This week’s post marks the end of my internship as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. It has been a wonderful learning experience and I have found a passion for writing and expressing myself that I could have never discovered without the amazing team behind CollegeFashionista. I’m really excited about this week’s post because I found a Fashionista wearing something very close to my very own personal style. She had been at the mall with her friends and I just loved the way she balanced edge and femininity in her look.

The statement piece in this look is definitely the handbag. She chose a black leather tote with gold studs on the side panels of the bag. The studs are very bold, but she managed to keep it chic and simple with a strapless black top. Her maxi-skirt is very appropriate for the warm Florida winter season and the asymmetrical lines around the hips are very flattering as well. The diagonal lines guide your eyes to a narrower silhouette, while horizontal lines would give a wider effect.

She let the studded handbag shine by only wearing a gold necklace with a pendant.I thought it was very cool how her initials created a beautiful design on the pendant. Her hair is styled in a sleek and high ponytail, and her Ray Ban’s are perfect for the shape of her face. Since she was at the mall, sandals where the best option for her. You could also dress it up with wedges if you were going to a lunch date.

To recreate this look I suggest this incredible striped maxi skirt from J.Crew, paired with this strapless black top from H&M for only $5.95! Studded handbags are very easy to find no matter what your budget is, try this Rebecca Minkoff studded satchel with a detachable strap or go for a budget friendly option like this one from Steve Madden. Choose from sandals or wedges and you’ll be ready to hit the mall with your girlfriends!


For this week’s post I’m all about casual wear, precisely what you would wear for a picnic or a day in the park. To me, casual wear should be comfortable and never complicated. For casual occasions, clean and simple is the way to go.

Due to Florida’s sunny warm winters, this week’s Fashionista is wearing a striped T-shirt with fitted skinny jeans. She has really elevated her look with nude spiked sandals and a timeless Louis Vuitton Speedy bag. Her aviators are perfect for any outdoor activity, which is why I consider them a must-have accessory for casual wear.

To recreate her look, I suggest looking into different brands of jeans because we all have different body types and every brand has a different fit. This is a tedious process mostly because you’ll have to try on thousands of jeans, but trust me on this one, once you find the absolute perfect fit you will never go back. The great thing about this is you won’t even have to try on jeans anymore! I love American Eagle Outfitter jeggings simply because they are great for curves and they feel almost like leggings.

If you’re looking to invest in a pair of jeans that will surely turn heads, check out these jeans from Nordstrom. I like the simplicity of a tank top or a T-shirt for this particular look; it’s effortless and never out of style. I honestly buy my tank tops and T-shirts at Target for only $7 dollars believe it or not! They’re 100 percent cotton and perfect for any picnic, BBQ or even for the gym!

If you’re going to be outside, I suggest a comfortable pair of flats or sandals. Go for a neutral color so you don’t have to worry about getting them dirty or scratched. I found these at Payless for only $17 dollars! Last but not least, finish your look with an oversized bag. It should be somewhat large because you need enough space to carry any picnic or outdoor essentials. Things like a sunblock, sunglasses, a DSLR, snacks and a book would never fit in a cross-body satchel. Take advantage of the sunny skies and try this comfy casual look for an afternoon in the park!

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I’m back in Miami and loving every second of it! The weather here is nice and sunny, perfect for outdoor workouts or afternoons at the beach. I’m very happy to see how being fit and healthy has become a trend. Long gone are the days when beauty standards demanded women to be a size 0. Today, we all want to be toned no matter what the scale says. This idea led me to write this post about workout clothes because, let’s face it, we also want to look good during the process of getting fit.

The best part about workout clothes is how playful these are when it comes to color. You can literally wear any color you want, and if your running shoes match, even better! I’m really into neon colors for the gym, it might be psychological but they actually make me feel much more energetic. This week’s Fashionista is wearing a neon yellow tank top with matching neon yellow shoes, a black sweater and cropped leggings. It is very important to remember that there has to be balance, so I suggest never wearing the same color head-to-toe. Typically, I’ll wear either a colorful top or bottom, with brightly colored sneakers. I’ve also started to see yoga pants come in prints, which are a fun alternative to neon colors. I love wearing black with neon colors because it enhances neon and still flatters you.

