BOUTIQUE OF THE WEEK: 1154 Lill Studio

Are you tired of giving the same old holiday gifts year after year? Instead of purchasing a Coach or Dooney and Bourke bag, why not design your very own unique handbag or accessory? 1154 Lill Studio offers customers a special opportunity to design their very own handbags by picking the style and fabric they wish to use. Styles range from everyday handbags to travel gear, cosmetic bags, baby accessories, and more. Check out a few samples of the beautiful fabrics offered at Lill including this red and purple paisley, this watercolor flowered pattern as well as this cute leaf design. Lill is a well-known boutique that has been featured on The Early Show, in the Chicago Tribune, Teen Vogue, People, O Magazine, US Weekly, and on the Today Show. With boutiques in Chicago, Kansas City and Boston, Lill Studio offers an exclusive shopping opportunity for Fashionistas looking to put their individual style into a creation they can give as a gift during the holiday season or keep for themselves to use year-round! If you

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