British Love

Usually Tuesday is dedicated to showcasing inspirational Fashionistos and empowering males in college that you can be fashionable. But after spending the past 5 days in London I had to give you all a recap on the fashion scene there and just how fantastic those lovely Brits are. Sorry fellas.

While here in the States we run and get our morning coffee in sweats, the students studying at uni in London grab their coffee dressed in sheer tights, high heels and something spectacular from TopShop. Never once daring to wear something as disgusting as sweats in public. They fancy their overcoats like this Fashionista below, wearing a toggled cape while out in Knightsbridge Saturday.

And shoes….the white mens-inspired oxford is all the Fashionistas are wearing with little floral flocks and peg legged trousers. Just fabulous. I became hooked on Kurt Geiger shoes while there and highly encourage you to check them out. Yes, they are a tad pricy but so worth it.

More photos to come from London’s finest later this week..

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