me, the yin and yang of the color spectrum, so of course I stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted this Fashionista on campus. Not only did she have the black and gold look in her clothes; she had it shining through her hair.

How to get the hair: Two-toned hair is simple if you leave your haircare in the hands of professionals, but for a fun DIY project, first select your main hair color (if you’re a natural blonde or brunette, you’re halfway there). Once your rinse out the main color, apply the second color. You can apply the dye to several strands in your hair for subtle highlights, or you can be edgy like this Fashionista and simply dip your tips in (our Fashionista also dyed her bangs). Make sure to stick with your basic black and gold dyes, or else you’d be headed in the ombre direction.

How to dress accordingly: If you already have black and gold hair, your outfits should be relatively simple and not match too much, or else you’d be a walking fashion-don’t. Take a cue from our Fashionista, who sported a black bubble skirt with gold chain detailing. Slide some gold bangles down your arm or paint your nails black. It’s the little things that matter and don’t draw too much attention away from your two-toned locks. Even if black and gold isn’t your ideal duality, it’s important that you highlight your colors tastefully, whether through bold color-blocking or simple accents.


Unlike every other college student in America, when I turn twenty-one I’m not going to strap on heels to go clubbing in Vegas and sip on Fat Tuesdays. There’s something about strolling through the rural vineyards of Northern California and participating in wine tasting that seems so sophisticated and relaxing.

And though I won’t be able to mull over tumblers of alcohol for another year and a half, spotting today’s Fashionista on campus made me think of another way I can wine taste while I’m waiting for my birthday: by shopping for the perfect, wine-colored lipstick. Instead of poring through underground wine cellars, I can scour the shelves of makeup stores.

How to shop for your lipstick: Believe it or not, just like red wine, there are countless “flavors” and brands of deep red lipstick out there. To pick the right shade for you, you’ll need to head over to the Revlon or MAC counter and test the tints against your skin. Ruby red adds a startling flash if you have fair, pale skin; the deep wine color that this Fashionista wears pairs well with tan to olive complexions; and for those with darker skin, you can’t go wrong with oxblood.

How to dress accordingly: To compliment the boldness of her lips, this Fashionista toned down the rest of her casual look with muted colors, a simple tank and skirt and rolled her hair up into a simple topknot. You want to highlight your lips and make them the star of your puckered-up attire, so opt for solid, dark colors like a black shirt or perhaps a subtle lace skirt. If you’re going out on the town, there’s nothing your little black dress can’t handle. Pull your hair back from your face into a sleek pony or tight bun, and your accented lips are ready to take center stage.

I hope shopping for my first bottle of wine is just as satisfying as purchasing multiple shades of lipstick.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Wrap Your Head Around This

Lace and florals and leggings, oh my! Today’s Fashionista went against the grain and paired numerous materials and patterns together to create a look that’s unconventional and eye-catching. Many students here at UC Irvine feel more comfortable in clothes that tend to match and are understated (now that the cold weather is kicking in, all I see on campus are the same navy UCI crewnecks). So while it may be difficult to wrap your head around wearing black leggings underneath a bright, cheerful floral skirt like this Fashionista, at least for now, it doesn’t hurt to branch out with a patterned head wrap.

Originally derived from the turban, a type of headwear that has been worn for thousands of years based on cloth winding and has usually been worn as customary headwear by religious groups, the head wrap is more of a stylish accessory that’s printed in startling hues and crazy patterns. And this Fashionista has chosen one of the craziest head wraps of all: one printed with what appears to be every color of the rainbow, and then some.

Today it’s not uncommon to see women walking around wearing head wraps as headbands, with ears sticking out from under and hair flopping out all over. This is a big mistake. Head wraps differ from headbands in that they’re meant to be circled around the head and placed over the ears. And that’s one of the reasons why the head wrap is the best hair accessory: it holds all of your freshly brushed locks in place. Your head wrap should rest on your forehead and should feel snug, but not too tight (you don’t want to look like someone inflated your head with helium).

Another great thing about the head wrap is that there are a variety to choose from. Whether you want something simple with dark material or extravagant with chains, the head wrap is a great addition to any colorful outfit or great on its own. If you’re feeling adventurous and forward, mix your colors and prints like this Fashionista. But if you’d like to tread in shallower waters and stick with just one kaleidoscopic accessory, at least you’ve got a head start.