BEAUTY BAR: Light and Loose

This Fashionista’s embroidered denim jacket was snagged directly from her mother’s closet, helping her to craft a unique look straight from the vault.

Her natural waves sit right beneath her shoulders, confirming her laid-back style and loose aura. With her brownish-red tinted hair, dark eyebrows, and natural lip color, her features are showcased in the most raw way possible.

The denim jacket, with colorful flowers embroidered on it, provides a genuinely vintage look, as she recalls her mother buying it from Chico’s in the 1990s. Each flower is embellished with tiny rhinestones, artfully redefining the vintage trend with a genuine piece from a floor set released two decades prior.

The silver rings on both of her hands further identify her ability to incorporate unique pieces into her everyday looks. Including a dainty miniature bent teaspoon wrapped around her middle finger and a brown stone accentuating her pointer, this Fashionista’s artful hands hold the seams of both creativity and innovation among today’s most popular trends.

With a genuine vintage piece and her light makeup look, this Fashionista nails a beauty look that truly defines her personal style and personality. Intricately designed and put together, layer by layer, she redefines both ’90s fashion and constant trend cycling with her own personal flair.

Her American Apparel jeans are cuffed at her ankle, showcasing her black booties. Draped over them sits a black, long sleeve mock neck dress, further defining her light and loose look. She layers these garments expertly, confirming both her laid-back persona and personal style.

This Fashionista nails a cool and classic look with both her natural beauty and her raw denim garments. With every detail, her personal style defines unique craft and trend redefining in the coolest way possible.

Stay RAD as usual. Catch you guys when it gets warmer out!

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Tara Guaimano

Freshman at Marist College. A beach girl and firm believer that Birkenstocks go with everything.

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