Quality is also very important when it comes to workout clothes, you’ll want fabrics suitable for perspiration and thick enough to hold everything together. We don’t think about these things when buying other kinds of clothing, but if you are planning on going to that Crossfit class everyone’s raving about, you might want to make sure your clothes can handle the workout as much as you could!

To recreate this look, I suggest these black-cropped leggings from Gap’s active sportswear line. Make a statement with this tank top from Forever 21, matched with these sneakers from Nike. You can actually customize your shoes using the NikeID feature, which is great when you know what your favorite colors for the gym are but can’t find the perfect shoes for them!

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My eBay collections were curated as part of the CollegeFashionista and eBay collaboration with Style Coalition #FOLLOWITFINDIT

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Casual Weekend Comfort

This week I’d like to highlight the fact that simplicity can be a very good attribute when well played. Today’s look is simply a good pair of chinos with a loose fitted T-shirt and combat boots; it’s as simple as that! In my opinion, menswear should feel effortless and true to each individual’s personality. What I really loved about this look is how versatile it is, and how basic essentials can be go-to pieces for your everyday wardrobe.

To recreate this look, find your favorite T-shit or try a long sleeve loose-fitted one like this one from H&M. This is were you can really go all out, whether it is a cool graphic print or an all-over repeat, perhaps you prefer a neutral one like the one featured today. It’s really up to you, whichever T-shirt fits your personal style will work just fine.

Pair it with slim chinos in a bold color, like today’s burgundy option. It is very important that the color of your pants agree with whichever colors are on your T-shirt. Avoid wearing similar shades of the same color, instead, go for complementary colors that will always make a statement. You can also opt for neutral pants if you feel like your T-shirt is already too much. Finally, finish your look with combat boots in the neutral color that best complements your look. Usually, if there’s any black accent in your T-shirt I’d go for black. If you’re wearing beige or earthy colors go for browns or khakis. I particularly love Steve Madden’s combat boots, plus, they happen to come in many different colors and styles!

Even though this is a very classic look, you can really play with it when it comes to choosing colors and T-shirts. A printed T-shirt vs. a neutral one will be a completely different aesthetic for what your final outfit will be, so choose wisely and take the challenge!

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Today’s post is all about lace, a trend that fits perfectly into any girl’s wardrobe. This week’s Fashionista is the perfect example of how wearing lace can be a fun alternative for this fall season. She is wearing a Free People lace dress, and has added an army-like jacket as a bold accent to her look. I’ve been really into these cargo jackets this fall, which is why I was so thrilled when I spotted her this weekend!

Who knew lace and an oversized army jacket would make such a perfect match? My favorite thing about this combination is the balance of girly vs. tough. It is very easy to pull off a lace dress with a classic blazer and a pair of heels, but wearing lace with an army jacket is taking the “girly” look to a whole new level! To make things even better, she has replaced everyday flats or heels for a pair of Sam Edelman’s “Penny” boots. These are not only comfortable, but also stylish and versatile. Her look wouldn’t be complete without a pink and gold beaded necklace. I asked where she had bought it and she happened to have made it herself! The necklace is delicate and feminine, just the right pop of color for her look.

To recreate this look, I suggest trying an oversized army jacket like this one from Shopbop (I have it and LOVE it). Wear it with your favorite lace dress like this one from Free People, and these Sam Edelman boots. If you aren’t really into tall boots, try these booties from Steve Madden. Accessorize your look with a brightly colored necklace, ideally handcrafted or with an ethnic-boho vibe to it. This will really give your look that extra notch and make you turn heads everywhere you go! Give it a try!

