Do you have those friends that can walk into any vintage store and come out with the best finds? I definitely do, and they always inspire me to go do a little vintage hunting of my own, but every time I go vintage shopping, I'm lucky if I find just a t-shirt. I love the look of vintage clothing, but given my lack of a "vintage shopping gene," I sometimes have a hard time achieving the one-of-a-kind vintage look.

Luckily for all of us vintage-shopping-strugglers, there is a cute boutique, located on Boston's famous Newbury street, called Pinkyotto. Pinkyotto takes popular styles and produces them in a multitude of different colors and prints – the reason for this is because in the store they only carry one of each item. To some of you Fashionistas that may seem like a downfall, but it allows you to go in to the store and come out with a completely original piece that you won't see on anyone else. Pinkyotto carries everything from shorts, dresses, skirts, tops, jackets and even jewelry. The jewelry at Pinkyotto is always in tune with the current trend and they have a great selection of "bib-necklaces" at great prices.

Not only does Pinkyotto only carry one of each item, but most of their other items typically only come in one size. But don't be alarmed – like any vintage store, you aren't going to find your exact size, so this forces you to accessorize to make it work, and that is exactly what Pinkyotto achieves with their store.

With school coming up just around the corner, we all want an original outfit that will be sure to impress, and Pinkyotto has just the outfit you're looking for.

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