How I Landed My Dream Internship

By pursuing a creative career I have had to work harder than most of my peers in order to differentiate myself. While challenging, it has been so genuinely fun and worthwhile—mostly because I landed my ideal internship with the visual display team at Anthropologie! So here are three very basic tips for any Fashionista who is pursuing a creative career.

Get Involved

I can’t stress this enough—clubs, internships, and extracurricular organizations are your best friend. I am part of an academic society, a student director of an art gallery in downtown Raleigh, as well as being the director of photography for an annual fashion show on campus! Colleges offer so many opportunities to explore outside of your major, meet like-minded people, and network with industry professionals. All of my experiences have given me the kind of professional skills that you can only get by putting yourself out there and getting involved!

Try New Things

College is one of the few times in your young adult years that you will have resources to step outside your comfort zone. If you have the opportunity to study abroad and take classes outside your major, do it. Want to learn a new technique? Ask a professor or skilled peer for a little private session! I am a fibers and fashion student, and when I took a shine to woodworking, the pros in the college’s wood shop were more than happy to help me. I’m so glad I stepped outside of my comfort zone for that because being able to use power tools is a huge reason why I got my internship!

Be Well Rounded

In life, and with creative careers especially, you never want to be a one trick pony. If you are interested in technical fashion design, be sure you are familiar with couture techniques as well. If you are interested in digital photography, try your hand at film sometime! Be a creative student with a killer GPA, because as important as your portfolio is, understanding the ins and outs of written communication is essential as well.

You may be confused as to why I have busted my buns to cover my carefully curated outfit with a paint-splattered apron and sketchbook in hand day after day, but I couldn’t be happier. I have loved Anthropologie since I was following my mom around the store as a child. In the past few years, it became very clear to me that I wanted to bring my creative energy and skills to the fashion industry, and what better way to do that than to build the displays and curate the environment of one of the most enchanting retail spaces in the industry? I work hard in school and creative endeavors, put myself out there, and build connections with people to afford myself opportunities with my dream company—and you can too!

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Spicing Up Your Summertime Classics

Gingham, seersucker, and stripes have been summertime’s classic staples for decades. As fashion has evolved with trends coming and going, these timeless patterns and fabrics have been constant. Those summertime stripes are a massive trend this season. They have been used in ways that are both simple and chic, as well as bold and statement making. Stripes are also being implemented in the modern button downs that graced the S/S 17 runways in unexpected silhouettes and deconstructed styles. This Fashionista has taken the base of both these trends, keeping them casual and wearable for a wonderful daytime ensemble.

What I love about this babe is that she keeps things simple—taking the bold stripes and avant-garde button-down trends and streamlining them in a way that any Fashionista can pull off. She pairs her blue and white button-down with some high-waisted denim shorts for a classic and crisp summery look. What could have been a very understated look, this Fashionista made it all her own with the addition of black and silver accessories. She rocks a black leather belt with the etched hardware so much that I sought for one myself. Complementing the belt, she wears a metal choker with black enamel detailing. Both of these pieces are gorgeous, detailed interest elements that soften the look and feel of the traditional striped shirt. Again taking a twist on the traditional she ties her entire look together with the most adorable slip-on loafers with metallic silver that complements the hardware sprinkled throughout her look.

This Fashionista has taken the parts of the seasonal trends that work for her and implemented them in a way that fits her wardrobe and her life—to me, that is true style! This summer when you’re wearing those crisp summer classics, don’t be afraid to mix it up and add pieces that contrast your clothing in both color and shape. Modernize your traditional accessories by opting for metallics or other bold colors.

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Slaying Your Summer Internship in Overalls

The spring semester is over, I have shed myself of all school related responsibilities and I am now officially the best version of myself. The bulky winter wear is in storage and I am headed back up north for a super exciting internship opportunity! As every great Fashionista knows, this comes with some new wardrobe additions—I am so lucky to be in a creative field, so for me this meant getting pieces that are stylish and versatile.

I believe that dressing professionally is important, but I don’t think the rules of dressing for work are so cut and dry. I think first you must take into account the company that you’re working for and decide what that specific environment calls for in terms of business formal versus dressy casual attire. More importantly than any of the rules, I think it is essential to show your personality! For some that could mean adding a statement necklace or heels to your work-wear, for others that could simply involve playful prints on a conservative silhouettes.

