When the weather gets especially frigid here in Ann Arbor, going to and from class becomes a trek through the tundra. Thus, it is essential that all Fashionistas keep as warm as possible during the snowy slumber.

This Fashionista keeps her ears and head warm (talk about double duty!) with her black-and-white crocheted headband (with an amazing flower to add the perfect touch!).

Headpieces, such as headbands, earmuffs and hats, are imperative for the cold weather. But what better way to stay warm and also fashionable than with the incorporation of a stylish headband or hat!

Spotted: An amazing array of hats on the Burberry Prorsum fall 2011 runway.


It’s time to throw away all notions that combat boots must be black. When winter hits, it’s imperative to soften up one’s outfit; what better way than by changing up one of fall’s classics: combat boots!

Today’s Fashionista takes her winter wardrobe back to sunnier days with her floral blouse and lilac scarf. Yet the highlight of her outfit is, hands down, her gray combat boots. Although we’re accustomed to seeing combat boots in black, the soft gray breaks up her combination of black leggings and black peacoat.

Colored boots can even be taken to the next level with a pair of burgundy suede boots (like these from rag & bone).

Spotted: Alternative takes on combat boots on Band of Outsiders' fall 2011 runway.


In the cold of fall, there’s no better way to keep one’s footsies warm than with a perfect pair of sturdy leather boots. Zipping into a pair of boots ensures that Fashionistas brave the weather in style.

This Fashionista dresses for Michigan’s cold weather in style, with her dark skinny jeans, cashmere oversized sweater, quilted vest, and an amazingly scrumptious oatmeal colored scarf.

Riding boots are incredibly versatile, and can be worn on the daily to and from class, with either skinny jeans or leggings, but can also be worn out at night with jeans and a blouse. Some amazing riding boot options are these and these.

Spotted: Riding boots on the Hermès runway. 

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Zigzag through Campus

Some designs are completely ubiquitous, such as the famous zigzag pattern that Missoni uses on dresses, skirts and a myriad of other items. The zigzag pattern can be used in an array of colors, and when placed on an accessory, this pattern spruces up just about any outfit.

Today’s Fashionista takes a typical rainy Michigan day and makes it all the more exciting with her black-and-white zebra-inspired zigzag rain boots. She shows how eclectic she is by mixing patterns: her stripped blouse adds a perfect contrast to the boots. Also, one can’t help but miss the bright orange tote she’s carrying, another testament to her outfit’s individuality.

Patterns are such fun and can be used on essentially any accessory, from bags to scarves to even boots! Fashionistas take note, such elaborate patterns can also be worn on full outfits, like this M Missoni dress.

Spotted: Zigzag patterns on Missoni's spring 2012 runway.


Leather is constantly used in accessories like belts, boots and bags.
 Although we’re often accustomed to seeing leather items in black, gray 
leather is equally as versatile, and a welcome change in the sea of fall’s black motorcycle jackets.

Today’s Fashionista pairs her gray leather jacket with a rose 
silk scarf, leggings and an amazing pair of olive green combat boots. The 
gray leather bomber softens her look and keeps her spirits high during the 
cold fall days of Michigan. Paired with essentially any color and fabric
 combination, gray leather is a chic and fresh way to update one’s fall
 look. Try this Thakoon gray leather jacket. For those a little more daring and willing to take a risk, try a purple leather jacket (like this enviously luscious Simone one) to add a pop to all fall attire. 

Spotted: Colored leather jackets on Rick Owen's spring 2012 runway.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Moccasins Worth Mocking

What girl doesn’t love shoes? The array of footwear available in stores is incredibly diverse, allowing Fashionistas to individualize their daily look du jour with the mere swap of boots for ballet flats, sandals for Convers, or simple loafers for today’s look, moccasins.  

Today’s Fashionista takes her look from simple to chic through her adept accessorizing. Her trendy denim button-down pairs perfectly with her chic leggings (notice the studded detail) and a luxuriously comfy fur-hooded sweater. But what takes her look to the next level is her cool incorporation of moccasins.

