Catch the Vibe—Tropical Chic

It’s the typical South Florida summer afternoon. Storm clouds are rolling in and tourists are home, recovering from a day in the sun with rosy cheeks and newfound tan lines. Though most are using the calm before the thunderstorm to apply aloe, kick back, and replenish some of the energy drained in the sand, I decided to take advantage of the soft lighting and hazy atmosphere for an impromptu photo shoot.

My Fashionista and I both wanted to put together something totally different for this look—something boho but chic and fit for the serene vibe and smell of rain permeating the tropical, humid air.

The hat is easily what makes this look stand out, so we’ll start there. Statement pieces like brimmed suede hats are everywhere this summer and can really add a sense of poise and attention to detail to a simple look. They’re the perfect complement to those sultry waves in your hair from a day in the sun and salt water.

Let’s talk about sneakers.

I love how seamlessly these suede Adidas fit into this outfit. I personally pay the most attention to street style trends, so I’m all about a fire pair of sneakers. With so many options out there as far as brands and styles, the sneaker craze is definitely real, and I’m all about it.

I think my favorite part of this look is just how simple it is. Each of the elements speaks for themselves and come together to create the exact vibe we were going for: tropical chic. The subtle gold additions of her watch and necklace stand on their own to really create that island feel.

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