BEAUTY BAR: Settle For The Metal

Today I’d like to touch on a particular trend that this Fashionista has set on our campus, a look that my readers should pay close attention to, for it is flexible enough to wear for any occasion, and in multiple environments, with a variety of Fashionistas. Metallic trends may come and go, but this hair trend is here to stay! Have you ever needed an extra accessory or piece to make your outfit pop? Have no fear, this Fashionista’s ponytail holder is here! Found in a wide variety of colors as well as shapes and sizes, this sturdy clip has the ability to make any ponytail fabulous one.

Just because you threw out last year’s metallic clutch does not mean you need to discard the metal trend entirely, for it has translated into the beauty world. This Fashionista uses the Naked palette, with its silvers and shimmering golds, proving how the popularity of metallics has not faded, rather it has “hopped” from the fashion world into the beauty industry. The concept of metallic pieces being incorporated into everyday beauty looks may sound funky, but it truly ties an outfit, like this Fashionista’s, together!

When going for an interview, using the hair clasp on a slicked back ponytail is the perfect way to impress future employers, for it creates an aura of individuality and confidence. Try this longer version of a metallic ponytail holder.

On the other hand, attaching a metallic clasp to a high ponytail and a sleek dress for a night out is the best way to stand out while “workin’ it” on the dance floor. As weird as this beauty concept may seem, it can make even a boring outfit sparkle. Who knew that a bad hair day could turn into an opportunity to shine?

What’s on the BEAUTY BAR: To recreate this look, make sure you keep your makeup on the lighter side to let the metallics, for lack of a better word, shine. Punny! Add some shimmer eyeshadow to the corner of your eyes to brighten their appearance, throw back your hair into a messy ponytail, and add a metallic clasp. Ta-da!

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