Bungee jumping, sky diving, jumping from one rooftop to another, breaking into the gorilla den at the Bronx Zoo. Wearing white mid-September, not matching your shoes to your bag (which looks way too try-hard, anyway), mixing metals, wearing navy and black together. 

Oh, the joys a mental thesaurus can bring. Because, let’s face it, nothing forces adrenaline to pump through your veins quite like breaking your grandmother’s fashion rules…and plunging off a ledge as nearly everyone who studies abroad in New Zealand does.

So next time you’re feeling particularly rebellious, don’t just run to the nearest tattoo parlor. Instead, break fashion rule and send a selfie to your parents. Or, you could go get a new tattoo, break a fashion rule and then send a selfie highlighting both parental no-nos…

Name: Frankee Rodriguez

Major: Biological Anthropology

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Frankee Rodriguez: I would describe my personal style as comfortable and clean. My closet holds an assortment of loose fitting shirts, various skinny jeans, flats of all colors, comfy jackets or cardigans and essentially anything that happened to catch my eye while shopping. I don't perfectly fit in to any one category of style and I prefer it this way.

CF: What are your go-to stores?

FR: I tend to shop at Urban Outfitters, H&M, NASTYGAL and a lot of random boutiques close to home [in L.A.]. Anything convenient and reasonably priced is my go-to.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration from?

FR: I usually get inspired by certain characters in movies, although none come to mind. Looking at the way other people dress around me often helps shape my opinions as well.

CF: Any tips on how to stay warm and fashionable?

FR: I usually wear a sweater under my jacket when it's really cold out. Scarves are a must and knitted hats can add a touch of style to any outfit. And I thoroughly enjoy knee-high boots and thick socks to keep my toes happy in the snow.

How To: The real trick to mixing navy and black is, well, pairing navy and black together. It’s really not tough—just pair a navy shirt with a pair of black jeans and a black blazer or coat. Add a pair of cool combat boots to toughen up the look. Can you say adrenaline rush?…


Is it ironic that the term “hipster” has become anything than “hip?” Is that what they were going for? Those crafty hipsters, always one step ahead…or rather seated behind their computers playing “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?” while simultaneously refreshing their Instagram feed.

Is it ironic that I am currently seated behind my own computer wearing a flannel and Supergas while chastising those who do the same? Possibly, but you see, today I am merely a remnant of what I once was.

Embarrassingly enough, Urban Outfitters was my 11th grade haven. A place where a Brand New-listening-to-gal could frolic to after catholic school. A place where it didn’t matter if I was still in my awkward phase—I could embrace the awkward and spin it to seem like I was the star of an indie coming-of-age tale. A place where I’d go to laugh at mundane, yet hilarious wannabe-novellas beside the bearded 25-year-old salesmen. Those were the desperate days.

Disclaimer: Fashionisto Dylan Vaughan is not a hipster. He’s an eccentric.

Name: Dylan Vaughan

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Dylan Vaughan: I try to draw from the best aspects of ‘90s, punk and prep. My look evolves and devolves day-to-day depending on the mood I find myself in. Sometimes I’m like, “[Forget] it, I’m going to wear a basic white tee, black pants and a black zip-up.” Those days I’m pretty lazy.

CF: What’s the key to your look?

DV: Layers on layers on layers. Winter is coming (that’s a Game of Thrones reference—BLAMO!) But seriously, my style thrives in the winter because it means sweaters, flannels, coats, pants and long crazy socks. Being from Chicago, one learns to layer up. I often find myself wearing a coat, a sweater and a flannel all at the same time.

CF: What are your favorite stores to shop at?

DV: Topman, Buffalo Exchange—really any thrift store—and Gap, on occasion. I try to steer away from stores that mass produce clothes.

CF: Any thrifting tips?

DV: See Macklemore’s new song “Thrift Shop.” You can learn a lot from that man… When thrifting, I find one can be more adventurous with their style because everything’s so cheap. In other words, you should buy the more ridiculous items you see. You probably won’t regret it.

How To: To get this “I swear I’m not an All-American hipster-next-door” look, button up a nice roughed-up industrial flannel all the way. Throw on your favorite pair of dark wash skinnies, your wool socks and your ripped sole Vans. If possible, wear an ironic red-white-and-blue ‘80s tennis windbreaker. Viola.


Almost as addictive as its fishy, sugary companion, Swedish style is slowly seeping into the minds of young, open-minded Americans. Seriously, 68% household items in America hail from IKEA. I made that figure up, but it sounds pretty accurate, right? When exactly did this Swedish takeover happen and how, you ask? Like an urban legend, nobody knows. One, however, can speculate…

In my mind, Swedish representatives gathered together in a glass-stone compound around a long, frosted glass table the length of a football field.

