TREND: Black and White Classic

No matter how fast the fashion style changed through out the times, there were certain styles that never going outdated, black and white is one of those. I would suggested that every Fashionista should have it in their wardrobe. I have always been a big fan of black and white match-up, because it's simple yet eye-catching. This Fashionista put on this cute black and white vest with stripes, and a black skinny jean.

Of course you have other ways to wear black and white. One way is to pair a solid black top with a white bottom (skirts, shorts or jeans). It will be a great look if you are top heavy because the black de-emphasizes your top. I think when it comes to black and white prints, the bolder, the better. You can also easily layer up your outfit with a vest, a blazer, leggings under a skirt, etc. For fall, remember that scarfs play an essential role in your outfit. No matter the color, shape and texture, it will match perfectly with your black and white top.

Hint:Check out this Marie Claire Black and White feature, and this cute American Apparel Unisex Cotton Stripe Jersey Short Sleeve Tab T-shirt. Just put on a cuffed jeans, or any kind of jeans, with your black and white top. Or you can match a tight black top with black and white accessories, such as this ASOS Striped Jersey Neck Piece.

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