STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Get Funky with Footwear

Possessing an edge is more than just buying whatever accessory or piece of clothing that catches your eye. It is about snatching up a great piece and making it even better with your own creative and artsy ardor.

Take for instance this Fashionista's foxy footwear. She took a stellar pair of combat boots and went the extra mile by folding them down to create an alluring visual aspect for and overall flirty and funky appeal. It is this imaginative design that has put some of the world’s most renowned fashion designers into a captivated coma. Backstage at fashion shows, designers are always looking for a way to add a contemporary twist to a classic piece before the model struts down the runway.

Getting creative with your footwear can be as simple as folding down the tops of your boots to expose more leg, or you can decide to get a bit more resourceful and unearth your artistic talents. Dig through your closet and revive that dusty old Bedazzler your mom bought you in middle school. Bedazzling a jean jacket or fanny pack may be outdated, but have you ever considered bedazzling some sandals or boots? You can turn your summer sandals into dancing shoes in no time and personalize any shoes to fit your wardrobe.

Make your shoes do more for your style and don’t be afraid to get a little funky.


Ladies, it is time to get creative with your accessories. While you may have every satchel, purse, duffel, clutch and hobo handbag under the sun, I am here to inform you that your collection remains incomplete until you head to a vintage shop and purchase a one-of-a-kind carryall.

This Fashionista's carryall plays an integral part in her entire outfit. I find no faults in her beautiful combination of stylish black parachute pants tucked into her brown leather boots topped with a navy pea coat. However, what makes this outfit stand out more than anything else is her model accessory, the cherry red carryall. Its shape alone is what sets it apart from traditional handbags we see today. Normally it’s all about the long shoulder straps and soft texture that permits us ladies to hold the burden of carrying more than necessary on our shoulders. This carryall’s design is formed to fit a few essential items like a wallet, keys, and a book to read during leisure time, and its small handle makes it easy to grasp while carrying any personal items. There are many styles and patterns to choose from, but such shape and style as seen in the photo can be difficult to find so when you see one that catches your eye, don’t hesitate. Buy it! Check out this paisley carryall or this unique vintage carryall with an endearing design.

A carryall holds a similar design to a cosmetic kit or sewing kit and no doubt could be used to fulfill such purposes. However, using a carryall as a purse holds merit because it becomes a unique and sensible accessory that fits well with a classic and distinctive style. The cherry red carryall this Fashionista sports, reminds me of something Carrie Bradshaw would tote around town with a blue summer dress, Manolo heels and a Kentucky Derby hat. Don’t settle for the same old accessories everyone else wears. Get creative, have some fun with your style, and don’t be afraid to get a little carried away!

TREND: Stylish and Studious

As the stellar students that you all are, you are most likely prepared to ace all of your fall semester finals. Hopefully your studies have not pushed your laundry duties to the wayside because finals week is no excuse to dress like a gym fanatic gone bad with sweats and bed head. If studying for days straight depresses you, there is no better way to cheer yourself up than to know you look fantastic.

This lovely lady is the epitome of studious fashion. Her look is practical, fashionable, and perfect for studying all day at the library or a favorite Fort Collins coffee house. She looks quite sophisticated with her rectangular framed glasses with a cute cranberry tint. They are shaped to fit her face and framed nicely by her bangs.

She incorporates layering by topping off her plaid violet button up with a gray cardigan and sleek leather jacket. When layering, it is important to remember to show off every layer or you may run the risk of looking bulky. This Fashionista wears a V-neck cardigan that she partially buttons in order to show off her inner-most layers. Also note that she does not zip up her leather jacket for the same purpose of revealing her layers underneath.

The vintage jeans and brown leather boots are a match made in heaven. These fun and flirty skinny leg jeans are not your ordinary pair of blues. Excess dye has been removed to create a unique style of vintage fade with a contemporary twist. Her brown boots are quite simple, but cute and feminine. They give her height, but look very comfortable which is mandatory for busy students on the go.

