Let’s Hear it for the BOYS

I think it's safe to say that men wearing purses has officially become "socially acceptable" or even the norm. Spend thirty minutes roaming campus and you are sure to spot a gentlemen with a satchel under his arm, toting around his everyday essentials just as us ladies do.

Maybe the concept of man purses, aka murses, is only a fad, but fellas, enjoy it while it lasts because having your wallet, keys and phone in one place isn't that bad. Agree?

Today's Fashionisto was jet setting around town with his leather carryall. His mix of black leather shoes with a brown leather bag defied the no black and brown rule, which is long gone. Purses on men, black with brown- it seems like 2010 was the year of no rules in fashion. Take this inspiration into the New Year and be a rule breaker yourself.

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