I can remember growing up always thinking that my mom had no business wearing those high-waisted jeans that were not cool at all. Looking back on my elementary school days and seeing where fashion is now, I can definitely say I could never have predicted “mom jeans” being a trend. However, I have seen more of these jeans in fall collections than I could have ever imagined and they look awesome. Notably, stores like Topshop have taken mom jeans and given them a facelift for the modern buyer. And admittedly, I have picked up my own pair.

This Fashionista combined not only the mom jean look but also the boyfriend jean look by taking a pair of her boyfriend’s jeans and making them her own. They fit like mom jeans in the waist and hip, while hanging loose to her legs. Consider them a hybrid jean trend. To fit the jeans to her size, this Fashionista cuffed them and added some heel for a girly touch. To finish her relaxed look this Fashionista added a slouchy sweater.

To get her look, definitely pick up these moto vintage mom jeans from Topshop. For a good chunky sweater to either layer with or just throw on, try this one from Free People and then these rag & bone booties from Nordstrom.

One of the more difficult parts about pulling off this trend is making sure the look does not swallow you. This Fashionista does mom jeans right by cuffing them and adding a bit of definition to the look by throwing on a pair of heeled booties. Other ways to avoid these particular jeans from wearing you is by tucking your shirt and adding a cute belt. However you choose to rock the mom jeans, make them unique to your style and be fearless in sporting them.


There is a huge category of trendsetters that has been overlooked for too long: motorcycle clubs. They are notoriously tough in how they act and in how they dress. However, they made patches for vests quite the trend. In the 1960s, Hell’s Angels were a prominent club in the U.S. and rocked the vest like no one else. With the growing popularity of shows like Sons of Anarchy, bike culture has made its way into mainstream culture. This Fashionisto and his friends were inspired by the Angels and created their own vests with a similar insignia and a personalized middle patch.

In addition to his vest, this Fashionisto wears a classic blue hoodie, his favorite pair of olive jeans and suede hiking boots. He certainly is not in a violent bike club, but he’s got a tough guy look. If you are inspired by bike culture to make your own vest, there are a few things you will need. First, a good vest is a must; make sure it is one that is durable through all weather conditions. This Fashionisto got his denim from Biltwell Inc. and highly recommended this one for anyone who wants a similar look. Secondly, a back patch is a must and there is no better place to get one than a vintage store. But for a good go-to, this classic Harley Davidson patch on Etsy is a good match. To get the rest of this Fashionisto’s look, snag this Flex Fleece hoodie from American Apparel, a good pair of jeans and a sturdy pair of hiking boots.

You don’t have to necessarily be in a cool club to rock the bike culture look, but if you want to dress the part it doesn’t hurt to go big! A great way of doing this is a customized vest like this Fashionisto.


Black will never go out of style because there is nothing more classic than an all-black look. Throughout the years, an all-black ensemble has been the trademark of some big names, some of these names being Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Joan Jett. All of these people have rocked everything from the all-black suit to black leather head-to-toe.

Adding to an all black look, there is one essential piece that is a must for the coming winter months: a classic black pea coat. This Fashionista breaks out her coat for the early beginnings of a chilly winter. When it comes to finding the right coat, always take the classics into consideration as well as what will keep you the warmest without looking too much like you belong on a ski slope. A peacoat will always be the answer because they never go out of style and are suitable putting over a lighter jacket and a sweater.

Adding to her velvet peacoat, this Fashionista layers a gray sweater over her black tank top to keep warm on a December day. Additionally, she rocks a classic pair of black jeans and high-top canvas sneakers to finish off her dark-clad look. This Fashionista accessorizes with a pendant necklace and several rose gold rings. To get this look, snag this Baby Rib spaghetti tank from American Apparel. To go over the tank, try this cardigan from Shopbop and then this black velvet peacoat from Etsy. Lastly, grab a pair of dark jeans like these ba&sh ones from ASOS.

As it starts to get colder, layering is key. In order to layer while still being able to move your arms involves only a few simple pieces like a light top, sweater and a solid coat! Throw on a cute red infinity scarf for an extra touch. And as always, try and have fun with how you bundle up.


I always say how there is really nothing quite like a Nashville fall, and it is true. It is a season of beautiful blue skies, orange leaves and crisp air that makes everyone just happy to be outside. It is also a season where I see tons of Fashionistas/os on campus get creative with their fashion choices. Fall brings out the best of layering, amazing boots and great denim. This particular Fashionisto brings together a fall staple and some cozy chambray for one of the most popular looks I have seen on campus. The single color look can be worn several ways, but the most popular has definitely been blue, specifically denim. Designers like Nicole Miller and Ashish have made us all forget about the terrible injustice Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake did to this trend in 2001.