Hint: If you want to try something new with a pair of ordinary jeans, you don’t have spend your cash! Just have a few friends bring their favorite pair of jeans to your place and have a girl’s night while making your very own pair of vintage or distressed jeans. Take a study break and give it a try!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Any Weather is Skirt Weather

Who says you can’t wear skirts after the first cold front settles in? Pulling skirts out of their seasonal retirement is a great way to spice up your frosty wardrobe. The trick is understanding what to wear with your skirt. If you spot that mini you bought during a Labor Day sale, it is okay to lack patience waiting until the flowers begin to bloom before you can strut your stuff.

Lay your skirt out where you can see it because everything you wear is going to be coordinated with the style and color of the skirt. This Fashionista coordinates the lavender in her skirt with her belt and button up blouse tying the look together. Search through your legging collection to find the right type of legging to match the skirt of your choice. Next, decide how cold the day will be and use this knowledge to pick your boots. If it is temperate day, choose ankle high boots like this Fashionista, but if the forecast calls for a colder day, you want to be sure to protect your legs from the cold with knee high boots.

The smart glamour girl knows that where skirts fail, sweaters and jackets come in handy. Be sure to pair your skirt with a nice sweater and warm jacket to compensate. You can also trade the mini for a knee-length skirt and knee high boots. This is a look that can be worn to class, an important work meeting, or at a study session in the Morgan Library. A knee-length skirt with a slit down the side gives you the sultry edge you are looking for, while protecting you from brisk winter winds. Wearing a skirt in the winter is a great way to get the attention you desire while looking professional and scholarly during finals week.

Don’t be shy! Sport your skirt this winter season!

TREND: Casual Glam

There are days when you might feel like throwing on some sweatpants and a T-shirt you were awarded at your middle school soccer league championship years ago. Save the drab sweats and T-shirts for a day when creativity and motivation strikes you silly and you decide to paint your entire apartment a new bright hue. From Fashionista to Fashionista, never go out of the house looking like you just rolled out of bed – even if you are just going to the grocery store. Casual glam is an important aspect of fashion because even if you have the entire day free without the obligation of going to the office or to class; fashion should never take a day off. Casual glam means making a masterpiece out of several of your informal yet trendy pieces. 

She pairs a casual, canvas imitation skirt with black leggings and wears gray, suede flats perfect for fashion on the move. Next, she tops off her light weight gray tank with a long, black, cozy wool jacket lined with cotton. The jacket is a very simple, yet very classy touch to the overall outfit. One thing that she makes sure to have is her black leather handbag. A black bag is a must have accessory for every Fashionista because it goes with just about anything in your closet and can be brought to a barbecue, office holiday party, or a dinner date with that special someone. 

Hint: It’s not easy to pass off those comfy sweats for a skirt or some sleek skinny jeans, but remember that you could run into anyone on your day off so make sure you always dress to impress.


Houndstooth is a jagged checkered pattern that is popping up all over campus. It comes in a variety of forms such as hats, bags, dresses, scarves and jackets. Because of its versatility and chic symmetry, this pattern has earned its many appearances on the runway this year. It is also a favorite among celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively and Posted on Categories UncategorizedTags , Leave a comment on STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Houndstooth


Peacoats – Classic, stylish and popular. These jackets, originally worn by sailors, are now seen all over campus. They look great with just about every winter outfit and have a collegiate appeal that many scholars are so fond of. Jackie-O was one of the first women to make this look popular among ladies and it certainly does look incredible. Add a pair of knee high boots and you’ve got one sophisticated look!

Peacoats come in many colors and lengths. Classic hues vary from tan, black and navy and they also come in vibrant colors like red, lime green and sometimes even pink. Ultra modern colors include purple, teal and gold among others. Longer styles that land mid-thigh are called bridge coats, but they have the same overall timeless qualities. Traditionally made of wool, these jackets are characterized by large buttons down the center drawing the eye up and down versus side to side.

If you are looking for a way to stay warm and fashionable this winter while looking your absolute best, sport this classic fashion timepiece. Pea coats look great with jeans and are a must-have if you are wearing a dress. They are classy and fitted to the female physique giving you that oh-la-la look anywhere you go.

