Everything You Need for a Great Yoga Session

Yoga is the ultimate workout that every college student should learn and practice. It is an exercise that has been around for thousands of years. Over the past few years, yoga has been trending among college students as it comes with a lot of benefits. Just like any other type of exercises, yoga can burn calories and tone muscles. This is why it is common for college students who want to stay in shape and sculpt their bodies. Furthermore, it is also a mind-body workout that acts as a form of meditation and relaxation through deep breathing and stretching.

PHOTO: Kelly Rogowski

Perfect for college students, yoga can be done anywhere, indoor or out. Whether you are at home, in your dorm room, out in the fields, or even at the beach, all you need is enough space for your yoga mat. Additionally, yoga is the perfect exercise for beginners who want to try basic poses and stretches. It is also stress-relieving to combat your intense school work and beneficial for your mental health.

Sound interesting? Here are a few things you should bring to yoga to get you started.

1—Athletic workout clothes

Always opt for Spandex activewear or breathable sweat-proof material to keep you in style and flexible.

2—Water bottle 

A stylish water bottle can motivate you to drink more water and to keep you hydrated. Research has shown that most people don’t drink enough water daily.

3—Yoga mat 

 A yoga mat is optional, but it can keep you from sliding around in standing poses, and it helps cushion your body while in seated and lying positions.

4—Running shoes 

If you choose to wear shoes, opt for running shoes with good grip and arch support.

5—Your trusty hair tie

Last but not least, a hair tie is also an essential to keep your hair tidy and in place.

What is your favorite workout routine in college? Comment below!

2 Rejuvenating Summer Retreats Every Student Should Go On

School is over, and you have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful summer weather. It’s time to get yourself outside of the urban city, disconnect yourself from the daily grind, and rejuvenate your soul from the stressful yet rewarding school year by going on a summer retreat. Here are two ways to get you in touch with nature that are also Instagram-friendly.

1—Stroll through a lavender fieldOntario, Canada, is home to many beautiful nature spots, especially lavender farms. Visiting a lavender farm such as Terre Bleu Lavender Farm, located 45 minutes from Toronto in Milton, during their blooming season for your summer retreat will bring you on a magical adventure that calms your soul in the sea of purple flowers.

At this farm, there are eight varieties of lavenders in colors ranging from light pink to dark purple. As a Fashionista, I recommend wearing a comfortable outfit for photo shoots at lavender fields, such as a denim shirt and a simple white top, and finish your outfit with a pair of black distressed jeans and my favorite clean white sneakers from Wills Vegan Shoes. A black leather backpack is also the perfect bag to carry your camera. As you stroll along the endless rows of flowers, the infamous yellow door is also a go-to spot where you can take the perfect travel candid shot.

As you finish exploring the different lavender fields, don’t forget to enjoy their lavender-flavored ice cream that tastes floral and creamy. Also, be sure to shop around at their gift shop for products that are amazing for your skin, your cravings, and your sleep.

2—Fish on a lakeIf land adventures don’t excite you, then why not try something on water? Hastings, Ontario, is just two hours from Toronto and has been named Canada’s ultimate fishing town.

Whether you are renting a canoe, a speedboat, or a pontoon, you will surely enjoy the breathtaking view surrounded by the calming white noise of the waves. Some of the common fish species that I came across are freshwater bass, catfish, perch, and sunfish.

Sometimes water splatters when you reel in a fish. To prevent my phone from getting any water damage, I carried a waterproof phone case from Catalyst Case that has a rubber bumper and silicone seals to keep my phone watertight. The transparent, slim, and strong material ensures the phone case protects while still being fashionable.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t catch any fish in the end—enjoying the sun and the cool breeze in the middle of a calm lake are also a great way to relax and contemplate about life during your summer retreat.

What is your ideal summer retreat? Let me know in the comments below!

The Coolest Digital Gadget to Step Up Your Social Media Game This Summer

I recently spent a weekend hiking and exploring cliffs, sea stacks, lighthouses, and shipwrecks in Bruce Peninsula National Park, and Tobermory in Ontario, Canada. With the rising craze of virtual reality content, the Insta360 Nano is definitely the perfect, pocket-sized, 360-degree clip-on camera that has earned a permanent spot in my camera bag to bring on every adventure. It’s the ideal way to capture travel experiences in 360 degrees so that you can always immerse yourself and relive memorable moments through a virtual reality headset. Broadcast them on social media to share with your friends with just a click.

The 360-degree camera has been one of the most popular technological items in 2017. It has multiple lenses to capture everything in all directions. For amateurs and college students, I would recommend the Insta360 Nano for iPhone users, and Insta360 Air for Android users. Fit it in the palm of your hand and seamlessly turn your smartphone into a virtual reality camera in an instant. These two models are simple, stylish, and ready for all social and travel occasions, all while being affordable for college students. The one that I showed in the picture above is the Insta360 Nano, which can also be used alone with a base holder mounted onto a selfie stick or tripod.

