TREND: Bright Attire Despite a Gloomy Day

It was a gloomy day when I ran into this Fashionista. The wind was blowing hard, and the unexpectedly chilly weather forced most students to trade in their shorts for long pants, but not this Fashionista. She wore a cute pair of printed shorts with solid black tights to combat the chill. Clearly this girl was determined to hang on to her summer look. Fashionistas everywhere should follow suit. Mix things up when the weather threatens to stop you from wearing a look you’re not ready to let go of. In the fall you can wear a long top with a pair of shorts or a short skirt. You can also wear boots in addition to thick tights under skirts and shorts. Given that we are in Syracuse, winter is probably coming soon. When the weather gets depressing, our wardrobe doesn’t have to. On the gloomy day when I saw people wear dark colors, this Fashionista wore light colors. Her white shirt, blue print shorts and pink flats brightened things up. Choose lights colors on a dark day – even just a simple white top can soften a look and make light of dark weather.

Hint: When it gets colder, tights may not be enough to keep you warm if you are wearing thin shorts or skirts, so try wearing shorts or skirts made of wool or other thick materials. Try this sweater skirt or these tweed shorts from Urban Outfitters.

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