WHAT TO WEAR: A Guy’s Guide to Flawless Fashion

How could someone not take fashion advice from this stylish Fashionisto? This Fashionisto is an optometry major at Ferris State and a true style expert. He gets a lot of his inspiration from his favorite pop punk bands and his biggest idol, Panic! At The Disco’s lead singer, Brendon Urie. He most appreciates summer fashion, and therefore takes interest in west coast fashion. It’s clear that his mixed passions for California fashion and the punk scene make for the perfect sense of style.

This Fashionisto started his outfit with a pair of slim fit black jeans. Black denim is a great choice because it looks more sophisticated than everyday blue denim. Black is classy, but the style is still quite relaxed. Like this Fashionisto, you can dress up a pair of more formal looking black skinny jeans with the right shirt. You can do anything with them and they’ll never go out of style.

The most eye-catching piece of this outfit was the fitted floral button-down. Being the only colored article, the eye is naturally drawn to the tiny white flowers against the solid navy blue background. The pattern sticks out more than the solid black statements: his hair, pants, and shoes. This Fashionisto says his shirt was his favorite part of his outfit because it was comfortable and perfect for the sunny weather that day.

The black and white trend flows from his black hair all the way down to a true punk piece, his black and white pair of Vans Sk8-His. Vans is based out of southern California and highly appeals to the punk scene. The brand sponsors the Vans Warped Tour every summer, a nation wide music tour featuring pop punk, punk, and screamo bands. “Summer is my favorite season so I’m excited for everything it entails, including Vans Warped Tour!” This Fashionisto said. “It’ll be interesting seeing a lot of bands I’m not too familiar with, but that’s the fun part.” He is looking forward to picking his outfit for the tour and gaining new inspiration and fashion ideas from other creative punk styles at the show.

Accessories are essential to completing an outfit. One of his favorite accessories is his silver wrist watch. The watch was a Christmas gift from his grandmother. Accessorizing with a wristwatch adds a sense of class to any outfit. In addition to being convenient, it implies simplicity and signifies style. Guys must be careful about over accessorizing. However, adding the most versatile of all accessories, sunglasses, is a great way to turn a tool for shading your eyes into a trendy fashion statement. This Fashionisto wore his black and gold framed sunglasses to match the colors throughout the rest of his outfit. When they’re not covering his eyes they can sit on his head or dangle from his neckline and still look just as fashionable.

To find style like this Fashionisto check out your local Zumiez, Express, Tilly’s, American Eagle, and Journey’s. for some inspiration!


WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Break Edition

March is here and that means only one thing for us college students: spring break! Students travel all over the world looking for adventure, but if you’re anything like this Fashionista, you’re chasing the warm weather. The spring season brings motivation, positivity, and of course, sunshine. As the brutal winter weather comes to a halt, it’s time to put that winter coat away and break out the crop top!

Layering is a great way to not only create a cute look, but to stay warm when the clouds hide the sun or when the evening breeze begins to roll in. Spring weather can often be unpredictable, so this Fashionista paired a simple white cardigan with her crop top for the perfect combination to brace whatever Mother Nature throws at her.

It’s not quite summertime, so shorts may not be the best option for bottoms just yet. This Fashionista chose to wear a pair of her lightly ripped skinny jeans and roll them at the bottom for the perfect spring look. She’s cute, comfortable, and ready to ride with the windows down, which is exactly why she chose a thick, black statement headband as an accessory. In addition to matching her crop top, this Fashionista used the accessory to keep her gorgeous beach waves from getting tangled in the wind.

This Fashionista is dressed for spring break from head to toe, literally! Her white high-top sneakers are the perfect finishing touch to her spring break look. The spring season lightens fashion laws and allows the color white to be incorporated into the wardrobe more. While the warm weather makes everyone want to unbury their flip-flops and sandals, these stylish sneakers are the perfect fit for adventuring.

Whether you’re chasing the sunshine, climbing mountains, sailing seas, or road tripping this spring break, don’t forget to pack up your cutest spring break gear. Show off your sense of style no matter where you go just like this Fashionista. Safe travels!

STYLE ADVICE: Warm Up This Winter

It may be snowing on campus, but this Fashionista knows just how to turn up the heat! If you’re residing somewhere that the harsh winters are taking a toll, you understand how hard it can be to find the motivation to get ready for the day especially when your bed is so much warmer than the frozen tundra outside your window.

This Fashionista made sure to capture the dark colors of winter throughout her entire outfit. Her bodysuit is the perfect article to keep her warm and cozy whether she’s walking outside on her way to class or sitting in a chilly classroom. This Ariel lace long-sleeved bodysuit from Saks Fifth Avenue is not only the perfect color for the season, but it also provides a high neckline and long sleeves to help cover up when braving the harsh winter winds.

Selecting the right pair of pants to go with this unique bodysuit can be a challenge, but of course this Fashionista was prepared to find a match. She chose to go with a pair of maroon, high-waisted jeans that matched the color of the design within her top. These women’s high-waisted performance stretch jean leggings from Express come in a variety of colors to go with anything you can find in your closet. Not only are they sleek and sassy, but they’re also incredibly comfortable for those long days full of classes.