I have a deep love for overalls and jumpsuits, and I am lucky enough to have scored an internship with a creative team in a retail company that supports my obsession! This deep turquoise jumpsuit is one of my new favorites for so many reasons. A twist on the traditional overall, this jumpsuit is made of a lightweight, slinky fabric which creates a more chic and refined feeling and is perfect for summer. Bright colors are very in this season but being that I am not typically one for loud hues, this jumpsuit is the perfect compromise of color with a simple, but eye-catching pattern. Beyond all those great reasons, this jumpsuit is wildly versatile!

While my look here is super casual, I actually got this specifically for my interview, where I wore it with a more formal white top and some chunky caramel colored heels. After nailing my interview, I toned it down a little bit for a stroll with my sweet fur baby, pairing my jumpsuit with a comfortable white bra top to keep me cool in this southern heat. Complementing the jumpsuit’s hardware I went for a minimalist silver, layered necklace and a structured bag, both of which are simple interest elements that introduce new textures to the ensemble without competing for attention. A trend that I love right now is slides and mules (seriously, they’re like the sophisticated cousin of the flip flop), so I opted for some white slides to top off this simple summery outfit.

When shopping for your work wardrobe, or just shopping in general, keep these general rules of thumb in mind and always look for versatile pieces that can be dressed up for work, or dressed down when you’re out for a casual afternoon with your pup!

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STYLE GURU STYLE: Spring, Sprang, Sprung

Spring is finally here to stay and I am pulling out all my warm weather favorites faster than the flowers are blooming. Trading in my monochromatic winter wear for airy pastels is the seasonal turning point I have been looking forward to for months! The best part of this season is all the trends I have been eagerly awaiting to participate in ever since they first took to the runway at the beginning of the year. Taking a little inspiration from one of my favorite looks from the Haider Ackermann Spring/Summer 2017 show, I put together something sweet and simple.

This look is made up of some of my springtime staples. This white tennis skirt will forever be a classic, one that every Fashionista should have in her wardrobe. Not only is it a timeless piece that brings a fresh, fun quality to any ensemble, but it can be dressed up or down. Instead of pairing this with a plain T-shirt you could opt for a cute sleeveless top, or alternatively, punk it up a bit with a graphic T-shirt and some statement jewelry! My choice for today was to keep it minimal with a pale pink and white ringer T-shirt that complemented the crisp white skirt. For my outer layer I opted for my all time favorite oversize denim jacket. This is a great piece that I have gotten so many compliments on—the perfect shade of blue, the ideal distressed quality, and the very best oversize fit. It’s great for almost any season as a lightweight layering element, as well! To finish off this look I put on my go-to pair of white canvas sneakers, and my newest eyewear obsession. Seen on stars like Bella Hadid and Selena Gomez, I knew I had to have some translucent colored lens glasses. While it is true that they don’t necessarily offer any UV protection like your typical sunglasses, just look at them! All kinds of shades of cool, I can’t get enough.

Transitioning into spring is simply the best time of the year in my opinion. Getting the chance to break out all your seasonal favorites and mix and match them to the current trends of your choosing is a fun and exciting challenge that any Fashionista can appreciate!

STYLE GURU STYLE: Sweatshirt Chic

Karl Lagerfeld once said, “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life and you bought some sweatpants.” Since reading that in high school, I can’t in good conscience wear sweats outside of the house. Under normal circumstances they make me feel frumpy and lazy, but in the past few seasons the sporty chic look has been happening in a big way. Hoodies are a huge part of this new trend, as seen on both the Fenty x Puma and the Vetements runways during the Spring/Summer 2017 season. With the addition of sleek details and the use of swanky fabrics, these hoodies are not fit for the gym. This new landscape of chic sweats and sportswear has me changing my tune and ready to dress up my own hoodies.

I am obsessed with this sweatshirt—the deep V-neck lace-up front with oversize grommets dresses up the traditional hoodie with the addition of other key trends. The athletic stripes down the arm and around the wrists and waist give off some sporty vibes and wrap around to draw attention to the patch graphic on the back. I paired this modern sweatshirt with some black, high-waisted jeans and black and white flatform kicks to keep it simple and casual. I added a little flare to this laid-back look with the addition of my favorite black wool baseball hat. Like with the alternative materials Fenty x Puma is using for their sportswear, this cap passes over the basic cotton and plays around with more upscale fabrics. Seeking out baseball caps that are suede, velvet, leather, or wool is a great way to cover up a bad hair day or elevate your athletic apparel! To finish off the look I wore my hair in a sleek, straight ponytail and put on a deep maroon lip that made me feel chic in my sweatshirt.

