STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Cool in Wardrobe Form

There are many looks that we try to channel during our fashion lifetimes; but a look that most try but few achieve would have to be the effortlessly cool look. I’m talking about the look that looks seamlessly thrown together to become the perfect, comfortable, and ultimately super cool outfit. The best indication of such an outfit was exemplified when I approached today’s Fashionisto—upon reciting that I represent CollegeFashionista, he immediately proceeded to disclaim his outfit as too rushed and that he “just came out of work.” This is the exact kind of carelessness that marks an effortlessly cool look.

A pair of good shades and headwear is almost always essential to complete the look. Today’s Fashionisto sports a classic pair of Ray-Bans that goes with pretty much every outfit in your wardrobe. So just throw them on and you’re out the door.

Knit headwear can also be worn to top off an effortlessly cool look. Try a looser fit for a more casual look that will be less likely to give you flattened hair. As for color, black is ultimately the most versatile and effortless color out there. So if you’re deciding on an investment piece, you know which color to choose. Keep an eye out for those bad fabrics that snag easily or lint everywhere on your clothes. When it comes to keeping to effortless, make sure the quality of your pieces can put in the effort for you. 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Prep for the Preppy Look

When we think of the “preppy” look, we’re thinking about Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl, those all-girl Catholic schools and, for some, our Sunday best. I can’t get enough of the preppy look due to its undying elegance and classic chic that anyone could look simply polished in. Today’s Fashionistas put a spin on the classic prep with cool bags and cardigans that I am absolutely obsessed with.

Start off with an always flattering button-up shirt and a pleated skirt. Top this outfit off with a pair of sleek black pumps. What you pair with this basic ensemble is completely up to you! The best part about being preppy is that you don’t have to fully fit the “preppy” paradigm of prim and prissy; the look can be totally personalized and customized to incorporate your everyday pieces.

The Fashionista to the left sports a fringed handbag that really gives her entire look a more bohemian and lax feel to it. Try to snag an attention-grabbing bag that’ll prep your preppy look in a cool and effortless way. Another way to mix and match the norm of the outfit is to pair a boyfriend cardigan instead of a blazer. On the right, today’s Fashionista sports a cool cardigan that balances the hard edges of an otherwise straight-laced outfit.

And your best accessory, of course, is another stylish friend to match!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A World in Black and White

Time after time, the colors that will always remain true to the hearts of Fashionistas and Fashionistos worldwide will be that of black and white. Nothing is more versatile, simple, or classic as these universal colors that really are the staples to any wardrobe. I found this Fashionisto walking on campus towards the Science Library (no doubt) for some midterm studying while looking explicitly fresh in a black and white ensemble.

What really impressed me was how this Fashionisto mixed the formal look of a suit and tie (briefcase included) with the more toned-down appeal of a fedora hat paired with everyday sneakers. I love the crisp white button up with the popped collar. Who doesn’t love a popped collar on a windy day? Keep things fresh by incorporating more pieces of white outerwear in your closet (the style of this jacket is super cool; but the fact that it's white makes it even better). You’ll be surprised at how much lighter you’ll feel for the approaching spring season.

On the note of preparing for spring, drop those beanies and hoodies for some cool hats that can top off any look effortlessly. Try the always-easy fedora look that will keep girls fawning over the Jason Mraz look or if you’re one of the ladies, the fedora is great just for those really bad hair days (I'm obsessed with the detail of this one). The shape of fedora is always really flattering for all face types. Just make sure the rim of the hat is wide enough so it doesn’t look like your head’s too fat and rolling out of the hat.

Hint: In the case where you are purchasing an item that has many color options available (and you’re totally lost as to which one you should get), you can never go wrong with a black or white option. No regrets on the classics.


With the new month of February, we’re looking at a new set of goals and priorities: a different feel for things and a different set of attire for California’s swiftly changing non-seasons. Also, February is the home to one of our favorite or most dreaded holiday (depending on which team you’re playing for)—Valentine’s Day. But no matter which side you’re on when this greeting-card-induced holiday approaches, we can all appreciate a little more romanticism in our looks this spring.

What I love about this Fashionista’s look is the way she incorporates the lovely floral and flowing touches of the spring season with the regular edgier pieces she wears. Start off with core accessories and all you need is a great-fitting printed dress that flatters you in every way and uplifts your mood all with just a change of an outfit.

This Fashionista pairs her slim studded belt that cinches her waist on top of a great floral dress that is simple, yet interesting in it’s color and sweetheart neckline. It’s best to avoid really flamboyant floral prints so as to not appear Hawaiian or like a floral tablecloth. Simple patterns always do the trick without overdoing it. Top off your entire look with some structural wedges that give off a bolder vibe to juxtapose the maybe too-romantic look you’ve got going. You can be romantic without being a romantic—which may be the sweetest thing about romance.


