BOUTIQUE OF THE WEEK: Lyla’s is Taking Care of Business

Five to nine. Cramped office space. Enless work. Closed toe shoes. These words are enough to make nearly every college fashionista cringe. Yet as the summer sun begins to shine and transform our wardrobes, allow the light to cast a colorful glow on dim and dreary business attire.

Examples of how to have fun with professional clothing are illustrated in Iowa City’s Lyla’s Boutique. “For the woman in love with life,” reads a logo outside the glass window. Bright pink pillows and zebra print couches catch the curious eyes of shoppers. Owners Lisa and Twyla began the store in hopes of inspiring women to look and feel their best. Dresses, which are the best selling item to date, seemed to be the much-needed ingredient for a boost in confidence.

Whether it be a casual dinner with friends or a much frightened work environment, dresses prove to be a fashion savior. Before entering a summer internship, it is important to maintain professionalism by wearing something simple and conservative. Yet bold colors and simple details can help bring the sunshine into the office. Assortments of bright purple and blue dresses are displayed throughout Lyla’s Boutique. These colors are both feminine and summer appropriate. Simple decorative elements such as a ribbon tied around the middle or a ruffled sleeve enhance femininity. Throw on a simple blazer or pair of ballet flats to complete the look.

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