BEAUTY BAR: Pink, Red, and Orange Blossoms on Your Face

It’s already February and wind seems to simmer down a notch everyday. Waiting for spring to come, I seem to look out for more colorful clothes and makeup. While wearing a black coat and boots, add a pink scarf to show my excitement for spring season. Also, when doing makeup, add orange or pink on brown base eyeshadows. This Fashionista’s makeup perfectly describes the “almost-spring-look.”

First of all, she wears blue jeans in both her jacket and her jeans, but with slightly different tones. To add a emphasis, she is wearing her bright red bucket bag to add a lively vibe. The main focus is her beautiful makeup. In the winter, she said that she usually wears both brown and burgundy eyeshadows with deep red burgundy lips. But these days, she still puts on brown eyeshadow and layers both orange and pink eyeshadows on top of the base to create flowery colors. Also, on her lips, she mixes two different colors: magenta pink and coral lipsticks. These mix of colors create a color of cherry blossom petals. This Fashionista finishes her makeup with natural-look highlights with moisturizing face balm. In this way she can have a chic and natural finish with moisturizing skin.

Once spring actually approaches soon, you can mix and match more bright color combinations. You can use beige or nude base for your eyeshadow instead of using deep brown color. Also, when the weather gets warmer, you can use more powdery form of highlighters instead of moisturizing balm. Whatever product you use, try to create a spring color palette so that your look can create a fresh, spring-like vibe.

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