TREND: Backpack, Backpack

At most college campuses the average student's backpack is probably a black North Face. Yes, they can carry a lot of books and yes they match everything, but how boring is that? This Fashionista fearlessly bedazzled her backpack from American Apparel by hot gluing on big rhinestones from a craft store. Not only does she have a carryall for all her books, pens, laptop, etc. but now she also has a new blingy accessory to wear anywhere. It's the ultimate expression of functional fashion.

As college students, we wear our backpacks every day, but hardly give any thought to them as an accessory. You would think we would put a little more thought in to the one item our classmates would see us wearing on a daily basis, come rain or shine, but surprisingly few people stand out from the crowd in this area. 

However, every time you see someone with a creative backpack you most likely notice it. It is such an easy way to stand out in a sea of students wearing black athletic gear to class. Since you are all now convinced that you need one of these stylish satchels to tote your books around in, I took the liberty of compiling a list of my favorites.

Hint: If you are obsessed with kitsch like me there are a huge number of backpacks shaped like adorable animals!  I really like these fish shaped ones. Or, you could always DIY your own backpack like today's Fashionista to get crafty. 

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