There's no better way to celebrate the holidays this year than with a checkered (or plaid or tartan, both terms more or less refer to the same thing) shirt! This Fashionisto is definitely in the Christmas mood, donning a checkered red shirt. He paired the shirt with pants and shoes of the same colour, which further elongated his already long legs. 

This unique design has rich history and cultural implications. Plaid screams Christmas, probably because it has been around since Jesus' time. However, the pattern only took off after the Scottish adopted it on their kilts as an act of rebellion to the English. Not only that, the pattern was significant in the women's movement in the 1960s. Women, especially gay women, wore the pattern (known for its virility) to fight for gender equality

Now, it's a trendy way of dressing for a smart-casual or semi-formal event. Checkered shirts generally look great on everyone, so you do not have to worry about shopping online. Just be sure to use a recommended, safe and secure website, it will not only protect your privacy but also give you assurance of receiving a shirt of excellent cut and quality. 

This playful and cute Black Checkered Front Shirt by COMME DES GARÇONS, would be the perfect Christmas present for your partner or best friend. For the ladies, I would definitely be checking out this V-neck dress by MCQ by Alexander McQueen. Although both items of clothing are not very festive, I reckon you would still make a killing wearing them to a Christmas party. 


Want to look as good as this stylish Fashionista? Then you have got to learn how to layer your clothes! Layering is the perfect way to make your outfit work for you. It can basically balance out your body's proportions, for example, if you have a longer torso, wear a crop top on top of another shirt to give the illusion of lengthier legs. Exactly like what this Fashionista did; I really liked how she went one step further by layering two collared shirts of two different sizes together. It may not sound good in theory, but I reckon what she did works extremely well and is vital in the outcome of the outfit, she definitely knows what she is doing!

Layering opens the doors to so many opportunities. Having nothing to wear will not be an issue anymore, as you can pair various clothes (from various seasons) with each other to form new outfits. You can snazz up a casual summer dress by layering a collared shirt underneath it, or pair socks with heels to get an instant preppy look. The possibilities are endless. Layering is definitely the way to go when it comes to chilly days as well. Coats and wool sweaters tend to go better with the layered look.

You do not need to go out to buy anything new when it comes to layering. Seriously, just look at your closet, I know you guys have definitely got something in there that you have not worn in ages, or something you left in there because you brought it home and turns out it doesn't match anything! That's the best thing about layering, it's tough to go wrong. So enjoy and have fun!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal stripes are one of the most underrated fashion statements. Granted, these stripes are not the first thing that jump at you when looking at an array of clothing. Many tend to browse past them, as they are known for the illusion of making people look larger than they actually are, as compared to its sibling (the vertical stripe) that does the opposite, giving those that don it a slimming effect. Therefore, men (being the less vain gender) tend to wear the horizontal stripe more. 

Horizontal stripes have a very youthful vibe. They make up for their shortcomings by making one look more refreshed and thus, younger! This Fashionisto went one step further in making himself look more sprightly by pairing his striped grey-and-white shirt with sneakers, mocha-coloured pants and a baseball cap.

Something to note: do not pair stripes that go in different directions together (eg. vertical and diagonal stripes). While I do admit that it can work depending on the outfit, it is generally a fashion no-no. Wearing different stripes together also depends on how well you can pull it off. That said, there are many ways to wear horizontal stripes. I personally prefer to keep horizontal stripes on the upper part of my outfit. Thicker stripes are great for T-shirts or casual clothing like singlets. Thinner stripes, however, would be the better option for a smarter occasion. So thick or thin, on your shirt, collar, sleeve—you decide! Horizontal stripes are just as fun to play with as vertical stripes.

I find horizontal stripes look especially good on polo tees. Ralph Lauren is the first place I think of and will go to when it comes to polo tees. It is best to go to one of their flagship stores to try on their shirts instead of buying online as I find Ralph Lauren to have quite a different fit and cut compared to the more mainstream brands. This classic-Fit Woven-Collar Polo is minimal and structured, perfect for a smart casual event (not to mention it would look just adorable on the boyfriend!).