“We simply must save the world from American frumpiness.”
“I lub the idea…but how ever shall we go about it?”
“Round up the bloggers. They’re our only hope.”

And so, the Swedes infiltrated the interweb. and Stockholm Street Style took to the pavement to show those sitting in their homes that they didn’t have the Swedish style and sophistication in American suburbs. While Elin Kling and Caroline Engman traipsed around at parties with fashion’s elite, initially gaining entry via spy-like methods. Although, I can’t imagine Elin popping out of a toilet like the creepy bald man in Spice World

And now it appears that Swedish style has come to BU. (Even though this week’s Fashionista isn’t from Sweden.)

Name: Yasemin Hekimouglou

Major: Advertising

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Yasemin Hekimoglou: Probably casual chic.

CF: What’s your favorite fall accessory?

YH: Probably jackets. I really like fur and blazers.

CF: How’s the fashion in Turkey compared to the fashion at BU?

YH: A lot different (laughs). You won’t be able to see people walking around in sweatpants in Turkey. Everybody is usually in jeans, dressed up…like that.

CF: Advertising is obviously a lot about aesthetics. Do you think that that influences the way that you dress?

YH: Umm, probably not. I don’t like to buy everything that’s in fashion. I just like to mix it up, you know?

How To: To get this chic accessory-dominant look, start with a simple long sleeve T-shirt and dark wash denim jeans. Layer on a chic leather-accented jacket and a printed scarf. Accessorize with a satchel, skull-and-crossbones embroidered slippers and a pair of gold-rimmed aviators.


Macklemore’s “And We Danced” music video begins with the rapper and producer Ryan Lewis riding horses with mullet wigs and suede suits. The entire minute-and-a-half opening is super inspiring — if you haven’t seen it yet, check it out and then continue reading.

Okay, so if you saw it, which I expect you to have done, you know that I’m obviously joking. But it does preach having fun via fashion. Since extremes are obviously encouraged, experiment with different styles. Whether it be pairing a military-inspired jacket to an equestrian look or wearing ridiculous wigs with sequined costumes…

Name: Raika Nasirullah

Major: Psychology

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Raika Nasirullah: That’s a hard one. Really anything that I’m comfortable in, but it’s mostly comfort in the sense that I feel comfortable in what I’m wearing.

CF: What are your go-to stores?

RN: Forever 21, although a lot of people that I talk to say they have a difficult time finding things there, but I guess I have a keen eye for certain things. Urban Outfitters, definitely. I’ve been wearing a lot of J.Crew lately. And Madewell.

CF: What is your favorite fall item?

RN: I guess this season I’m really into scarves. I think normally I just throw on whatever I can find, but that’s what I’m more focused on right now, I guess.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration from?

RN: I really, to be honest, I don’t have any style icons or anything. Whatever I personally like, I just go for. Whenever I see something on the street and I think “Oh, I like that,” I’ll sometimes look for it when I go shopping.

How To: To get this edgy equestrian look, pair a crème cable knit sweater, dark wash jeggings, a military-inspired jacket and knit scarf with your riding boots. Add a subtle smoky cat eye by gently smudging kohl eyeliner across your lids. Now all that’s missing is a plaid-saddled horse…


There's no avoiding the Vineyard Vines strewn across campus or the speeding Sperry Top-Sider's that sail over the Commonwealth Ave concrete. Baseball caps bob as canvas bags sway. It sounds like a harbor side forest, but that's essentially what the fashion world of BU looks like. “It's a jungle out there.”

Despite the disproportionate ratio of West-Coasters/foreigners to native East Coasters here at BU, New England style reigns supreme. So, my fellow Fashionistos and Fashionistas, I pose the following question: Should we as a school be ashamed to so easily give into the fashion stylings of our region? 

I don't think so. I mean, at least we live in Boston. There are worse things than plaid button-ups and candy colored, rolled-up trousers. At least we don't put a bird on everything…

Name: Samantha Dutra

Major: Photojournalism

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Samantha Dutra: It's definitely a little preppy and completely New England-inspired. I like to dress simply and not be too outrageous.

CF: Has going to boarding school influenced your style today?

SD: Well, in boarding school we didn't have a uniform, but we had a very strict dress code. So if we were wearing pants, we had to wear a blazer. Now, I think it's sort of ingrained in me to try to look put together for class. No sweats and pajamas…ever

CF: Has studying photojournalism influenced how you dress?

SD: Probably. I look at outfits with more of an artistic sense. I think about color now. Photojournalism has really sharpened my eye for detail as well.

CF: What are your go-to stores?

SD: J.Crew, Anthropologie and Madewell.