What I like about my Insta360 Nano is that it is simple to use—the app automatically activates when the device is connected to your phone. All you have to do is plug it in, tap shutter to shoot, and review your photos and videos. You can then view them on a virtual reality headset, or upload them onto social media to share this immersive experience by transporting people into your adventures.

Finally, aside from sharing photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and various social media platforms, the Insta360 camera’s livestreaming mode is also a big plus for social junkies like us, where you can broadcast videos of your summer fun on places like Facebook Live.

What are some of the special digital gadgets that you use to improve your selfie game? Let me know in the comments below!

Spring into Sakura

Spring is the season of final exams for students but it is also the time where cherry blossoms bloom. I guess it is nature’s way of providing such beautiful pink scenery to help students deal with the exam gloom. In this post, I would like to share the perfect outfit for sakura watching.

In this ever-changing weather that can be rainy and sunny, hot and cold, all at one time in spring, it is essential to have a coat that keeps you warm. Here I have an oversize gray coat on top of my favorite wardrobe staples, a simple black T-shirt and classic blue denim.

During exam time, a watch becomes a student’s necessity. I accessorized my outfit with a Gran Ben watch in navy blue from St. Vincent & Newport. This watch features a minimalist and contemporary design with Roman numerals. The sapphire crystal glass and Seiko quartz movement is the perfect timepiece of style and function that is suitable for any occasion. Accessories that have these slight accents in the detail create a personal unique statement that keeps you on time during exams and complements well with the whole outfit, all while keeping you smart and stylish.

Backpacks are also an important item among college students to keep your study materials and other essentials, thus it is also an opportunity to express your own unique fashion style. I styled my look with a black leather backpack from mywalit. The backpack is a combination of both sophistication and simplicity. It acts as a perfect addition to any outfit. This black Panama backpack is made with nappa leather making the backpack understated, luxurious, and sophisticated in aesthetics, yet lightweight and durable in function.

Finally, I completed my outfit with a pair of Lance shoes from Aureus. Taking inspiration from golf, this modern sleek footwear features a microfiber and canvas upper that is water resistant to tackle those spring water puddles—it’s all in the details! With the lightweight comfort and versatile color, this is the perfect footwear for students to have in their wardrobe to be worn from day to night with an elevated classy profile.

What’s your perfect outfit for the new season? Show us on social media by tagging @Cfashionista!

STYLE ADVICE: Modern Minimalist

Less is more. Minimalists may have affection for simple and clean lines, but it is all in the details that make this fashion style interesting. They focus on superior materials and understated luxury design as well as practical function and longevity of garments. This Fashionisto was spotted wearing a Topman navy blue parka coat, a classic wardrobe staple piece for spring’s rainy weather. With spring just around the corner, this coat is versatile balancing function and fashion; it can be easily dress up or down depending on what to put it with. In this look, he chooses to layered his outfit to stay warm against the chilly breezes that still pass through in this mild spring weather, and using cool and neutral tones can tone down his outfit to allow layering, creating a modern classy vibe yet still embody his personal minimalist style.

This Fashionisto starts off with a black pullover layered with a collared button-down shirt, which he wears a pair of black denim and finishes off with a pair of mid-top Patron sneakers from Aureus. Minimalists are conscious in design and modern materials that reflect that. Taking inspiration from golf, this modern sleek footwear features premium genuine nubuck leather upper that gives a luxurious look, polyurethane (PU) insole cushion with Am-Tech Sole Technology, direct injected sole construction that provides high durability. The simple style of these leather suede shoes are perfect for those who run daily errands and wants to combine comfort with an elevated style.

Another essential possession for men is a watch. He boldly accessories his outfit with a black mesh chrono watch from Gilchrist Watch Co. (formerly The Gentlemen’s Watch Company). This watch features a steel mesh strap with a sunburst dial and contrasting 3-hand analog display in red. The stopwatch and calendar window also maximizes a watch’s functionality. Statement pieces that have these slight accented details can accentuate your entire look and make you stay sharp, classy, and effortlessly cool whether you are suited up for a formal event or in your weekend wear.

Last but not least, backpacks are also an essential item among college students and an opportunity to express your fashion style. This Fashionisto sported a stylish black leather Panama backpack from Italian brand Mywalit. Made with fine smooth nappa leather that has a beautifully soft finish, this is the ideal backpack tailor-made for students to be worn from day to night in comfort and sophistication. Not only does it looks luxurious in aesthetics due to its timeless leather material, but this backpack is also lightweight and durable in function; it has multi-functional pockets in the roomy interior that can fit a laptop. The classy simple design and the premium practical quality ensure a modern yet upscale look perfect for any occasions from casual hangouts to professional work environment, and it perfectly aligns with the characteristics of a modern minimalist.


