TREND: Captivating Contours

The essence of fall fashion is the leather jacket. Everyone should own at least one in order to deem a wardrobe complete. This jacket offers many things to her ensemble. First, the vertical lines draw the eye up and down the body making her seem taller. Also, because it cuts off at waistline, the look has contrasting proportions which is pleasing to the eye. The mixed textures between the leather and the cotton blouse keep this look interesting. A soft v-neck tank top is a perfect to pair with the jacket and the combination works wonders with her feminine physique. Dark wash, slim fitting skinny jeans also enhance her petite silhouette and offer distinction between the upper and lower portion of her outfit.

Let’s talk about those fabulous shoes! This Fashionista made the right choice by wearing her gorgeous open-toed, faux leather, stud strap heels. They are a perfect match and flow nicely with the entire look. However, she couldn’t go wrong by wearing black, frilly, T-strap heels to continue the vertical contouring theme seen throughout the outfit. Last, but certainly not least, we must acknowledge those remarkable sunglasses. Who says you can only see a rainbow when the sun comes out after a rainy afternoon? See rainbows all day long with these crystal rainbow lens sunglasses from Go-Optic. I’ve seen a few ladies on campus sporting these sunglasses and they go well with just about every outfit that you can imagine. Not only are they cute, but the round shape also offers balance between the rectangular shape created by the blouse and the triangular shape formed by the leather jacket.

Hint: Balance is a key concept of fashion design- use a variety of contours and textures in an outfit to keep the look interesting and eye-catching.

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