Need to blow off some steam from endless cramming this upcoming school year? Escape from the non-stop student life, and find your center. Many have found the fountain of youth that is yoga to be beneficial for overall health. But I do not mean to sound like I’m writing for a medical journal. Conceived by idealists/yoga gurus Lisa Davis (BU alumnus) and Sarah Nisperos, Naked Lotus is an innovative and fashion forward take on lounge apparel. You will love to wear this line outside of the yoga studio.

While Naked Lotus is based in Nevada, their Cool People brand can conveniently be found on The pieces are expensive for College Fashionistas/os, for Naked Lotus is focused on providing one-of-a-kind pieces that are eco-friendly (many of the pieces are made with organic cotton and recycled plastic). A favorite of many is the multifunctional Butterfly Dress. Note: the photo provided does not give this dress justice. Pair the mid-thigh length with leggings or a dark pair of skinny jeans, bold jewelry, and pumps for a night out. As the weather becomes chillier, bundle with a monk hoodie made with 95% organic cotton. Comfort is a guarantee. I also strongly suggest viewing their yoga-inspired fashion show. These acrobatic yogis are fashionable and incredible!

Emanating positivity through their clothing, a portion of their profits goes to charity. Their items come in an array of color choices and patterns, so the possibilities are endless. This line truly is for “the dreamer in all of us”.

Photo from: Naked Lotus

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