Style Guru Bio: Katie Koski

Hello Love,

I'd like to introduce myself: Katie Koski is the name, fashion is my game (or rather my life). I am a fashion designer from Purdue University and the Fashion Institute of Technology. I just graduated and I'm excited to hit the ground running (preferably in some cute oxfords). I was born and raised in Indiana but I love to travel the world. The fashion capitals, New York City, Milan, and Paris were wonderful but even the unconventional trip to Australia or Mexico gives me some great new inspiration for clothing, accessories, and world views. After living a year in NYC I have decided that it's definitely not the place for me… I missed the grass too much to stay.  I have been on the job hunt and after 200+ applications, I am a devoted Fashionista at CollegeFashionista. (I was even interviewed about my senior collection earlier this year).

As a fashion designer I look at things differently. I am a self proclaimed DIY-er and enjoy looking through Vogue, Nylon, and the occasional Harley-Davidson magazine to see what looks I can replicate with my own twist. I love shopping but because of my college student budget I'm a big advocate of bargains (My family calls me Bargain Betty). This upcoming summer look for stylish looks, good prices, and handy tips in making a look your own. 

If there's one thing I want the world to know, it would be that no matter your size, shape, color, or style you can look great, feel great, and be down right fashionable!

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