The leather jacket is an essential accessory that should be a part of everyone’s wardrobe. Layering is a great way to stay warm during the winter months, and what better way to layer than with a sleek leather jacket? The styling technique let’s you wear even more of your favorite clothes to keep warm. The best part? You can find one almost anywhere for a decent price. This women’s Blanknyc faux leather moto jacket from Nordstrom is a great choice, but if you’re in college and on a budget like this featured Fashionista, make sure to check out your local Salvation Army or Goodwill to see what treasures they have hidden on the racks.

To keep the color scheme flowing throughout her entire outfit, this Fashionista chose to wear her suede ankle boots similar to this pair from H&M. The small heel on the boot provides a perfect match for the outfit’s attitude by continuing the hints of sass.

These winter months can be exhausting: no sunshine, extreme amounts of snowfall, and icy sidewalks. As much as you want to roll out of bed and run to class in those cozy sweatpants and old high school hoodie, push yourself to turn something simple into a creative layered look this winter. Remember, always dress for success!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Rips, Ties, and Sparkling Eyes

If you live anywhere in the northern United States, you’re probably preparing yourself for the lovely season of winter. (Just kidding, it’s awful.) The snowfall season usually means bundling up head to toe in puffy jackets, hats, mittens, and clunky snow boots, but not for this featured Fashionista! She created the perfect winter weather look by highlighting specific details in her outfit, while still managing to stay warm under her coat.

When the cold weather strikes it’s time to put the tank tops away and break out the jackets. This Fashionista’s army green tie jacket keeps here warm on top of being a stylish fashion statement. The ties, buttons, and pockets make the piece unique and allow her to wear in many different ways. Similarly, this “After Party” by Nasty Gal crop sign army jacket would be a great touch to layer over any top.

To continue her creative use of details throughout her outfit, this Fashionista chose her favorite pair of distressed jeans. She believes that ripped jeans can add flare to any outfit, because there are so many different designs. These MOTO super rip Hayden jeans are a perfect middle ground for anyone who’s looking to add a little wear and tear to their outfit, but not go over the top.

An army jacket just isn’t complete without a pair of combat boots. These black Tate lace-up suede ankle boots provide lace-up details that give this Fashionista’s outfit even more attitude. They’re comfortable, trendy, and versatile, which makes them a top shoe choice for almost any occasion.

To add the final touches to her wintery look, she used the Urban Decay naked palette to highlight her eyes with natural bronze tones. She gently colored in her eyebrows using Anastasia dipbrow, and followed with a cheekbone highlight from the Anastasia ultimate glow kit.

The look this Fashionista created works for a variety of occasions and provides various details throughout the entirety of the outfit. This goes to show that the most simplistic outfit can turn out to be a glamorous look if you pay attention to the little things.

STYLE GURU BIO: Victoria Hudgins

As some of you may know, my name is Victoria and this is my second semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. For those of you that don’t know, allow me to fill you in! I am in my last semester at Ferris State University and studying applied speech communication with a minor in public relations. After graduation in May, my goal is to move from Michigan and take on Chicago. I grew up in a small town in the thumb of Michigan, but I’m a city girl at heart.

I’m a sales specialist at Victoria’s Secret and I wouldn’t trade my job for the world. Nothing makes me happier than assisting women in boosting their confidence and showing them it’s completely possible to fall in love with their own wardrobe. I plan to travel with the company and hopefully revisit New York City and Los Angeles one day. My dream job is to work behind the scenes at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Music soothes my soul. I am an extreme pop punk junkie. Fall Out Boy is my favorite band, but they’re followed closely by Panic! At The Disco, Blink-182, and All Time Low. I experienced my first Vans Warped Tour this past summer and I fell head over heels in love. A lot of inspiration for my style comes from the bands I listen to: the color black and heavy eye makeup.

I’m obsessed with the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Who doesn’t love a blue, talking caterpillar and a cat that disappears? But honestly, there’s something about the story of believing you can achieve anything that lights my fire and keeps me motivated to achieve my goals.

The outfit I chose to feature mixes both of my favorite things: Victoria’s Secret and pop punk. Bodysuits have become my favorite article of clothing, which is why I decided to wear my favorite very sexy long-sleeve lace bodysuit from Victoria’s Secret. The Ariel lace long sleeve bodysuit from Shopbop can create a very similar look. I paired the black bodysuit with nothing better than black leather boots that I found at my local Goodwill. These Florence leather heeled boots are almost identical and can be worn for almost any occasion. If Victoria’s Secret has taught me anything about putting together an outfit, it’s that no outfit is complete without beauty. To tie my featured style together, I wore an intense eau de parfum by Victoria’s Secret. It’s the perfect scent for my personality!

Getting ready is my favorite time of the day because I consider it my “me time.” I’ve learned so much about fashion, makeup, and my personal wardrobe from practice. Nothing makes me more excited than creating a new outfit and the confidence that comes with it, which is what I hope to do for others for the rest of my life.

Always remember that “the only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it is possible” (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland).

