BEAUTY BAR: Serving Lavendar Face with Dark Streetwear

This Fashionista has the sporty street look down. Thanks to the long length of her jacket, she appears to glide across the ground as she moves. This all-black ensemble is giving me some serious goth girl vibes. But her makeup is the icing on the cake.

She accessorizes her dark garments with lavender eyebrows and a matte lipstick. It pops! Matte lip color is everywhere, thanks to it’s long lasting capabilities and variety of color. Before matte was invented, I was constantly reapplying throughout the day, no matter what the brand promised. The velvety finish it gives goes with almost everything.

Gone are the days when your eyebrows have to match your hair. Colored eyebrows are a simple way to create an original, new beauty look and add some contrast. Her eyebrows are blonde so she didn’t need to use a base, but if yours are darker it’s recommended to achieve this look. They can then be filled in with powder eyeshadow or a eyeshadow pencil. You can even use a couple colors for an ombre look, and add a finishing touch with some colored mascara. The lavender tones also make her iridescent choker stand out more. Chokers are an easy way to add some color to your outfit.

Her sleek, longline jacket came from the menswear section. Don’t be afraid to cross over to the other side of the store—you may find some key pieces with a comfortable fit! I’ve loved longline jackets this season because I think they spice up any outfit underneath and give you a more official look. They can also add a bit of class, especially when worn draped over the shoulders. Underneath the jacket she is wearing a simple, two-stripe jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are versatile, with the ability to be dressed up or down. They also work well on many body types. This athletic look screams woman on a mission to me.

Atop her head, this Fashionista’s plush, black fur cap adds some softness to this solid outfit. Fur has been everywhere from coats to purses and shoes, but this is the first I’ve seen it on a hat. For her feet, the classic Superstars added some contrast, yet continued on the stripe trend. All black is an easy way to always look on point.

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