When it comes to keeping your style classic but with a continuous fresh feel, nothing beats leather riding-boots as a wardrobe staple to match any of your fashion whims. Riding boots are a comfortable yet chic way of keeping your outfits polished and never boring. Keep your standards high when purchasing leather boots; you don’t want to end up with flecks of vinyl falling off your too worn-in boots. It’s inevitable that boots will become a huge part of your everyday look, so don’t skimp out on quality.

What makes this Fashionista’s look so fresh like a lime in a Corona is her fabulous vintage looking shirt that is fitted to perfection. Posted on Categories UncategorizedTags , , , , , Leave a comment on STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Saddle Up

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Putting the Hip in Hipster

At the heart of every college campus lies the spirit of the students; at UCI, this spirit manifests itself in no other than a hipster nation. With our many award-winning dance crews (holla), UCI embodies the emblem of bright neon, high-top Nikes, and non-prescription glasses. But besides from being hipster, UCI students are also very hip. This Fashionisto embodies all the hip in the word “hipster” and it is completely cool.

What I love most about this Fashionisto’s look is his gold-plated sunglasses, and the best part about them—they’re supposed to be non-prescription. Find frames that are a good shape for your face and are also not too overbearing. The bug-eye look is not particularly cute, especially on the male species. To mimic the “I-just-threw-this-together” look, keep your pieces simple and non-fussy. A cotton Henley shirt is perfect for the California winter weather; and layered under a flannel, it can endure some brisk winds as well. For women, try this Lucky Brand Henley.

Top off the look with some sleek and chic tan shoes. The color tan is so versatile and great for all seasons of the year. It also has a unique fresh feel that keeps all outfits looking effortlessly cool. For the Fashionistas, I love these tan, fringed platforms (obsessed). It also doesn’t hurt to have some really cool tattoos like this Fashionisto does. The inked writing on his chest and arm could not get any cooler, or for that matter, any hipper. If you’re not a fan of tattoos, you can live on the edge by using more eyeliner than usual. That’d be pretty hip.


It’s a fact—nothing beats the simplicity of a basic white tee. Through every season of the year, the white tee persists as our go-to comfort basic for any occasion. No matter what the occasion, the importance of the white tee has never faded (and the color never fades as well).

This Fashionista, who happens to be my coworker at the UCI’s Admission Office, pairs a simple white top with great accessories that are translate appropriately from school to work in between classes. The trick to keeping things interesting with such a simple basic is to look for white comfortable pieces that are in interesting shapes. There are so many different styles and looks that the white tee has evolved to that there really isn’t an excuse to wear a boring white tee. Try looser fits for a casually effortless look or a longer sleeved one for colder days.

What keeps the white tee so versatile is its ability to match just about everything and anything. So accessorizing, of course, becomes a very important factor when it comes to wearing a white tee. With January bringing in unpredictable winds, knit headwear couldn’t be more perfect to serve as the ideal accessory for our basic white tees. This Fashionista chooses a very cool gray beanie to top off a comfortable ensemble that goes from work and play effortlessly. Don’t be bogged down with the idea that you can’t be comfortable and stylish at the same time—that idea will transform poor fashion choices into an overall lazy lifestyle. So I take good note from the Crime Mob and bling in my white tee.


Another week of rain means another week of rain attire to report on. But what’s unique about this rain-appropriate look is the amount of color that really pops out during the dark days of drab weather. So instead of putting on another black peacoat the next rainy day you wake up to, try a good red color (I own this bad boy) that will bring out the rosiness of your cheeks.

What’s important to note while wearing such a bold and bright color like this Fashionista, is to not overdo the contrast in color combinations. Take the example of this Fashionista’s look and pair the vibrancy of the red coat with darker and more muted tones such as basic black and creamy whites. When it comes to accessorizing, keep it simple with a good pair of slouchy boots and a warm beanie to top it all off. 

Pay attention to detail and don’t skimp out on quality when it comes to coats. You don’t want some cheap thing that’ll unravel on a cold day—both fabric wise and also appearance wise. 


When the rain is pouring down on our sunny California, the best way to brighten your day is to splash yourself with color and definitely not with muddy water. When sharing your vibrant personality with the world, it’s always important to remember that there’s a fine line between being colorfully balanced and offensively blaring. Too much color can overpower your outfit and turn any clean-cut outfit into a convoluted mess.

Follow the lead of this Fashionisto by incorporating small splashes of warm colors, such as red and orange, into an otherwise cool color-palette. A pair of colored pants is great for adding some color in an effortless way. Start off with a simple yet classic ensemble of a slim-fit navy blazer and patent lace-up loafers. The classic color of navy has a cool effect for any winter outfit; with the addition of loafers, the outfit becomes more professional.

Sophistication doesn’t have to be boring, however—this Fashionisto pairs what seems to be a mile-long knit scarf to his chicly simple look. A knitted scarf is both practical and incredibly cool for all winter wardrobes. You can also mix things up and add a splash of color through your accessories instead of your clothing, but make sure you pick and choose.

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