FASHION NEWS: Opening of Diane von Furstenberg

We all know her for her vibrant prints and wrap-dresses –  ladies of Boston, I present the Diane von Furstenberg store conveniently located on Boston’s Newbury Street.

We’ve all loved DVF ever since her signature wrap-dress started to make a regular appearance in all of our closets, and we have stuck with her though her fashion evolution. Now stocked with shoes, scarves, skirts, dresses and more, DVF provides us with the styles we love and the bold colors we crave.

The new DVF store opened in Boston on September 17, and business has been going steady ever since. All the ladies of Boston have been waiting for DVF to gain its own space and now it is finally here. With reasonably priced shoes and clothing, DVF is bound to be the next favorite location for those last-minute formal dresses we all scramble to find. The greatest addition to the DVF store is all the accessories – with a great scarf and sunglass wall, DVF has truly hit the mark with her accessories line. The scarves all have bold prints and colors and all have an original look to them, so even if you and your best friend buy the same color, the chances of having the same pattern is very slim (which I consider to be a great thing). The sunglasses are all in styles that coherently merge into the trends of today – paired with anything from the military green section of the store you can look like a true Fashionista in them. The shoe section immediately drew my attention – even though there are only a few styles, all the shoes are priced between $150-$300, and there are a great selection of tall and short boots for fall. The store is roughly color-coordinated, allowing for easy mix and matching to create the most fashionable outfit.

Ladies, we’ve been waiting for a DVF store to open in Boston and the time is finally here. I can’t wait to see what the following seasons have in store for us at this great boutique.

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