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STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Stripes and Paisley

Hello November, where did 2013 go?! It’s crazy to think we are almost celebrating Thanksgiving, and being a cold weather lover I could not be happier! This week’s Fashionista is the perfect example of how we can incorporate prints this fall season. Not only is she wearing prints, but she’s also mixing them. This is a very tricky trend because not every print will match, and that’s exactly when great taste comes in very handy.

This Fashionista is wearing a navy cardigan with red stripes, black leggings, a gray T-shirt  and a paisley, woven scarf. Her accessories consist of flats and a black leather tote carryall bag. I’m all about the details and today’s look is absolutely on point, notice the cardigan has silver threads creating thin lines and adding a special touch to an otherwise classic striped cardigan. Her flats have cute bows with contrasting black suede and go perfectly well with her bag and leggings. The scarf has a beautiful paisley design in shades of teal and gold; it really takes the look to another level! What really makes this look successful and a perfect example for print mixing lies in the balance of neutral vs. pops of color. Every item that she is wearing, except the cardigan and scarf, is gray or black. This is what accentuates the red stripes against the teal paisley print creating the ideal combination.

This is a look that can be recreated by anyone just by following simple guidelines. Pick your favorite neutral T-shirt, leggings and handbag. Pair them with a striped sweater like this one from Forever 21 and a paisley scarf like this one from Nordstrom. You can also try mixing your favorite prints like a polka-dot sweater with a floral printed scarf. To me, the most exciting part about wearing prints is the infinite amount of ways you can mix them and wear them over and over. Whoever said prints were limiting needs to give this outfit a try!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Print Mixing and Thrifting

I’ve never met anyone as authentic as today’s Fashionista. She really has a style of her own and her presence was hard to miss. I admire people who can capture your attention in just a few seconds, and leave you hoping that some of their “coolness” has rubbed off on you. The first thing I asked her as an avid anything-printed connoisseur was: “Where did you buy that shirt?” To which she replied “Salvation Army.” I have driven by this place so many times and never given it a chance, and I could not have felt dumber!

This just proves once again that you can’t put a price on style, it really is a part of your personality and what makes you unique. This $3 blouse looks like a million dollars when styled correctly. She paired it with faded pink-cropped chinos, leopard socks, and black suede creepers. She also topped it with a black beret that added a touch of sophistication to her look. There was something about the way she mixed prints that I thought was genius, leopard and ethnic prints together? Who knew?  Notice how she is not wearing any kind of jewelry; it just isn’t necessary when you’ve got such a great print in the mix.

To recreate her look, I suggest you give thrifting a chance. I surely will after this post. You never know what interesting pieces you can find. The coolest thing about thrifting is the fact that there is a story behind what you are buying, I like to think of it as clothes with a past life. Anyways, if you’re looking for a cool printed blouse and you’d like to buy it online and quickly, try this ethnic printed cropped blouse from Forever 21. Pair it with these chinos from Zara and these socks from H&M. Always remember that the most important element in your look is staying true to your own style because uniqueness is what separates you from the rest, so take these ideas and make them your own!

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CollegeFashionista X Shopbop: SCAD Student Style

The fall season has started! I couldn’t be more excited about this because it happens to be my favorite time of the year. Who doesn’t love a pumpkin spice latte? Or perhaps Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas?!

The most exciting part of the fall is without a doubt the clothes. I can finally start layering and wearing coats, scarves and boots. With that said, I’ve had trouble in the past finding outerwear for fall because it’s either pricey or not versatile enough. However, this year I found the perfect item for my fall wardrobe at Shopbop Student, a new collection especially curated for students launched by Shopbop. The clothes are ideal for the day-to-day of a college student’s life and they are versatile enough to wear for the remainder of the year.

I found the perfect jacket following the camouflage trend that has started to gain a strong presence this season. The BB Dakota Tawny Army Jacket has an oversized fit that gives any look an effortless vibe, and it is loose enough for the warmer months and perfect for wearing bulky sweaters underneath for cooler weather. The pockets are embellished with studs in gunmetal, bronze and rustic gold. For me this is great because I don’t have to think about what accessories to wear, it matches everything! There is also a cord at the waist to allow for a tighter fit if you prefer. I am wearing it with an oversized T-shirt, leggings and Dr. Martens boots. The accents I chose for this look consist of a faux-fur infinity scarf and a mini satchel.

