Back to School Shopping—Dorm Decor Edition

It’s that time of the year everyone and I can practically hear the groans of kids all across the nation. Why? School is starting! I’m not going to lie, this is one of my favorite times of the year. It means that it’s time to do some back to school shopping. In my younger years, my excitement was towards the colorful school supplies and mechanical pencils. Now that I’m in college, all of my excitement is shopping for my dorm room decor! Here are a few basic guidelines to help you achieve the best dorm room for you.

I am a firm believer that your living space should be a representation of yourself. By this I mean you should decorate your space with things you like and things that make you feel happy. Your room is supposed to be your home away from home, the place you come to unwind and recharge. If your room doesn’t exemplify things that you are about, then it won’t be a place of relaxation and comfort.

Colors are so important when determining your decor, especially when you are figuring out the type of atmosphere you want your room to have. Warm tones like reds and yellows create a fun, upbeat, and lively vibe. Cool tones like blues and purples will create a more calm, chill, and relaxing vibe. It all comes down to you and what kind of environment suits you. As for me, I love happy and cheery vibes, so I chose warm tones for my room.

After you decide on colors, you can choose a theme! This is a very fun and essential part of your living space. This is where you can have lots of fun expressing yourself. Themes can range from preppy, boho, hipster, chic, etc. Within each theme, the possibilities are endless because it is all up to your interpretation. Add to your theme with posters of sayings that represent you, wall decals, photos, throws, and fun pillows. I am very free-spirited so I chose boho chic as my room theme. I decided to decorate with a beautiful tapestry to achieve this vibe.

Overall, the idea is to have fun with your room! Decorate as you wish and express yourself. Follow these basic guidelines and your room will surely be straight fire.

I would love to see how you decided to style your dorms for this year! Be sure to take lots of photos and tag us on social media at @Cfashionista!

Calling All Risk-Takers, Turn Your Hair Flops Into Hot Trends

I’m going to be real with you guys and disclose a truth to you that the fashion industry doesn’t always bring to light. Now, the fashion industry likes to say that taking risks is what fashion is all about. I, too, mentioned this in my last blog. Fashion is about taking chances, but you also need to be prepared for the result. Risks should be taken, but you may not always be pleased with the outcome. We like to think that a fashion designer grabs a little of this and a little of that, throws it all together, then marvels at their brilliant masterpiece. As if designers are just that good and their risks always end exactly as planned. However, that is not the case.

I recently took the risk of getting a new haircut and highlights. The results left me with an unpleasant surprise and out $400. Needless to say, my curls aren’t as “poppin’” as I had hoped, and I was quite disappointed. I later stumbled upon some of this summer’s hair trends and found that subtle highlights are in. My new highlights that I once thought were dull and unnoticeable are actually trending. Just like that, I started to feel more confident in my hair and gained a pep in my step. Why? Because my perspective was changed. As I thought deeper into fashion risks I realized that most fashion trends were results of

As I thought deeper into fashion risks I realized that most fashion trends were results of risks that didn’t end up as expected. Instead of changing this “failed risk” to fit the status quo, the status quo is changed to fit the risk. Thus, a trend is made! All because we, the fashion industry, say so.

So yeah, I was bummed about my new hair-do, but then I told myself it was bomb and so it was! I am writing to you not to discourage you from taking risks, but to encourage you. Know that even when the outcome isn’t as expected, a simple change in perspective makes all the difference.

Here are a few of the latest summer hair trends that were once taboo, but have been recently reclaimed as “in style.”

Gray hair is no longer just a symbol of age and wisdom, but rather an edgy look. Go all gray, try a silver balayage, or maybe a blonde gray look. Just have fun, because gray is now young!

Oh no, your roots are showing! No worries, natural roots are all the rage.

Attention all curly girls, leave those wash ‘n go’s alone! No need to stress over how to define those tight curls, just let your mane run free. The summer look for my naturalistas is undefined, fluffy fros! Embrace it, girlfriend, because your frizz is fierce!

What are some recent fashion risks you’ve taken? Leave a comment below or share with us on social media. Don’t forget to tag @cfashionista!

Smell the Roses Because School Is Ending and Florals Are Trending

Hello fashion lovers of all walks of life! Whether you are strutting the runway, walking through the busy streets of New York, or strolling down your local farmer’s market, this summer’s latest fashion trends will surely accommodate you. I was on the lookout for what’s hot this summer (pun intended), and I found so many different trends! With that said, I was forced to narrow the list.

We can’t talk summer fashion trends without first going over beach attire. One-pieces are owning the poolsides and seashores of summer 2017! These stylish one-pieces I’m talking about are not like our childhood one-pieces we cringed to wear every summer as we yearned for the day that we could finally fill out our very own bikini. No, these one-pieces are surely not cringe worthy, but style worthy! They have a low cut on the side and a high hip cut to show off our bodies natural curves. All the while, it gives just the right amount of coverage; I call this the perfect balance.

Let’s talk colors! This season is about all things bright! I am talking pinks of every shade and yellows of every hue. This season’s colors are truly getting their summer vibes on!

Now onto my favorite part: patterns! This summer, patterns have taken center stage. There are stripes galore, polka dots for days, and florals forever! These looks are going to be the scene just about everywhere you go.

Not all of the fashion trends for summer 2017 are for everyday-wear, but if you are daring, I say go for it! After all, fashion is all about taking risks! One risky trend that stood out to me in particular were robes! Yes, robes are a summer 2017 fashion trend. I am serious guys; it’s all over the runways. Gone is the day that you have to spend hours getting ready just to buy your morning caramel macchiato with coconut milk. Now you can just roll out of bed, throw on your cute robe, and head over to Starbucks before the line gets too long. Now to truly pull this look off you need to dress it up with a statement piece necklace and a cute pair of heels. I did my own rendition of the robe look on my friend by incorporating a few of this season’s trends!

I want you all to give this daring look a shot and show me your rendition of the summer 2017 robe trend on social media! Make sure to tag @Cfashionista on Insta!