Boston is the place that started it all. As a student here, I admit I am a bit biased; however, you cannot deny the significance this city had in our country's independence. Fortunately, we have evolved from powdered wigs and petticoats, to Lady Gaga-esque bows and adorable short rompers. And, of course, the most trusted and loved staple of American fashion: denim jeans. If I think about what "All-American" means, James Dean circa Rebel without a Cause comes to mind. He is the embodiment of American youth in a pair of relaxed jeans. Since then, jeans exploded and can be seen everywhere and on everyone. And as every College Fashionista and Fashionisto knows, you can never have enough, or do wrong with jeans.

Habit in hip South Boston honors this iconic piece with their 4th of July Denim Sale. 10% off denim brands such as Hudson and James Jeans (nice reference, no?). Try skinny jeans with a flower print blouse, or look as if you borrowed your boyfriend's trousers. Top with a classic and uber-American polo. Not feeling the jeans scene? Walk the Freedom Trail in one of their cool and comfortable summer dresses, maxi or short cut. Guys, channel your own rebel-without-a-cause in pieces from Boston- bred J. Newbury. You may not have a motorcycle, but you can imagine you do while wearing one.

This boutique has a homey and welcoming atmosphere, and the staff is very helpful and personable. One can easily make it a habit to come here. Happy Independence Day!

Photo credit: Habit


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