I spotted this Fashionista on the urban streets in downtown Toronto. Her outfit style seamlessly combines downtown cool with uptown class; this edgy elegance is sure to make urban travelers day to night ready.

This Fashionista wears a white cream top from Zara with a contrasting black bralette from Urban Outfitters. The skinny strappy accents on her bralette adds a nice layering effect and an edginess detail. She completes her outfit with a black leather jacket and skinny jeans. These basic wardrobe essentials are trendy and effortless, which is perfect for the busy urban girl who is always on the run. The black knee-high boots she wore from Steve Madden are also a versatile item that look great with jeans and add to the sleekness of casual attire.

Well chosen jewelry and statement pieces can instantly and effortlessly dress up an average outfit. To glamour up her edgy outfit, this Fashionista wears a silver Roman empress bangle from The Peach Box. This elegant design features edgy roman numeral cuts set within the interior of a stainless steel band; the sophisticated details on this antique bangle are gorgeous, and this is definitely the ideal arm candy bracelet that can elevate any ensemble into chic, modern, and edgy.

The silver chevron necklace she wore from Soft Urban Jewelry is also one of my favorite details about her look. With the delicate V pendant and a dainty Swarovski crystal detail setting on this minimalistic necklace, this clean and simple design totally speaks urban elegance, it also compliments well with the design on the bralette, accentuating a feminine, edgy, and carefree look.

WHAT TO WEAR: Silver Winter

On some days, you will want your outfit to stand out, but on some other days, it will also be interesting to let your accessory shine and speak for itself. Compared to gold, silver is a sophisticated yet humble color. Silver’s shininess can also make it go both ways, from elegant to modern and alluring. In my opinion, silver is also some of the easiest colors to match on any outfits, which easily stands out in the white snow and adds a little sparkle among the dark clothing worn in winter.

This Fashionista says she chose to keep her outfit fairly simple and color neutral today so that the accessories could be the focal point of the look. She wears a white pea coat from American Eagle that looks warm and chic, and she tops it off with a light-colored paisley patterned scarf from Joe Fresh to add some interesting patterns over her coat. This Fashionista completes her outfit with a pair of black Hunter boots, which are the perfect complement to almost any outfit at this time of year because they keep her feet dry from either snow or rain.

Spotting this Fashionista from far away, her shiny silver backpack instantly stood out from all the dark colors worn by other students and caught my attention. She wears a Camille faux leather backpack in silver from Frachella. This versatile backpack is stylish and one of a kind: It is uncommon to find huge leather products that are silver in color, and this backpack gives out a classy yet edgy vibe, perfect to wear from day to night in all occasions. The roomy interior also easily fit a laptop and the magnet closure allows convenient access to your essential items for school. My favorite part of this backpack is the drawstring accessory, because tassels are still taking over the accessory scene this year and these silver tassels add a touch of sophisticated detail to the simple design of the backpack.

To match her backpack, this Fashionista wears a silver customized, hand-stamped cuff bracelet that says Wanderlust. The slim cuff is made of aluminum and is from Locked Box Boutique. You can request to put your own desired customization, such as your favorite life motto or song lyrics. You can also add cute symbols to make a unique jewelry. This simple yet dainty arm candy looks great on its own or stacked with a watch or other jewelry.

This Fashionista was also holding a colorful card holder on her hand, which is a double-sided leather card holder in smokey gray from an Italian brand called Mywalit. There are six credit card slots and a central note section, which can definitely carry all the cards a student needs, especially one who commutes to school. This functional multi-colored card holder made of Nappa leather screams quality and boldness in creativity.

Who says flowers can’t be a thing in winter? Here, she accessorizes her phone with a geometric teal and navy winter flowers case from Case Escape to protect her phone from everyday scratches and bumps while keeping it stylish.

STYLE ADVICE: European Classics

What is your first impression when you hear the word Europe? Although I have never been to Europe, I’ve always believed that Europe has the edge in fashion and luxury.

The cold winter cannot stop you from wearing stylish clothing. Here we spotted this Fashionista who wears all the European classics and, therefore, has the perfect and classy outfit for university. This Fashionista wears a Zara black military coat with a gold double-button design, a black turtleneck top, and denim jeans from Topshop. She completes her look with a pair of Dr. Martens rose quilted, eight-eye boot in matte black.

In order to keep her outfit consistent by matching her black wool military coat, this Fashionista wears a Will and Bear black fedora hat that is made of 100 percent Australian wool with a natural leather band. The iconic wide brim silhouette is definitely a popular chic winter everyday hats in Europe that is stylish and warm.  Will and Bear also has a unique campaign called the Plant a Forest project, where 10 trees are planted for every hat sold. The cherry-red leather school satchel that this Fashionista carries is also a classic European design that will never go out of style.