What really makes this Fashionsto’s look so great is that he kept his look simple. Starting with a classic chambray button-down and adding a pair of dark washed jeans, this Fashionisto is already prepared for a beautiful fall day. He layers with a vintage Levi Brand Jeans denim shearling jacket. For the record, this jacket is one of the most coveted pieces on campus and anyone who manages to snag one from a vintage store is one lucky Fashionista/o. He finishes his look off by accessorizing with a camouflage backpack.

To get this look, try a chambray button-down like this one from Topman. For pants, grab your favorite pair of jeans, but make sure they aren’t an exact shade to your top half. These J Brand slim straight-leg jeans are a perfect match. And like I said before, the vintage Levi Brand Jeans shearling jacket is quite the find, but online shops on Etsy are a great place to start. Try this stone wash one!

The denim jacket is a fall essential and can really make all the difference in a look. Snatch up a cool vintage one to help layer your look!


Sweater weather is often the best weather. There are probably only a few things I enjoy more than putting on a cozy sweater and walking over to a local coffee shop for some tea. This season has seen tons of new ways to rock the sweater as well; whether it be cropped, neon or floor length. The fall sweater can really make a look. For some, the fall look can be taken even further with the hottest trending pant or shoes. Take this Fashionisto for example. He rocks the baggy pants and a great pair of dress shoes for an industrial worker look.

This Fashionisto has everything about menswear this season that I have loved. It must have been majorly inspired by some of the fall collections. Designers like Balenciaga incorporated a loosely fitted wide-legged pant into their fall/winter line and Alexander Wang used the untucked button-down and pullover sweater combination in his menswear line. These hot pieces are not only easy for any Fashionisto to acquire outside of designer names, but also easy to dress up or down.

To get this Fashionisto’s look involves a couple key pieces, the first being the wide-legged pant. Try these chino pants from ASOS or your local vintage store. The second piece essential for this look is the denim button-down shirt that this Fashionisto has underneath his sweater. For one similar, snag this one from Topman. Not only does Topman have a great selection of button-down shirts, they also have a wide selection of amazing fall must-haves. The last key item will be, of course, the sweater! This one from Nordstrom is perfect for layering over your denim button-down.

Fashionistos take notes! This guy knows how to put an outfit together effortlessly. I admire any Fashionisto who pays attention to what’s trending from runways and applies bits to his own personal style. That is the key with this look, so always add unique bits of yourself to an outfit!


What makes a Fashionista/o successful in their fashion choices is if they have fun with it and create an overall look that can express facets of his or her personality. Fashion is always about expressing oneself and if you can’t have fun with it, why bother? I love seeing Fashionista’s like this one around campus because they have fun with their look while piecing together trending items.

I have found myself combining tights and shorts all fall so this Fashionista’s look caught my eye when she put her own spin on the combination. Instead of the usual black tights, this Fashionista opted for a more fun alternative: dots! Printed tights have made their way back into fall must-have lists and can always add something interesting to an outfit that would otherwise be average. These dotted tights are great because they aren’t too crazy and distracting, but also add a little something extra to the look. To add to her outfit, she threw on a pair of Converse and a neon knit for an extra pop of color.

To get this Fashionista’s fun look, first try a classic knit pullover sweater like this one from Topshop. You will get all the color you need from just this piece! For a pair of tights like this Fashionista’s, these ones from Gap are perfect and will keep you warm. Over the dotted tights, try these denim shorts from NASTY GAL. With these three easy pieces you can have this great look without anything too complicated. To finish off the look, throw on your favorite pair of boots or Converse.

The one piece of advice I always like to give is to have fun with fashion because it is not made to be taken too seriously! It is all about feeling inspired to create a unique outfit for one’s personality. So look around you for style inspiration, it can often times come from the most unexpected places.


In the buzz about grunge and messy looks trending, there is always a place for the put-together Fashionista/o. He or she fixes a look from head to toe that is always completed with good accessories. Designers have also been loving the preppy look and designers like kate spade, Marc Jacobs and Burberry all had polka-dots in their spring and resort collections. Patterns like polka-dots are the perfect pop for a look while also not attracting unwanted attention.

This Fashionista does polka-dots right by keeping her look with cool tones, a pop from the polka-dots and a touch of pink. She pairs her skirt with a blue blouse and a pink cardigan. To top off her outfit, this Fashionista accessorizes with a tie for her button-down. The key to a polished look like this is to mind your lengths; avoid baggy or long sweaters and tuck in your shirt. To get this Fashionista’s look, first start with this Moschino skirt from For a blouse like this Fashionista, try this one from Forever 21 that has a tie already in the blouse. Layer this French Connection cardigan from ASOS over your blouse to add a pop of color. To accessorize like this Fashionista, put on a pair of oxford shoes or maybe even some suede creepers. Add a cute satchel or cross-body bag and you are ready to go.

