I knew it was love as soon as I stepped into its raspberry-colored confines. Polka dots, paisley prints, and leopard spots surrounded me in a sort of spin art. I felt like I was in a treasure trove of vintage pieces from the roaring 20's to the grunge-rock days of the early 90's. An overwhelming sensation was felt as I viewed designer labels such as Diane von Furstenberg for humbling low prices. In need of an outfit to express my own sense of style, I wanted to make a first impression. It was my first nerve-wracking college open house. That was about a year ago, and as my freshman year spontaneously evolved as quickly as the New England weather, so did my style aesthetic. Luckily, Raspberry Beret supplied me with a century’s worth of inspiration.

Whether you want to dress the part of fashion royalty such as Grace Kelly, a psychedelic Venus in [faux] fur, or "it" girl Carrie Bradshaw, this is the place for fashion experimentation.

This boutique is also perfect fit for finding an ensemble for one of the many music festivals this summer. Follow the global chic trend with an azul peasant blouse. Looking for a more classic look? Try a feminine white sundress. For color, add red loafers reminiscent of riding a Vespa through the streets of Italy. Accessorizing might take a while. Small sequined clutches to gaudy rhinestone studded jaguar necklaces — and yes, I even saw a pair of jelly shoes (remember them?!). There are endless possibilities, so have fun and channel your own inner Fashionista.

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