To combat the coolness of winter, this Fashionista accessorizes herself with a wooden watch and a wooden necklace to bring a warm and earthy vibe. She wears a Frankie wood watch in the color of dark sandalwood and mint. Jord watches are the perfect combination of fashion and function. The mint dial is cased in sapphire crystal glass and powered by a Swiss movement which gives the watch high durability and precision; the natural dark sandalwood is hand-finished and pre-treated with tung oils, giving the whole design an organic and natural look. The gold accents on this timepiece also complement the gold buttons on her military coat, giving the entire outfit a perfect balance of tone and temperature while bringing out a modernized and sophisticated vibe. Jord watches also offer other types of woods and colors to fulfill your ideal outfit-matching needs.

In terms of a dainty jewelry worn around the neck, she chooses a wood resin necklace pendant from Wearable Wood. This one-of-a-kind necklace has a simple and clean design, but shows great craftsmanship of the wood encapsulated in the mint colored resin that brings a pop of color and brightness on her neutral color top without stealing the spotlight.

Finally, electronic devices are definitely the essential possessions for every student in college, as they are highly visible when you carry them around school. This Fashionista takes this opportunity by turning these tech tools into fashion style statements that are eye-catching and protective. She carries a marble deer phone case in dark green color from Case Escape and a world map laptop case from JadenDesign, made of upholstery fabric that has a consistent color scheme and theme with the outfit, screaming an adventure to Europe.


When people think of what to wear in winter, we tend to dress ourselves up in dark colors and in chunky, knit, and cozy sweaters for this cool and white snowy weather. This Fashionista chooses to embrace winter by wearing some violet floral accessories, and she brings some summer colors to brighten up the cold winter vibe and add a hint of elegance and femininity to the bold and heavy winter clothes.

This Fashionista wears a simple gray mock-turtleneck sweater with a dark olive winter parka from Aritzia, which she pairs with the must-have wardrobe staples: blue jeans from Hollister and black Chelsea boots from Aldo. To lighten up the dark shades, she accessorizes with a purple hydrangea dried flower bubble glass necklace from A Little Fable. Using real dried flowers as a key design element creates a fresh and colorful look that complements well with the fresh crisp air and leafless trees, as well as it brightens up the dark wintery moods.

To match her necklace, this Fashionista’s real flower resin rings from Mallet and Mandral are surely the perfect dainty jewelry for any occasion. They look wonderful on their own, but also go well as chunky stacking rings. The three floral resin rings she wore are all made with real pressed flowers, which include white daisy flowers, blue larkspur flowers, and purple cornflowers. Set in crystal clear resin, the purity of the resin reminds me of clear ice that froze a memory of the colors of spring inside. Finally, this Fashionista finishes her look with matching nail colors and a floral pattern phone case.

STYLE GURU BIO: Tiffany Wong

Hey Fashionistos and Fashionistas, my name is Tiffany and this is my third semester with CollegeFashionista! I am a fourth year student at the University of Toronto, pursuing a double major in psychology and media studies with a minor in music. I love everything media related, including and not limited to radio, television, music, photography, and of course, fashion!

Recently I went to a winter camp near Lake Simcoe in Ontario, Canada; in which this outfit perfectly summed up my winter getaway first week into 2017. I start off my look with a cozy color blocked gray and red sweatshirt from Bluenotes, the accented red pocket on a dark gray sweatshirt adds a interesting touch to a simple design.  I accessorized myself with a maroon infinity scarf to keep me warm, as well as a nature resin ring from Smile With Flower that is made with Baby’s Breath and Maidenhair fern. Wearing this eco ring perfectly contrasts to the lifeless depressing winter, as I literally have a token of summer in the palm of your hand. I also wore my denim legging pants from Uniqlo and Chuck Taylor All Star high rise brown boots from Converse for the comfort of travelling in the snow.

As a student that is passionate about media and photography. One of my essential items to bring to my daily outdoor exploring and adventures is the Rucksack Backpack from Brevite. My favourite features of this backpack are the removable protective insert that allows quick access to take your camera out to capture the perfect moment, and the removable lens cap buckle on the shoulder strap so you will not risk losing your lens cap. There is also a tripod holder at the bottom! This ideal camera-friendly backpack made every photographer’s dream come true.

As an explorer and a student that loves to travel, I appreciate that this backpack also has a laptop sleeve, as well as many hidden pockets beneath the buckled flaps to store valuables and compartments to hold memory cards, keys, and pens. When you take out the removable protective insert, this backpack can instantly transform from a camera bag into a normal bag in seconds, perfect for college students and commuters. Finally, the simple yet sophisticated brown leather logo patch that features a deer adds just the right amount of class to the modern black minimalist design.

Thank you for reading my first article in 2017 and I look forward to sharing my fashion finds from Toronto with you all this semester!