TREND: Every Girl Loves Pink

Pink is fun, glamorous, and flirty. Pink became a symbol of feminitinity in the baby boomer generation as an indetifier of newborns and the trend remains today. Pink dominates closets for most women which shows that its appeal is strong in the fashion industry.

This Fashionista chose to pair her pink flats with identically hued pink tights thus drawing attention to her legs. The light pink floral skirt transitions the eye to her white camisole. Now is a great time to find deals on summer wear, like floral skirts that can easily be worn year round by incorperating layers in the winter months. Additionaly, camisoles are traditionally worn solo in the summer, but are a must-have for layering in the cold weather. Many camisoles come with a built in support that futher accentuate the feminie physique.

The white cardigan is a college must have. There are many fabrics, colors, textures and styles to choose from and numerous ways to wear a cardigan. Cardigans add a unique zest to an outfit and further facilitate layering especially on those chilly days where a heavy jacket is simply unnecessary. She accessorizes with a balck and white patterend tote and back framed glasses. A nice addition to this outfit would be a pink silk frayed scarf to tie the whole look together.

Hint: If pink is not your color, find a color that looks best on you and rock it. Thanksgiving is a great time to sport your hue around family and friends as there are likely to be a lot of photos taken so be sure to look your best.

TREND: Vintage Vagabond

This Fashionisto confesses to what he calls a “homeless vogue” inspiration. This look is achieved through layering. While the average person visiting a vintage shop would come out empty handed, vagabond inspired Fashionistos and Fashionistas use their eye for fashion to create a hot look from a variety of fabrics, textures, fits and styles. Each piece, once abandoned, is revived and becomes a staple in an overall look that is hard to ignore.

He achieves his layers by topping off a simple T-shirt with a tan, button-up vest. He wears a classic black leather jacket with a cut that compliments the rest of his outfit and suits his body shape. Men wearing scarves is a trend that has been all over Europe and the East Coast for years, but it is a rare find in Colorado. Guys, it doesn’t hurt to add a little style to your outerwear – You don’t have to feel trapped with minimal options during chilly season.

Finding a pair of fitted jeans can be difficult for men at times, but when you find your perfect pair, be sure to rock them! This Fashionisto wears a bright color to contrast his other neutral pieces. Biker boots are also a big hit this season and are not only fashionable, but work well for a student who bikes to campus. The last piece to this vintage vagabond inspired look is the aviator sunglasses. Sunglasses are a great investment in Colorado’s 300 plus days of sunshine a year and come in a variety of styles and prices to match your distinctive style and college student budget.

Hint: Believe it or not, there is more to winter wear than hoodies and beanies. Wear a scarf like this Fashionisto. Scarves are as practical in the winter as they are trendy.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Faux Fur, Authentic Style

Faux fur is a necessity to pose as a Hollywood glamour girl on a college student budget. This faux fur vest is a fashion must have during the chilly holiday season because of its warmth, but it will also turn a cute outfit into a style fit for a Fashionista.

Faux fur clothing and accessories are made of acrylic, which is a fabric that can be easily dyed to get a desired look. Most faux fur is dyed to appear like real fur like this Fashionista wears, but some faux fur is dyed in dramatic colors to illuminate a look. This Fashionistas faux fur vest is a natural, yet alluring fashion masterpiece that lends to her overall glamorous, off the runway style.

Faux fur comes in many varieties. Not only does it come in several different colors, but it comes in an array of forms. Faux fur bomber hats are a hot fashion item that look great, but also offer warmth on the coldest winter days. Get cute with an animal print, faux fur satchel or get flirty with some sky high, faux fur heels. Want to find a way to be one step ahead of every other Fashionista this season? Sport a faux fur hood from Urban Outfitters. This is one fashion accessory you should have at the top of your wish list.

Faux fur is fun, flirty, fuzzy and utterly fabulous. You cannot go wrong when incorporating a faux fur piece to your outfit if you are looking to add that extra spice to your look.