TREND: Belt it Out!

Accessories are truly the underdogs when it comes to staple pieces within an outfit.  Most of the time we find ourselves accessorizing after we have put our whole outfit together. However, why not do just the opposite? Instead of having your accessories be a finishing touch, why not have them be the staple piece/ center of attention of your outfit? The best way to achieve this is through centering your outfit around a big, loud, chunky belt.

Now you may be thinking, “But I’m not wearing pants” or “but I don’t have anything that needs to be held up”, however a belt doesn’t just have to be functional, it can also be just for show. The best belt for this kind of look are big thick belts. This Fashionista opted for one of my favorite ways to wear a big belt. She dresses up a simple pink dress with an elastic floral patterned belt with a zipper front. Without the belt the Fashionista’s outfit would be way to simple and plain.  However, with the addition of the belt it takes the outfit in a whole other direction.  You can see she directs her whole outfit around the belt through the black cardigan and shoes which tie into the black zipper and the purple belt which ties into the purple found in the belt.            

There are so many ways to use a big belt to dress up an outfit. Try pairing a plain white tee with a simple colored skirt. To complete the look add a big patterned belt where the shirt meets the top of the skirt meet. When using a big belt to dress up an outfit, keep in mind it's best to keep the wardrobe muted and let the belt do the talking.

Hint: The best place to find the types of belts best for achieving this look are thrift/second hand stores.  Not only will the pieces found in this store be more original, but they will most likely be cheaper as well.  A great online way to shop vintage is through

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