In the last weeks the weather here in São Paulo, or better, in Brazil, was crazy. We had record temperatures — the heat was really unbearable. To refresh, not only did the lighter clothes help, but also a good dose of ice cream and juices.

Here in the south hemisphere summer will arrive in December bringing more sunshine and high temperatures. To handle this warm air, the right and comfortable clothes make all the difference. The Fashionisto of this week chooses light clothing — basic and fashionable. Starting with a black V-neck made with a very fine fabric is perfect to leave the body well ventilated. To complete the look, he choosea white twill shorts, an important part to support these heatwaves in Brazil. To complete the look we have the famous Keds shoes, a brand that started late in the 19th Century and are still popular today.

Hint: You can change the color, shape or style, but in the summer the most important is the light and airy fabric. This is the main feature that makes the look perfect because when you see a person wearing a leather jacket and pants in 40 degree temperatures, this will be very strange. Learning to dress not only with the clothes that are high on the catwalks is very important — showing others that you feel comfortable is the key.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Men´s Acessories

Accessories are an important part of the wardrobe for both women and men. Women have always been concerned about this matter and the majority of the stores are focused towards the female audience. But this scenario is changing and men are increasingly gaining more space.

This week's Fashionisto chose three accessories that not only matched one another but also with his basic look. The first is a leather strap with several skulls, which are popular these past seasons. The second strap, also made of leather, blends perfectly with not only the first accessory but also with the watch.

To match the accessories, this Fashionisto chose a basic look with simple washed jeans, oxford shoes and a striped V-neck. The T-shirt is what gives color to the look, with stripes that mix more than one color.

Hint: Male accessories are a great option for those who want to change a look without exaggerating it. Combining or not combining materials is not the problem, but knowing how to tie the whole together it is most important.


For those who have read my articles you probably noticed that I follow of the ideology “simple is better.” Currently, many people I find to be featured for fashion have to wear fancy and flashy clothes, unlike anything that they seen on the streets. Obviously, when the different outfit is considered good, the designer makes great success like the iconic McQueen´s shoes or the Gaultier´s sutiã.

The Fashionisto chosen for this week, like me, is a follower of  the ideology of “less is more.” Hitting simply the basics, he made the right choices for a normal day of college. First he chose a seamless blue cotton T-shirt with an open collar. He protected himself from the cold with a gray cashmere coat — a color that blends perfectly with the black twill pants. These three parts, mandatory in any man's wardrobe, would not be complete without the beige sneakers that give the final touch, allowing the components to work in harmony.

Hint: To be considered fashionable you don´t need to incorporate different colorful and shocking clothes. For a normal day-by-day at college it´s more important to feel comfortable while spending a few hours sitting in class.


Who has never heard about Versace, one of the most important designers of the twentieth century? Created by Gianni Versace, the brand has always been synonymous with luxury and glamour. The founder knew how to expose what was happening throughout the world in popular culture, since the creation of the brand until his tragic death. For example, the power dressing of the '80s.

As a fan of the Versace brand, the Fashionisto chooses a T-shirt that has a great photo of one of the biggest names of the fashion world. This T-shirt is different from the others because it has neon colors making the T-shirt funnier and Brazilian's summer face. To complement the summer´s color, he wears pastel blue shorts.

To finish the look, this Fashionisto chooses less flashy accessories. The first is the black hat, which gives charm to the look. The second is his black diamond-patterned tennis shoes. These two combined with the rest of the look are perfect.

Hint: You must have attitude to wear clothes with flashy colors — without that the clothes become boring and you will feel strange.


Ethnic prints are a very important part of an alternative guy's wardrobe. Brazil borders several countries with different cultures and, therefore, ends up drinking from these rich sources. Furthermore, the Brazilian people are a mixture of various cultures. They are not only from Portugal but also from everywhere in the world.

This week's Fashionisto wears ethnic print shorts. The pattern is more traditional without flashy colors or complex drawings that we see nowadays. On top he wears a T-shirt with an urban, modern picture. Its pattern resembles a magazine article — it forms a contrast between modern and traditional style and is also completely on the opposite side of cultures. To make the look less different, he chooses brown suede boots and striped black and gray socks to make the look more relaxed.

Hint: To wear ethnic prints without falling into fantasy is not as difficult as you think — just be careful with the pieces and additional colors in the pattern. Knowing this, it is easy to build a modern and fashionable look.


In my articles I always relate the looks with not only fashion, but also with history and society for example — this time will be no different.

Nowadays, wearing stripes is very common. Everyone likes them no matter their social class. However, a few centuries ago stripes were only worn  by those banned from society, crazies and diseased. Over the years, this prejudice was pushed aside and stripes began to be linked with new ideas: freedom, playfulness, humor and youth.