The perfect accessory that compliments most outfits and not to mention, your waist! The waist belt was specifically designed for women that have hourglass-shaped figures. However, the use of the belt is not limited to that specific group of women. It can also be used to break an outfit up, or to make an outfit more balanced. When choosing a waist belt, you definitely want one that will accentuate your curves, not a torture device that suffocates you. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to the different possibilities of pairing outfits with waist belts. They are just that versatile. The usual rules still apply though, try not to pair tops and bottoms with different patterns together. This Fashionista got it right, notice how she broke up her outfit and accentuated her curves at the same time? Not only did she do that, but she also did not over do it at all. She paired her plain yellow skirt with a cute floral-patterned top. 

Waist belts are very accessible. You can find them online or in stores. Most clothing stores, regardless of how specialized their shop is, will carry belts. I have personally found one of my favourite belts in the most random of shops, an antique store that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere. I had no idea what the belt was doing in the store, but it certainly was a lucky day for me! ASOS has one of the best online collections for waist belts I reckon. Keep it simple with this classic black belt. Or make a statement with a bolder piece.


The way the vest or waistcoat is used so casually now has definitely caused a huge revolution, as it was previously only used for formal occasions. That is certainly something of the past. We all know how difficult it is to choose what to wear, and most of the time choose the simplest outfit if we're in a rush. However, with the ways vests are used now, you can almost instantly edge up your outfit by simply adding a vest to it. Not to mention, it is light, perfect for the breezy weather we've been having down under. 

The vest is also a great way to balance your outfit as it plays a lot with proportions. For those with longer torsos, the vest is an excellent solution. Moreover, this classic piece is not only for men. It is the one piece of clothing I am glad was made unisex. Especially now with the various fashion movements and up and coming designers, the designs are getting more and more creative, making it even more fun for us girls when dressing up (i.e. during our playtime).

Ladies, Club Monaco is the first place I would go to when looking for a vest, the downside is that they are very seasonal, so I would have to stock up on fur vests now as it is currently nearing winter in New York. Club Monaco's Cecilia Shearling vest, in particular, is to die for. As for the men, check out the Basement at Myer. You will definitely find edgy and casual vests there. However, if you are after something more formal, I highly suggest getting a tailored made three-piece suit. It will probably be expensive but to be honest, you only need one good suit. And when you are killing them ladies, looking all sauve, the price tag will just magically disappear!


A scarf can never be too much,  partly because no one wants it to be — it's too fun! Scarves, like us, come in all shapes and sizes, and that is what makes them special and unique. With the patterned and edgy scarf this Fashionisto paired with his smart casual outfit, you can certainly see that it adds a little something extra to the whole ensemble. Do me a favor and visualize his outfit without the scarf and you will begin to see what I am trying to say: his outfit will look less unique and more average. 

It is common knowledge that items of the same colour, regardless of the tone, will match each other. Hence, scarves can also help in constructing an outfit. This Fashionisto's outfit matches up well because his scarf has both black and green in it. Subtle, yet it makes a world of difference. Furthermore, not only is the scarf itself versatile, there are many different ways to wear it. Just google “ways to wear a scarf” and I guarantee you you will definitely find something. Or, just check out one of these videos by YouTube make up, fashion and beauty gurus, Chriselle Lim and Michelle Phan, to see how to make full use of your scarf. 

Scarves can be found everywhere. Just head down to your local department store like David Jones or Myer and be amazed by the extensive selections they have to offer. However, another great thing about them is that you can buy them online with no fears, because there will rarely be an occasion where it will not fit. So go on, shop away!


So we've covered sheer tops, maxi skirts and floral prints (for both men and women). What about the combination of both in a maxi skirt? Sheer skirts have definitely been a trend this spring. Everyone is all about the sheer skirt, from celebrities to our Fashionistas on They have even been appearing in quite a few runways for designers' spring 2013 collections. Take a look at Stella McCartney's collection, need I say more? After all what's not to love, you keep cool and comfortable while looking effortless and chic.

The sheer maxi skirt is so versatile it will make your head spin! There are so many textures, designs, colours, patterns and cuts to be played with when it comes to this skirt. You might want to spend a little more on a skirt like this though. Most of the time, the price of the item is correlated to the quality of that item. So, cheaper skirts generally result in poorer quality. We do not want the material to snag now do we? Also, you would definitely want to wear something more underneath the skirt. It is definitely not fashionable when others can see what's not meant to be seen.