We all have off days when we just want to rock the lazy look but with the new landscape of sweats, as defined by all of these high fashion brands, there is no excuse! You can rock a sweatshirt and a baseball cap with some jeans and have it be chic, as long as you look for hoodies and hats in unconventional materials, with fun interest elements that give these pieces a higher quality feel.

STYLE ADVICE: Tasteful Tulle

The weather down here in Raleigh has been less than wintery, but the Fashionistas aren’t complaining! We have the upper hand, and are embracing the opportunity to try out the spring/summer 2017 trends a little early. One of those seasonal trends displayed prominently on the Dior runway was tulle. I am loving this feminine and playful fabric, and couldn’t be more excited to see how it translates into street style in the upcoming months. That’s why I was stopped in my tracks upon seeing this babe sporting the trend in such a fun way!

This Fashionista brings the tulle trend to the streets of Raleigh in the form of a mid-length skirt, which she pairs with some wedge mules and a graphic crop top. Her interpretation of the trend makes it incredibly wearable for a night downtown or a fun dinner with friends. The addition of casual elements, like her hand embroidered T-shirt, make the romantic tulle a little more edgy and give it a street style twist. And I can’t be the only one gushing over the embroidered ‘girl power’ message that made its way into this ensemble! To top it all off, incorporating gold accessories complements her monochromatic outfit and makes for an elegant pop of color. I could not love this flirty little look any more!

Taking runway trends and making them your own is what real style is all about. Interpreting and translating high fashion trends into wearable items that you can employ in your real life is one of the hardest things that we, as young Fashionistas, can do. The trick is to keep it simple and use those trends as statement items to create tasteful outfits, like this babe did with her tulle midi skirt!

STYLE GURU BIO: Victoria Hancock

Hey there Fashionistas, I’m excited to be back and kicking off 2017 with you all! For those of you who don’t already know me, I’m Tori! After a bit of jumping around, I have migrated south from my home state of Maryland, and am currently pursuing my degree in art and design at North Carolina State University. Having lived in Raleigh for a few years now, it’s safe to say I have found fashion forward babes with styles ranging across the board, and I can’t wait to share more of them with you all!

I have been an avid lover of fashion for as long as I can remember, and have enjoyed every second of building my own style and the growth that comes with that challenge. I am not someone who could describe their aesthetic to you—so when I say “growth”, the changes are constant. I modify my looks according to season and ever-evolving trends, leaving what doesn’t work for me and modifying what I enjoy to work for my wardrobe and personality. Beyond fashion, I have been absolutely obsessed with photography since I was 13 and shooting with my dad’s old film camera. As my love of fashion grew, I combined it with the art form that I had grown so fond of, thus turning two hobbies into one passion. My love for photography and my intense appreciation for true style is why I love being a part of the CollegeFashionista community, and am so happy to be back and sharing with people who enjoy the same things!

While I do not subscribe to a set style, I find myself consistently keeping it simple. For this look, I paired my go-to high-waisted jeans with a white crop top and a black trench coat. I love the contrast of colors and styles—pairing the casual elements with a more formal outer layer makes for a great every day outfit. To add a little flare to my simple ensemble I threw on a neck scarf, which is a current obsession of mine. If you think about it, a neckerchief is essentially a super versatile, classy choker, and we all love chokers don’t we? To top it off I went for my favorite neutral bag and platform kicks. This is a pretty standard winter outfit for me, although I would hardly call 65 degrees in January winter!

Thanks for taking the time to read about me, and stay tuned for a great semester full of fashion from Raleigh!

BEAUTY BAR: Bronze Beauty

Just as I thought we were going to have an endless summer, winter has arrived in full swing with all the endless holiday parties, dinners and awkward family encounters that come with it. As the semester ends and I head home for the holidays, I can’t help but think of all of the special occasions to plan for in the coming weeks. This got me thinking about an everyday beauty look that could transition from dinner with family to drinks with friends with little to no adjustment.

