Betsey Johnson Fashion Comes to BOSTON UNIVERSITY

Our Boston University Style Guru, Renee, was lucky enough to snag a seat at Betsey Johnson's Fashion & Trunk Show last Sunday at the Langham Hotel. Betsey herself made a guest appearance on a sleek flatscreen TV located behind the venues bar. She was decked out in a white apron and chef's hat scrambling around a kitchen à la Julia Child, preparing delectable ensembles and treats named “Princess Pie” and “Brooklyn Blackout Cake.” Of course, Betsey swaps out the flour and eggs for sequined black leggings, banana yellow tights, skull-clad cardigans, and leopard print scarves.

Not only were the looks coming down the catwalk incredible, the College Fashionistas in attendance made some bold statements in the eye catching ensembles.

Here are Renee's top picks of the event! Enjoy:

Style On,


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