I found this Fashionista leaving the subway station, and with a map in tow, I thought this touring Fashionista looked so cool and collected. Between the men's style oxford shirt, the Ray-Ban sunglasses, or the classically cut shorts, this look was the perfect balance of feminine and masculine. The slim lines, ballet flats, and over-sized hobo bag keep this look feminine, amidst typically boy-ish pieces. An oxford shirt is always such a clean look that can be the perfect staple for an internship wardrobe, or in this case with shorts, it can be a great fit for a casual day walking around the city. The Ray-Bans were my favorite part of the outfit, because it was like the finishing cherry on an ice cream sundae. It was totally in keeping with the rest of the look.

What I took away from this Fashionista's look was the idea to pair the feminine with the masculine. Rather than getting stuck in the sundress rut, I love the idea of changing it up with a few unexpected pieces. An oxford shirt, flat oxford shoes, motorcycle boots, and fedoras, are all boy-ish trends that have been made feminine as of late. Keep changing up girly looks with masculine accessories to give your old clothes a new spin.

Try these wayfarers year-round to keep your boy-ish side satiated. You definitely will appreciate the diversity embracing gender neutral pieces can add to your wardrobe.

One last boy-inspired piece I am still lusting after for this upcoming fall? Military style jackets paired with plaid and jean to keep a casual, relaxed look.

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