Overall, the look I was going for was very casual, something I can wear on a regular day for school. I am a fashion design major and believe it or not, comfort is key during the week. We spend hours at the studio sewing or draping, so an outfit like this is comfortable and trendy at the same time. I am very excited to wear this jacket with skinny jeans, or even over a dress for warmer days. This season is all about having fun and layering your favorite pieces together, so bring it on fall 2013!


With the weather is getting colder by the day, it is important to start thinking about layering our look. This week’s Fashionista went for a boho casual look, ideal for an afternoon working late at the studio. I’m currently in Savannah, and it’s still not cold enough to wear a sweater, but this combination of an embroidered top with a neutral vest is just the right kind of layers for Georgia’s fall season.

I absolutely loved the fact that she went for a bohemian inspired look and still looks put together. She styled her hair with a twisted side braid and her skinny jeans have a really nice fit. The vest is neutral, with an irregular hemline that looks so great when layering. And the look finally comes together with a pop of color from her embroidered Free People top. She chose Toms because they offered the ideal comfort for working at the studio, but she could easily switch them to caramel leather wedges for a night out with friends. This is a look that easily transitions from day to night.

It seems overwhelming to think about how to correctly layer pieces, but if you look at the outfit as a whole it turns into a very simple task. Try to follow these simple guidelines: neutral outerwear, solid color knit, pop of color top, skinny jeans or leggings and your choice of shoes. It’s as simple as that! You can even throw a scarf, beanie and a satchel to the mix and you’ll be good to go. Feel free to experiment and check out a few options I’ve found just for you!

To recreate her look I suggest these American Eagle Outfitters jeggings, which have almost the same fit as leggings but with as much support as denim (and they’re on sale). They come in multiple shades and finishes, and you can find them in regular or tall sizes. I found this Free People top with cut work and embroidery for that fun touch of color. Complete the look with these embroidered hemp TOMS, or go for a fancier approach with these cork and snakeskin wedges from Sam Edelman at Shopbop. Find your inner ’70s girl and give it a try!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bold Prints And Washed Out Chinos

This week I decided to write about menswear because it’s that time of the year when guys can start playing with layers and it can get tricky if not done properly. This week’s Fashionisto plays with layers and adds a bold animal print to the mix, making it a perfect example of how you can set trends and still look effortless and comfortable.

This look is simply your fall weather essentials, but what makes it so special is the accents and details. The pants are not your everyday chinos, these have a washed out shade of teal, almost as if they were acid washed. To me, this added an element of edge that looks so good in menswear. The jacket is a waxed finished black denim jacket, again, the waxed surface resembles leather but you can actually see the woven threads when you take a closer look. What really makes a statement about this look is definitely the animal printed T-shirt. The print is a subtle mix of zebra and leopard, but in a very two-dimensional graphic way. I think it’s a clever and trendy way to get your boyfriend to wear animal print and pull it off! From far away, it almost looks like a striped T-shirt, but as you get closer you notice the zebra and leopard spots in the print.

To recreate this look I suggest stores that carry fashion forward pieces for men, such as Zara, Topman or H&M. You can try these chinos from Topman, they are not as distressed but you can easily distress them or bleach them if that’s the look you’re going for. It’s super fun to do it yourself! Pair them with this waxed cotton jacket currently on sale at H&M. Finish off your look with the perfect printed T-shirt, like this one from Zara, or this one from Topman. I loved the combination of skulls and leopard on the option found in Zara, but I have to admit $8 for the H&M T-shirt is hard to beat! You can accessorize these items with scarves, combat boots, oxfords or Keds. I dare you to try to step out of your comfort zone and wear something new for fall, the only thing you’ll need is a pinch of confidence!