CF: What is your favorite fall garment?

SD: A military-inspired jacket. I'm in love with the one I'm wearing.

How To: To get this casual New England prep look, pair a V-neck knit with in-your-face-red jeans, tan boat shoes and a crisp, olive green jacket. Throw on as many nautical-inspired accessories as you can. It's so quick and easy you'll have time to go sailing!


Don't get me wrong; I'm very against pair-by-the-garment outfits. But there comes a time (at least once a week for me) when you wake up a little too late, whether by snooze or ineffective alarms, and have 10 minutes to brush your teeth, put on your makeup, get dressed and possibly finish that chem lab write-up if you procrastinate (like me). 

It's times like these when basic outfits save the day.

The great thing about these generalized outfits is that you can put your own flair into them. In fact, they basically beg you to. I beg you to. Play with textures and patterns and colors. Wear oxblood jeans with a chunky alpaca camouflage sweater and a nude, loose chambray tank. Switch riding boots for a pair of studded combat boots or patent leather Doc Martens. You can keep the leather jacket plain (it's classically cool James Dean), or wear a distressed, shearling lined one.

This is America — it's your prerogative. 

Name: Rebecca Shinners

Major: Advertising

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Rebecca Shinners: I'm not sure. I just transferred from Tulane University, so I'm used to dressing for extremely warm weather. Now that I'm up here where it's much colder, I am looking to layer a lot.

CF: What do you think of the style here at BU?

RS: I really like it. I feel like everyone gets dressed up for class, which they did at Tulane, but in more of a Southern way. Up here, it's a bit more like home [Long Island, NY] in that everyone dresses very preppy and East Coast.

CF: What are your favorite fall garments?

RS: Sweaters! I haven't had the chance to wear them in so long. Also, leather riding boots because they go with everything. For fall, I just really like dressing in dark colors with a pop of color.

CF: What are your go-to stores?

RS: Urban Outfitters, LF and Forever 21.

How To: To get this quintessential fall outfit, pair jeans with a colorful tank under a sweater and leather jacket. Snazz your bottom half up with a pair of leather riding boots. Simple enough.


Summer lovin' may have been fleeting for Danny and Sandy, but that doesn't mean that we have to let go of summer. It seems as if the instant an auburn leaf floats to the ground, another girl defaults a picture of the her beach captioned, “I miss summer <3.”

Unless you want to contract pneumonia for some strange reason, chances are that you won't wear your cropped tops and cut-offs in 45-degree weather. But that doesn't mean you need to exile your summer wardrobe to plastic under-the-bed storage bins. By layering summer garments with pants or tights and a heavy jacket, you can make light fabrics work in fall and winter.

So please, don't post how much you miss summer on every social media platform imaginable — show it! After all, they say fashion is the best way to express yourself…

Name: Kelly McKay

Major: Business Management

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Kelly McKay: I just buy clothes that look sort of unique and that I like and then pair them all together. There's always some sort of sporty element incorporated into the outfit though, whether I consciously include it or not. It kind of just pops up.

CF: What are your go-to stores?

KM: LF, which is where I got this dress, lululemon, UNIQLO and NASTY GAL.

CF: Favorite trends of the moment?

KM: I don't know if it's necessarily trends that I like, but almost all the new clothing I have bought in the past few months is either hi-low or neon, or both.

CF: Where do you get your style inspiration?

KM: Different style blogs and my friends. If I see something I like on someone in the streets, I'll usually stop them and ask them where they got it or try to find something like it online.

How To: To get this summer-inspired look, pair a light colored hi-low dress with leggings, combat boots and a leather jacket. Layer, layer, layer!


All Fashionistas with either a Twitter or Instagram account, or just an affliction for fashion magazines, bow down to the social media style icon Eva Chen. On her worst day, the Teen Vogue editor sends out only five ’grams and ten tweets via her linked account @evachen212.

Miss Chen has a style as killer as her beauty regimen, filled with Isabel Marant and Proenza Schouler. Yet somehow her looks seem accessible, even for a college audience. Okay, not her multiple glitter Miu Miu shoes… But her fashionable and comfortable (gasp!) style can be.

With a good pair of leggings (maybe with some patchwork leather), a slightly oversized thrift store sweater, black high-tops and slicked back hair, a Fashionista can get that “I’m cooler than you and I can move” look.

Name: Rebecca Hwang

Major: Public Relations

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you define your personal style?

Rebecca Hwang: I want to say lazy (laughs), but casual-cozy.

CF: What’s your favorite fall item?

RH: I can’t really decide. It’s between boots and scarves.

CF: Do you aim to achieve a certain look when you get dressed?

