FASHION NEWS: Fall Flea Markets

Here at GW, Kogan Plaza is a place for fraternities and sororities to hold events, a venue for students to rally for a certain cause, and more often a picturesque meeting place for friends. I love sitting on the wooden benches in Kogan with a hot cup of coffee, reading my books before class in the morning. This morning I was delightfully surprised to stumble upon this little gem on my way to class. A pop-up flea market had been established right in the middle of our quaint city campus. I could see the hustle and bustle from across the street. As I approached, I began to notice all of the great pieces being sold at to-die-for prices. Everything from leather bags, fur coats, boots, and jewelry of all kinds were available – and most of it was vintage. Fashionistas were swarming the tents trying to pick up a few items on their way through campus. Mixed among the name brand goods were hand-made and one-of-a-kind items from local artisans. One Fashionista, who I spotted looking through some of the various pieces of costume jewelry, had already purchased a pair of vintage brown patent-leather Kenneth Cole ankle booties at a bargain price. She told me that it would be nice to have a market like this on a more regular basis because it gives students a chance to find unique, fashionable pieces, and is a lot more fun than sifting through a rack at a department store. I couldn’t agree more!

Hint: Try finding local flea markets near you, because they often have pieces that you couldn’t find anywhere else. Flea markets are an affordable, fun way of shopping and we could all use another excuse to go outside and enjoy the brisk fall weather!

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