If you have any doubts about your look remember to keep it as simple as you can while still having a few unique pieces. This look is all about looking clean cut while adding a personal touch!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Prince of Darkness

With the return of the ’90s comes all things grunge. Hand-cut shirts, dark denim, green plaid prints and Dr. Martens boots all come to mind when I think about grunge. Any Fashionista/o should never be afraid to get in touch with his or her dark side by trying out a heavier look.

Take note Fashionistos: this one is not afraid and he knows how to work it. He even is not afraid to have a burst of pink in his look. If you are looking for an alternative to your usual denim, trade it out with a darker one like this Fashionisto. He pairs his black denim jacket with a dark jean for the ultimate grunge alternative to the denim on denim look. Under his jacket, this Fashionisto has on a cut graphic T-shirt to add a pop of color. To get this look, consider finding a lighter pair of jeans than the denim jacket, or vice versa, just to keep the look from being too dreary. To go under the jacket, snag an old T-shirt and turn it into a cut-off. For a denim jacket similar to this Fashionisto, try the trucker jacket from Levi Brand Jeans. For a more washed out jacket, snag this ASOS one. Sticking with the classic Levi Brand Jeans look, you can never go wrong with a pair of Levi Brand 510 Jeans. Pick up a pair in the color jet to complete your dark look.

Many people tend to avoid wearing just one color palette in their look because it can get boring. But with a look like this Fashionisto’s, you can easily stand out in a crowd. Remember to have a little pop of color and fully embrace your dark side this fall.


Contrasting the recent revival of the ’90s that we have been seeing loads of, the industrial-age has seen its own time in the spotlight. Military trends have been popping up on Rachel Roy, Prabal Gurung and Calvin Klein’s fall runway shows. Their shows featured navy-inspired coats, constructed dresses and tons of brass buttons. Military green is essential for this season whether it is the classic military jacket or a fitted button-down dress.

When it comes to the industrial look, a Fashionista/o can go a couple ways. This Fashionisto takes on this look while adding his own personal touch of refined gentleman chic. Sporting the it-piece military jacket, this Fashionisto brings together his refined button-down and oxfords look with a tougher industrial piece. Adding a military jacket can toughen any look. Ladies, put one of these jackets over a cute floral dress. Guys, add this staple piece on top of your outfit for class on those cooler days to add a little something unique to your everyday look. To get an authentic military jacket, hit up your local military surplus store. These stores carry large quantities of all military clothing and they usually have large selections of either army green jackets, like this Fashionisto’s, or camouflage jackets. You can also go to local thrift stores as well; often times you can find old jackets that soldiers have given away. For a more fashion-conscious military jacket, Fashionistas can try this theory jacket from Lyst. For Fashionistos, try this heavier filson jacket from Farfetch and add these Kenneth Cole New York oxfords from Lord & Taylor.

A military-inspired piece can be a really simple way to change up any look. Girls, try pairing a girly floral look with this style of jacket. Guys, take after this Fashionisto and take a more proper look and add some tough military green. The military trend is the most simple trend for fall, so get creative with how you wear it!


Whether you have been denying it for months or embracing it every step of the way, the ’90s are back. And nothing makes me happier than my childhood coming back to life through trends. This summer Fashionista/os embraced platform sneakers, halter tops and jellies. Now that fall is upon us, platforms will keep going strong, flannels will flourish and Third Eye Blind will be popular again. Just kidding about that last part (maybe).

This Fashionista delves into the ’90s with two top buns, a vintage leather backpack and sweatshirt and a pair of platform sneakers. For cooler weather, you can never go wrong with the shorts and tights combination for a classic pairing. For the vintage sweatshirt look that this Fashionista is rocking, hit your local Goodwill to find great old sweatshirts from colleges, tourist stops and sports teams. Sweatshirts are great for a lazy day of classes, but trading out your college’s own for a vintage one will add something extra to your look. When it comes to accessorizing your look, snag a cute backpack like this Fashionista. Even designers like Alexander Wang have begun to make their own version of the leather bag. Top this look off with some Gwen Stefani buns for an unforgettable ’90s hairstyle.

For a good vintage sweatshirt, try this one from Bonanza and pair it with these The Laundry Room shorts from Shopbop and some black tights. To get platforms like this Fashionista’s, snag these JC Play by Jeffrey Campbell black platform sneakers at NASTY GAL. For the budget-conscious Fashionista, hit the local thrift stores for a great vintage backpack. The designer option for this backpack is this amazing Alexander Wang one.

If you have yet to try incorporating some old ’90s duds in to your wardrobe, this is the time. The ’90s have made their comeback and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere any time soon.