Backpack Essentials That Will Save Your Semester

Next semester is just around the corner. Before stressing about your class schedule, first things first, make your backpack ready for the semester and take some time to pack exactly what you need. Here are four backpack essentials that every college student should have in their bags this coming semester!

1—An agenda. Whether it is a pre-layout or an empty notebook, get yourself one of these! College can get messy, due dates can get mixed up, and what better way to organize than a planner? Keeping organized is key when it comes to keeping track of classes and the best part about planners is that you can customize them to your liking. Write down any and everything you desire.

2—A pencil case. Pens and pencils make themselves so easy to lose. Keep them safe in a cute pencil case along with the rest of your stationery. Pro tip alert: when shopping for pencil cases gets difficult, instead look for a makeup bag. Makeup bags come in many more colors and sizes and tend to be way cuter than an ordinary pencil case. You can also match them to your notebooks or backpack.

3—A portable charger. You carry your phone everywhere already, but as you know, battery life is not forever. Carry around a portable charger on campus to save your battery. They come in many sizes and colors and come in handy especially for those long days away from your room.

4—A water bottle. Hydrate yourself! Whether you are marching up a million flights of stairs to class or stuck in a clammy elevator, every college student could use a drink of water. Purchasing a cute water bottle can be an investment that will save you from buying water every day or from sketchy campus water fountains. They are also reusable, hence, environmentally friendly.

Did you already have these things in your bag? Let us know by showing off your backpack swag and tagging us on social media!

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