As soon as I walked into Bronxville’s Weezie D, I felt like I had died and gone to a fun, sparkling, Hollywood glam heaven – there were portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn hanging high above the shelves, and I was asked to sit down and wait on a black velvet couch that was surrounded by Betsey Johnson-esque zebra printed pillows with roses on them. I willingly obliged, facing draping, pink velvet curtains (which actually acted as doors for the dressing rooms), and I was thrilled to find the most recent issues of my favorite fashion magazines sprawled out across the coffee table in front of me, with treats to the side. I immediately noticed that there were rhinestones and studs glistening in all directions from different accessories – handbags, headbands, jewelry, and even clothing. I wanted to take in the sparkle and wait forever on this black velvet couch – or at least until I was done with Vogue and Marie Claire. Soon enough, Nelly (one of Weezie D’s employees) finished giving fashion advice to a customer and walked me over to a rack that showcased one of her favorite looks – a camo green T-shirt, paired with a cropped black leather jacket and skinny green cargo pants. I instantly fell in love with this entire outfit and needed to know more about the looks in the store.

CollegeFashionista: So what do you think will be this season’s top trends?

Weezie D: The colors of this season are olive and beige, but really anything that’s muted works – for example, muted blues, purples, and pinks are all really pretty and can still be appropriate for fall; the way they’re subdued makes them neutral. Anything with studs, ruffles, and bows are also popular. It’s all about glitzy glam, but not too much of it where it gets to be overwhelming.

CF: And what do you think will be your best sellers?

WD: Our cargo pants by Mavi and our fatigues with studs have been doing really well since they’re part of the trends for this season. The same goes for our vest with studs and chains – not only can you easily layer this vest, but it also fits in to fall’s trends with its studs and embellishments. Oversized, comfy sweaters are selling out now too, especially in neutral colors [as depicted in the main photograph of this post]. Our faux leather jackets have also been well received. Our customers are very conscious about the killing involved in real leather, so faux leather is a great alternative to that. Actually, we barely have any more of our navy bombers left, just because the color of the faux leather is so rich yet it still goes with anything.

CF: Are all of your racks organized by a certain look or style?

WD: All of our racks have a color story. For example, this rack has a lot of olives, greens, browns, and taupes – neutral colors. We also layer certain pieces by color to give customers an idea of how to wear these items, to use as ideas for inspiration.

CF: What’s Weezie D’s history?

WD: We have two stores – one in Bronxville, which is our main store, and one in Rye. We’ve been open at this location for 5 years, and we expanded this store last August. We were originally located next door, but we needed to expand to a bigger space.

CF: I’ve noticed that I haven’t heard of many of the designers you carry. Can you tell me more about them?

WD: We carry a lot of different vendors – Double Zero, Art and Co., TCEC, Havana Jeans Ocean Drive, Mavi Jeans, Black, Tulle, and Shulami…they’re all pretty exclusive to Weezie. We want customers to have a unique experience when they’re shopping here.

CF: Are you doing anything special for Breast Cancer Awareness Month or Halloween?

WD: We just walked for breast cancer this morning [Sunday, October 17]. We know that breast cancer is more than simply supporting a cause – it’s about actual friendship, which is why we offered breakfast and a 25% store discount to our Rye customers for their support today, whether it was for their participation in the walk or for supporting Team Weezie D. As for Halloween, we get pretty into it here. Look at the display window – we still used a color story, mainly with purples and navy blues. Our display windows are always very indicative of the season.

The festive yet fashionable display was just one of many reasons why I fell in love with Weezie D. The store definitely has several trendy items with fun twists, most at decent prices. You can easily find an outfit for any occasion as well, whether it’s for a special night out or just something cozy for class. So hop on a Westchester bound Harlem Line Metro North train to Bronxville – it barely takes 15 minutes from Rose Hill, and the boutique is a 5 minute walk from the train station. I promise it’ll be worth it.

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