RH: I really like to layer stuff. I play around with different lengths. Like if I have a long shirt on, I’ll put on a cropped sweater. Things like that.

CF: What’s the key to looking casual-cozy as opposed to tired and frumpy?

RH: I try to make sure one thing looks good — my clothes or my hair. I do. Or I’ll focus on my makeup and my clothes. Something needs to look good (laughs).

CF: What stores do you frequent?

RH: Thrift stores. Online — Rue La La. And I’ve recently been into ASOS.

How To: To get the casual Eva Chen look, pair an ivory chunky knit sweater over leggings and a pair of cool black leather ankle boots. Accessorize with a simple gold bracelet and earrings and, of course, your statement piece: a bold graphic scarf.


It seems as if on-campus Fashionistas are prioritizing comfort this semester, but that's not to say that sweatpants and sweatshirts are uniform. Thank goodness. I might transfer out if that was the case. 

What I mean to say is that chunky knits and soft jersey fabric are present in almost every outfit. We've seen style icons like Rachel Bilson and Cara Delevingne wear oversized sweaters, so it's only natural that students running from class to class are taking the comfortable route as well. 

In case you didn't read the above paragraphs, here's what you need to know: The comfortable route is okay, as long as that means layering knits over leggings or jeans. And no sweatpants — ever. 

Name: Celia Hubbard 

Major: Film and Television

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: How do you describe your personal style?

Celia Hubbard: Laidback. But I like to take trendy risks once in a while.

CF: Who are your favorite designers?

CH: I really like smaller stores and boutiques. I work for J.Crew, so I like those. Things like Madewell. I like things without a label that can mix and you're not really sure where it's from.

CF: Has your style changed since coming to Boston from Los Angeles?

CH: I guess before I was a lot more beachy — a lot of braids and tie-dye stuff. I wore a lot of flowy stuff. I guess now I'm a little bit more preppy, but still have a good mix. I'm probably in the middle, with some nice East Coast influence.

How To: To get this cozy, go-to look, pair opaque black leggings (make sure they're not see-through when you bend over!) with an oversized polka-dot sweater. Accessorize with an infinity scarf and leather peep-toe flats. Keep a neutral eye and highlight your pucker with some red lipstick.


“The '90s are coming! The '90s are coming!” I screamed as I jumped up, tossing my MacBook to the floor. “Get the horse ready! I must tell everyone!”

In case you haven't interpreted the recent prevalence of bloggers like Natalie Off Duty and Le Happy as a serious foreshadow that the grungy '90s are resurfacing, I sincerely hope that it sunk in when you cyber stalked 3.1 Philip Lim's spring 2013 runway show. The resplendent 2007 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund runner-up charmed me right out of my pants and into my overalls, delivering me into a minor state of psychosis (see top). Just kidding, that last part didn't really happen, but I did put on my denim overalls (mostly because I don't own a floral jumpsuit…yet). 

Since I spent most of the early '90s in diapers and select pieces from Marc Jacobs's 1992 grunge collection for Perry Ellis, I cannot wait to relive the splendorous age that fostered Rocco's Modern Life and Kurt Cobain (or rather, he fostered grunge, but still). Oh won't you join me, '90s babies?

Name: Alexandra Maxim

Year: Senior

Major: Neuroscience

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Alexandra Maxim: Random. I just pretty much put on whatever I see in my closet. I tend to buy a lot of stuff in vintage places, so it pretty much just compiles my outfits.

CF: Do you have any favorite vintage stores around Boston?

AM: I like Buffalo Exchange, sometimes. I like Second Time Around on Newbury [Street]. I like LF and I do like Urban Outfitters, just usually the sale rack because it's too expensive. But everything else is just compiled from when I used to live in L.A. I came from Berlin, so I've just kind of been compiling my clothes from everywhere (laughs).

CF: Do you think being in L.A. and Berlin has changed your style?

AM: Oh, definitely. Living in Berlin especially because everybody there pretty much wears exactly whatever they want. It could look obscure and ugly, but they just wear it well because they don't care. So I guess I took that on, just not caring, feeling comfortable in what you wear pretty much. And I think from L.A., that's where I got the actual style from because L.A.'s very stylish, so I kind of got a sort of taste for certain clothing, certain fashions.

CF: What do you think of your peers' style here at BU?

AM: Here at BU, I think it's interesting. I think it has diversity. Some people have really good style and some people just wear like Boston University clothing and sweaters and whatnot. I think there's a huge variety. People who are stylish I think have really good style.

How To: To get this Fashionista's Berlin-grunge look, pair an '90s-esque floral dress with a pair of tights and leather boots. Even if not necessary, add a safety pin. It gives it a certain je ne sais quoi. (Yes, I do realize that is French and not German.)