After all this explanation, we can understand the choice of the Fashionisto. The T-shirt has a patterned flashy striped, which makes the look vibrant. The colorful Nike shoes are another interesting visual detail. To avoid overwhelming the look, he chooses tailoring trousers. The set of all these three pieces give a sense of spontaneity and fun to his look.

Hint: Mixing patterns is very cool and fashionable, but we have to be careful because we may appear more ridiculous than fashionable. When in doubt always choose a look with a neutral piece to mix with a more crafted piece so you will never missed.


Like many people, I love old movies and I have had my muses like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot. They not only rocked in the cinema, but also became fashion icons in the '50s and '60s. Who does not remember Marilyn and her pleated dress in The Seven Year Itch, or the iconic Givenchy dress that Audrey wore in the film Breakfast at Tiffany's or the BB´s unparalleled beauty in Et Dieu…Créa La Femme?

Like me, this Fashionisto is also a fan of these goddesses of cinema. The stamp of the T-shirt with a open collar was from BB, one of the hundred most influential names in the fashion world, according to the Times. To complete the look he wears a pair of black skinny jeans. The pants match very well with the hyper-modern silver sneakers preventing the outfit from looking basic.

To close the style, he wears sunglasses that have a typical '60s visual. These sunglasses are known as a trademark of John Lennon, another influential legend, not only in music but also in the fashion world.

The classics are always with us. Brigitte Bardot will be always a sexy symbol and John Lennon's glasses will be always cool.


The '50s were marked by several tribes: the rockers, the teddys boys, the beats, etc.. Rebels and revolutionaries, they influenced not only the ideals, but the whole fashion of the decade. Today, we see all this influence when we look at people on the street and recognize a little James Dean or Marlon Brando influence.

This Fashionisto knows how to blend so harmoniously betweeen the whole culture of that decade and a modern look. The jeans, a hallmark of many rebels without a cause, is a piece created for the workers; but they gained worldwide popularity through the films and became more than mandatory in all closets — a piece that can be used both as casually or socially. For a totally different look, you just need to replace the sweatshirt for a jacket.

In addition, we see a boot that remind us of the famous creepers worn by fancy teddy boys. Closing the look we have two pieces that become the whole outfit. First, there is a shirt with rolled up sleeves and different cuttings and patterns, making the look more fun. Second, the brown leather belt with details in beige adds another dimension to the basic jeans.

Hint: The interesting twist is not to copy the looks from past decades that marked the fashion world, but to know how to take all the inspiration from them. This way you can be authentic and will be able to create new things. Remember (not only in fashion) never to copy — always be creative and show to the world what you have to bring.


Knowing how to choose clothes day after day may seem easy, but without the necessary care a person may convey the wrong idea, exaggerating or leaving the look very simple.

This week, I chose this look because it exemplifies the ideal outfit for the everyday life of a São Paulo college student boy who lives and works in a city where everything is as chaotic as its weather and streets. The light gray sweatshirt is a basic piece in everybody's closet. It is picked up from sportswear clothes, which brings more comfort to the heavy routine of many people. The denim shirt under the sweatshirt strips the air of sport from the outfit.

The red jeans shorts are my favorite part of the whole look. Basic and cheerful, it gives a “lifted” feeling to the look. Matching are his red loafer shoes, another piece that you must have in many colors and styles inside the wardrobe.

Finally, we have the bag with green details, a great partner for any time. It can be used either in the city or on the beach or in the field. Beyond that, you can find it in many materials and colors, and it is really practical to carry around college or work materials. However, it is a piece to wear during the day, at night it is good to leave it at home resting for the next day.

Choosing clothes for a normal day at work or college is sometimes more complicated than choosing clothes to wear at night. The secret is to have basic pieces in the wardrobe and to learn how to mix them with different pieces. Certainly, always follow your style and you will never be wrong.

Style Guru Bio: Vanessa Lech

Describe me? It will be difficult because we always see the bad side more than the good side of ourselves, but I´ll try to be very honest.

My name is Vanessa Bertoni Lech, but everyone calls me Van. I'm 21 years old and I am a third year Fashion Design student at Faculdade Santa Marcelina. I have been living in São Paulo, Brazil since I was born. So far I have nothing to complain about my hometown — São Paulo is a rich city of culture and entertainment. One of its charms: the large number of fashion shows available, such as the famous Fashion Week and Casa de Criadores.

My style? That is hard to explain. I have no definite style, but you will not see me wearing too flashy or exaggerated clothes for sure. Although I like mixing colors, If I wear a colored garment that calls more attention I´ll pair it with a more neutral one; the same thing for accessories. I love wearing large and comfortable clothes with a black sneakers or beige loafers everyday. At night, like most women, I wear something more sexy with basic peep toe shoes and a maxi necklace or maxi earrings.

Fashion has become something vital in my life, so strong that I have chosen it for my professional future. It is a world that fascinates and delights me.

I hope that through this opportunity with CollegeFashionista I can show you the fashion world of Brazilian boys. I look forward to seeing you here LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS next week.