I feel that the fluidity of the skirt can give you a very ethereal feel that you might want to play around with. If so, this white Xuan Maxi skirt from Hien Le will be great for the role! Or perhaps rock up in this edgier piece from Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten. Both skirts are from Far Fetch.


The pretty and colourful zig zag lines you see on this Fashionista's dress have often been called “African prints”or “tribal prints” by the media and other Fashionistas. This often causes a lot of misconceptions about the heritage of the print, since many will believe that the print was designed in Africa. What many are unaware of, is that the print actually originated from Indonesia's Javanese traditional clothing — the Batik.

However, regardless of where the print is from, it is still a revolutionary design that remains in fashion up until today. Admittedly, it has been out of the spotlight for quite sometime, but it is certainly making its comeback. A new trend has arisen (again) with sightings of actors, models and singers like Beyoncé, Heidi Klum and Jessica Szohr, donning the print.

This Fashionista paired her gorgeous ethnic dress with a boyfriend tee and black sneakers. A great combination for the cool weather we've been having. She also highlights something I like doing myself, using the boyfriend tee like a cardigan. The print can overdo an outfit though, so if you are going to be pairing it with something else, be sure to do so with plainer clothing.

The great thing about trends is that sales will eventually follow. Check out ASOS's Vero Moda Techno Tribal Bandeau dress, one look and I am sold. Another stunner is Nasty Gal's Neomi Stripe high-waist skirt. For something a little more formal, this Misumi Black Mesh Panel Jaquard Peplum dress from New Look will probably be just what you are looking for, plus an extra side of “edge.”


The maxi dress: an underrated dress that for some odd reason everyone seems to leave behind a lot of the time. It is not the outfit you would immediately think of or see around, probably because many have the misconception that you have to have legs that run on for miles to be able to pull it off, but I am here to say that this is not true. In fact, plain black or plain coloured maxi dresses, like this Fashionista's, can make you look slimmer, more slender and taller!

Personally, I feel that maxi dresses should look, and be styled, as minimalistic as possible. Having too many prints on a maxi dress will not have the same sophisticated effect the same dress will have without prints. This Fashionista did it perfectly, and looked effortless in her simple, yet chic maxi dress. Pairing her dress with a large necklace keeps her outfit from being plain without overpowering it.

Maxi dresses come in all shapes and forms. They are versatile and can be worn on numerous occasions. Going on a date or just a casual night out with friends? This Olsen maxi dress by Religion will do the trick. Going to a dinner and dance? Then this vibrant reddish-orange piece by Aqua will be the perfect choice. Even if you want to relax and grunge out in a comfortable one piece, ASOS's maxi dress in Jersey and woven mix is the one for you. Whatever occasion, you can definitely count on the maxi dress to pull through.


It all comes down to how you dress. Whether you are going for a job interview, to class or for a day out shopping, most of the time your dress will certainly say something about who you are. Think of your wardrobe as a sneak peek everyone gets into your life. This Fashionista (who by the way, definitely knows her colour tones and combinations) chose to show the quirky, yet chic side of herself.

Choosing different shades of red to match with black may seem simple enough, but can more often than not, make your outfit look like a mess. Notice how nothing on this Fashionista is loose fitting? She kept her outfit stylish by keeping it relatively figure hugging. There was also only one outstanding part of her outfit, her long skirt. Having only one outstanding part of your outfit keeps it uncluttered and refreshing to see.

This Fashionista's long skirt is a piece that she will probably never throw out. It is simple and chic, an everlasting combination that will always remain in style. Everyone should own a long black skirt. It is alright to splurge as you will need one (wanting more after is a different story)!

Rag & bone has some of the nicest long skirts. The Riley chiffon maxi skirt, in particular, is one of their best work. You can also mix things up a little and give yourself an extra edge with Evil Twin's Divided Split Combo skirt available at Planet Blue. Or keep it short and simple, literally, with this skirt from the La Petite Robe collection designed by Chiara Boni. Be cautious of the look you are trying to go for though, the 3/4 length of this skirt will keep your outfit on the sweeter side.