Originally worn by Native Americans, moccasins are shoes that can be worn with nearly any outfit, any season and any time of day. This Fashionista chose off-white beaded suede Minnetonka moccasins, although simple unadorned ones or in a boot style fit the bill as well. Wear moccasins to class with leggings and an oversized sweater or pair them with a pair of jeans and a cardigan for dinner out.

Spotted: Moccasins on Tory Burch’s spring 2012 runway.


Here in Ann Arbor, we pray for those lucky days when the clouds drift apart and the sun shines through. However, on most days we are lucky if the rain lets up for just an hour or so. Weather standing, students need to learn how to dress as stylishly as possible, rain or shine.

Today’s Fashionista pairs two imperative items for all wardrobes: raincoat and rain boots. Her beige Burberry trench is the perfect accent to her class outfit of black leggings and a worn-out green hoodie. She pulls her outfit together with a pair of black rain boots that are different than the usual boots seen on college students. These rain boots have an added layer of fabric to add warmth, and a style, to the look.

Rain boots are ideal for any student braving torrential downpour. The boots can be added to a class outfit of leggings, or they can also be worn to a fancier occasion – with a pair of jeans and a blouse. And don’t think that rain boots are solely for the fall, take a nod from Kate Moss and pair rain boots with a pair of cutoffs and a cardigan!

Spotted: Trenches perfect for any rainy day on the Burberry Prorsum spring 2012 runway. 

ACCESSORY REPORT : Vintage à La Mode

Here’s a fact that is truly undeniable: some of the greatest fashion trends are those taken from the past. What could possibly be more creative (or economic!) than taking something from your mom’s closet and incorporating it into your current outfit du jour?

Today’s Fashionista understands the power of vintage with her incredible 1970’s Louis Vuitton tote. Stolen from the back of her mother’s closet, this tote doubles not only as a stylish accessory to her clean-cut and simple outfit, but it also is incredibly useful and acts as her school bag. She updates her vintage tote with some of today’s most current trends, such as dark skinny jeans and black delicate ballet flats.

But one doesn’t need to only look through a parent’s closet to score some amazing vintage finds! There are numerous vintage stores scattered throughout college campuses, and some notable vintage stores even have websites! So, when taking a crack at utilizing vintage, just remember to mix the old with the new, and use your vintage piece to enhance current trends. 

Spotted: Louis Vuitton’s updated versions of the tote bag on spring 2012 runway.


What better way to accentuate your waist than with a leather belt? Belts are a constant mainstay on runways, as designers know that a belt is the perfect blend of both function and fashion.

Today’s Fashionista takes her outfit to another level by cinching her rose pink shirt-dress at the waist. Her brown twisted leather belt takes her dress from cute to oh-so trendy. She also added a funky leopard print cardigan, Ray-Ban wayfarer sunglasses, and a pair of metallic flats to her eclectic daytime look.

A belt is the easiest accessory to utilize! Take a nod from today’s Fashionista and use a belt to take a shirt-dress up a notch, tie one around your favorite skirt, or even tuck a silk blouse into your favorite pair of high-waisted bell-bottoms then wrap your favorite belt right around your waist!

Spotted: Belts all over Paul & Joe’s Spring 2012 runway!

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Blinded by Metallic

Metallic has had a major influence on the runways for the past few years, and this fall is no exception. Metallic clothing can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, but as an accessory, metallic is the perfect way to shine up any outfit!

Today’s Fashionista incorporates a hint of metallic in her outfit with her large silver book bag. On a rainy day (as pictured above), she knew that adding a pop of metallic would be an effortless way to bring some edginess into her daily look. Paired with her coral trench and classic Hunter rain boots, the metallic tote brings this Fashionista’s outfit to a whole other level!

Bags are not the only one Fashionistas can bring some metallic into their wardrobe – try a pair of gold or silver heels, or even think outside the box and pile a mixture of metallic bangles or chains!

Spotted: Metallic’s influence on Giorgio Armani’s fall 2011 runway!