This gorgeous bronze eye is just the look to get Fashionistas through the holiday season. Shimmering with subtle smoky corners and a minimal lip, this look is festive, warm and versatile. Something that will satisfy grandma at brunch and make you the envy of your friends later that evening, this look creates a bright, fresh-faced look during the day and gives you a more moody feel when the sun goes down. The versatility of this makeup is great for more festive outfits and occasions, or for more casual outfits like the one this Fashionista is wearing. She pairs her gorgeous bronze eye makeup with a cozy knit and denim combo, and tops it off with a head full of messy, tousled curls. Swapping out her cozy knit sweater with a layered T-shirt, satin camisole and some heeled booties is all it would take to have her ready for the evening!

Make this Fashionista’s look your own with a shimmering bronze lid, highlighted under the brow line and the inner corners of the eyes. Add the smoky effect with a dark brown in the outer corners and crease of the lid, and the outer corner of your bottom lashes. Top your eyes off with a coat or two of lengthening mascara. Then bring in some blush and highlighter, add nude lip, and your bronze beauty look is complete! And if you want to go the extra mile, get these tousled curls with a one-inch curling iron and some texturizing spray. This is truly a quick and easy look that is appropriate year round, but is perfect for the most wonderful time of the year!

Having a makeup look that is good for multiple occasions is like having a secret weapon, and this subtle bronze smoky eye is they key to getting through the whirlwind of holiday occasions and a wonderful way to keep your look warm during these cool winter months.


The transition from summer to fall has only just begun here in Raleigh, so Fashionistas across campus are beginning to pull out their chunkiest knit sweaters and their best jeans—and in this case, some killer overalls. If you’ve been keeping up with me since the beginning, you are well aware of my affinity for overalls. A pair for every season is a necessity as far as I’m concerned, and this Fashionista just happens to agree.

Dressing for transitory weather can be a bit tricky, but as long as you keep a couple things in mind, it should be a breeze. It is all about balance—going for a combination of long pants and a short sleeve top is perfect for layering up later on, and to the same effect, you could wear a dress with a little sweater over the top to keep you cozy. I love that this Fashionista went beyond the standard top-and-jeans route and opted for full-length overalls instead. Not only do I praise her for the selection, I am utterly obsessed with the solid black as an alternative to the classic denim. She pairs her overalls with a simple white T-shirt with thin black stripes, and an inverse band of black with white stripes going around the sleeves is an added delicate detail. A simple stripe is perfect when you are looking to add a little bit of visual interest, but still want to keep it chic. To complement the lines in her top, she adds a pair of adorable pointed toe flats with a dainty ankle strap that give her overalls a sense of sophistication. In contrast to the super linear elements in her look, she adds a gold necklace with a curved bar that accompanies her round, tortoise shell sunglasses. These little accents add warmth and dimension to her otherwise black-and-white outfit. Pairing more formal elements, like these black leather, pointed toe flats with simple pieces makes for an outfit that is both comfortable and chic.

This Fashionista has nailed the perfect outfit for the temperamental summer-to-fall weather here in the South. By finding a balance, and giving herself the ability to layer up later on, she has put together an easy outfit with all the right accessories to keep her feeling comfortable, while looking chic.


The fall semester is up and running, and if your schedule is anything like mine, you have a full course load and some heavy extracurricular activities that are keeping you busy day and night. With a schedule that demanding, it’s hard to prioritize looking good for class, so I take note of casual cute outfits like this one.

This Fashionista combines feminine and punk elements to create an easy-to-throw-on ensemble that is perfect for the days when you’re in a rush but still need to look presentable. Her wrap crop top has a dainty floral pattern and side tie detail, giving this comfy top little interest elements. To go with her top, she chose a deep violet midi skirt. The color of skirt stands out against the other elements of her outfit and provides the perfect pop. The high waist of the skirt paired with the wrap of the top cinches her at just the right point, and the length gives her just enough room to show off those monochromatic sneakers. Her kicks give her that fun punk element and let her play around with the trend of skirts and dresses paired with sneakers. To top off this look, she adds a black velvet choker that lines up perfectly with her super chic hair. This outfit is simple and comfortable, making it perfect for class, and at the same time, plays with fun trends and small details that add interest elements for a put-together look.

As hard as the balance all of life’s responsibilities can be, it’s so easy to throw on a casual and cute outfit. Most of us are guilty of throwing on shorts and a big T-shirt for class time and again, but next time you’re reaching for that old sweatshirt, just remember that a simple, put-together outfit is just as easy and will make you feel twice as good.