WHAT TO WEAR: The Return of the ’90s

If you’re a ‘90s baby like this Fashionista, you might have noticed that the decade’s trends are making a comeback. From jumpsuits to denim skirts to choker necklaces, 2016 is putting a spin on the original fashion statements from over 20 years ago. This Fashionista’s outfit is a perfect way to fit in with the crowd during a night out at one of the many shows currently touring the U.S.: Blink 182, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime with Rome and even Weezer.

So why not tie old trends together with new trends for the perfect concert look? If you’ve ever been to any sort of concert, you would understand band T-shirts are a must (as long as the band is in the same genre and time frame as the performing band). This Fashionista chose to wear her Red Hot Chili Peppers Classic Asterisk Black T-Shirt. Complementing her band T-shirt, and keeping the ‘90s trend alive, she tied her Flannel Plaid Button-Down Shirt around her waist. Now, pant styles from back then are cool and all, but it was time to spice up her outfit with her new PINK Ultimate Yoga Leggings. Not only are these great for a night out, but also for a workout at the gym, a movie night with friends, or an evening at the bar. The leggings’ versatility is what this Fashionista loves the most because she can wear them with literally anything!

To add to her modernized ‘90s look, this Fashionista chose to put on her Black Faux Leather Aztec Print Combat Boots. Originally from Wet Seal, these boots can now be found on CiCiHot.com. These boots are comfortable for a long evening on your feet, yet still very eye-catching and fashionable.

Of course, no ‘90s outfit is complete without the most memorable jewelry piece of the decade: the choker. With this updated fashion piece, she is able to rock the old trend in a new way. Her Plus Size Lace Choker Necklace is the perfect accessory for the evening.

Thanks to this fabulous Fashionista and her perfect ‘90s punk style, you’re ready to take on the concert world! It’s time to finally pull out that old band T-shirt stuffed away in the bottom drawer of the dresser and that old flannel hanging in the back of the closet. As a ‘90s baby myself, I’m in love with these trends and hope they continue to resurface. See you at the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert!

BEAUTY BAR: Welcome to the Dark Side

With fall quickly approaching, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. Naturally, bright summer colors begin to fade into the dark shades of fall, which is exactly what this featured Fashionista has accomplished in her beauty look.

With some help from Sephora, this look was easily created with a few simple layers. First, she applied her Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème under her eyes, on her forehead, on her chin and in the middle of her nose and proceeded to blend it. The next layer consisted of MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation that she blended onto her entire face with a moistened blender sponge. These two products are incredible for a lightweight look that lasts all day long. To highlight her cheekbones, she applied a light layer of NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator with her blush brush. This way, her blush color blended with her illuminator to create the perfect mixture of pink tones and highlights.

To draw and color in her eyebrows, she dipped her slanted bristle brush in Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW by Pomade and went to work. Every Fashionista needs a nude eye shadow palette, but the infamous Urban Decay Naked Eye Shadow Palette can be a little costly for college students on a budget. As a substitute, this Fashionista uses her budget-friendly version from Hot Topic, the L.A. Girl Beauty Brick Nudes Eye Shadow Palette, to create a dark blend of neutral fall colors on her lids. Once she created the mix she preferred, she applied a thin streak of Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner both on top and underneath her eyes. She completed her eyes by plumping up her lashes with Sephora’s Outrageous Volume – Dramatic Volume Mascara on both her top and bottom lashes.

Last but most definitely not least: lipstick! She colored her lips with “Girl Gang,” a plum color by Smashbox’s Always On Matte Liquid Lipstick that’s smudge-proof and lasts up to eight hours, so it’s perfect for any occasion!

This featured Fashionista coordinated her outfit to match her dark eyes and lips. She chose a burgundy dress with a little flare across the neckline to give her look some sass. She paired her dress with black cutout heels to keep her looking flawless head to toe. To complete her look, she brought along her black leather jacket. This way, her outfit is perfect for any occasion during the day but can quickly be ready for the night scene in absolutely no time!

STYLE GURU BIO: Victoria Hudgins

I like to think that fashion has always been something I’ve been good at. However, my awkward seventh grade school photo would definitely say otherwise. My love for fashion really escalated when I went away to college. Getting ready in the morning has become my favorite part of the day. After all, Oscar Wilde did say, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”

I am currently a senior at Ferris State University studying applied speech communication with a minor in public relations. I am a sales specialist at my dream company, Victoria’s Secret. I have a passion for bras, and I absolutely love helping women find their perfect fit! My dream job is to obtain a position working behind the scenes of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

My fashion inspiration comes from my favorite pastime, arguably my hobby: rock concerts. I am an extreme pop punk junkie. Some of my favorite bands include Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Sum 41 and Good Charlotte. The color black has become my best friend. While my wardrobe mostly consists of dark colors, I also utilize colors to complete my outfits, creating the perfect look. I consider myself a professional high heel wearer. You could say I’m the Simon Biles of high heel wearing.

My excitement to learn and grow with the fashion industry is beyond explanation. There is nothing I am more passionate about, and I cannot wait to share my love for clothing with the world.