Basics are always a must in my book. Pairing basics can create the perfect combo. Trends come and go but basic clothing items will forever remain as a staple in my wardrobe. You can tone it down a notch or turn it up by adding the right accessories or sassy heels.

I was inspired by Natasa Cagalj Ports 1961, resort 2017 runway collection because she took extreme pieces and paired them with basic pieces. I wore alluring high-waisted red cigarette pants with a chambray top knotted to add sophistication. This look is perfect to wear out on the town and to a lunch date with the girls. I love how Natasa took her extreme pieces and paired them with a basic to give a lifestyle feel and able to wear it in real life and not just on the runway.

I was aiming to create a interesting and subtle look with red pants and simple top. I added the heels to elevate the look a tad bit. The resort 2017 runway collection by Natasa Cagalj had many bright colored pieces but the style of the item was very simple. The Purse I added was a simple Betsy Johnson fringe purse that didn’t take away from the overall look.

Fringe, High waisted pants and nude heels are three things that will indeed never go out of style. They add the perfect touch to completing an outfit and always remain as a classic pieces.

Get My Look: 1.Chambray top 2. Any high waisted pants 3.Classic Nude Heels 


Random street style is the best when coming across fashionable couples. I love when I come across couples that are showing off their style together. When I ran across this couple, I immediately thought of the cute couples I see on Instagram.

The one thing I like most about their outfit was how they had on All-black ensemble. Both were sporting trendy caps and stylish sneakers. I am always a fan of All-black especially when you can add great accessories to complete the look. Whether you are adding neon or a basic color, black will always be perfect to go along with any look. Also, you can literally wear black any season and it’s still okay. Black represents a chill lifestyle to me when I see younger people wear it.

I love how the Fashionisto represented his style by wearing a T-shirt with an artist he listens to. The T-shirt stood out to me and made the look very modern and upbeat. The Fashionisto’s outfit remained simple and low-key, while the graphic T-shirt with the artist made the look stand out. The Fashionista’s outfit was straight to the point and very classic with her Vans. I love how she paired her All-black T-shirt with pants instead of jeans. The pants gave the look a classic touch. Overall this was a fly couple with undeniable style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love trends and I love when they are done the right way. I love black on black when it comes down to fashion. I like to dress black up with accessories, heels and great lipstick.


Hot summer days with a cool breeze of fashion. I caught this Fashionista strutting downtown looking fabulous and comfortable at the same time. The outfit she was wearing was totally perfect for a quick change after a photo-shoot and also perfect for running errands around town. This Fashionista was so vibrant and full of energy after leaving her photo-shoot. The style she portrayed was effortlessly chic and matched with her great personality. I was extremely excited to capture her undeniable style, and she was down. This fashionista was ready to strike a pose and show off her style. To be quite honest, this fashionista reminded me of the fabulous Kendall Jenner with her flawless brunette hair.

Basics are always necessary when building a wardrobe. The basics can be paired up to dress an outfit up or down. This fashionista completely nailed it with her effortless style. The perfect white v neck tee, blue distressed denim jeans. Who needs a belt when you can tie your hoodie around your distressed denim jeans and basic T-shirt? It’s great to be able to pair an outfit together with plenty of basics to choose from. While running errands and running around like a loose chicken you definitely want to be comfortable. A comfortable tee that you can wear over and over again. The hippest of the hip jeans to add personality to the overall look. Let’s not forget the booties that complete the whole look. The inspired club mastered Ray-Ban shades she’s wearing are classic and perfect for the sunny summer days.

One Simple Change: Overall I loved the outfit and I think it would also be perfect for travelling attire. I would suggest switching the booties to high-top Converse. The hoodie could be changed to a plaid flannel shirt to add the extra edge. I think sneakers would go better with the outfit if you are travelling and doing tons of walking. The flannel shirt is perfect to tie around and also to cover you while travelling, it can get pretty cold on trains and airplanes.

STYLE GURU BIO: Yalaina Brown

Life is too short, so buy the shoes! I love fashion and everything beauty related. Fashion connects us in numerous ways. Fashion is a statement without uttering a word. I was born and raised in North Carolina. So yes, I am southern country girl! I love North Carolina as it is a part of me and has shaped me into the person I am now. I’ve loved fashion ever since I could blink my eyes.

I started picking out my own clothes and styling my personal wardrobe and others at the age of five. I was constantly picking up magazines in the grocery store and asking my grandmother if she could buy me a catalog. I took pictures and ripped them out magazines, and put together style and mood boards. I was so interested in fashion, I started involving myself in community fashion shows and taking apparel classes in high school.

After high school, I decided that I was going to pursue a fashion related degree. I am a junior at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro studying Marketing and Consumer Apparel and Retail Studies. Thus far, my experience has been beyond amazing and challenging.

My freshman year, I initiated my personal fashion blog that consisted of food and my personal looks. I started the blog to be able to share my fashion inspiration with the world. So many people have approached me asking where I’ve purchased something I’m wearing. Once this started happening, I decided to give people the opportunity to know exactly where I purchased my pieces from and how I would style them. Blogging builds such an amazing network and gives you the opportunity to work on your writing skills.

Styling and picking out clothes comes natural. If I’m having a bad day my outfit can make me feel 10 times better. I enjoy being able to express myself, understand trends and keep up with the ongoing fashion cycle. It’s so exciting because you never know what’s going to happen next.

I’m looking forward to gaining and learning everything that I possibly can from the internship! I am beyond thankful and excited to intern with CollegeFashionista, as I have heard so many great things and believe it’s an amazing opportunity.